Gear S2 is reportedly a hit in South Korea

Samsung kept its fans waiting for a new smartwatch quite a long time but it justified that by saying that it needed ample time so as to make the perfect smartwatch, the Gear S2 is certainly a lot better than previous Samsung smartwatches, and if consumer demand is any indication it’s actually doing better than previous smartwatches by Samsung. A new report out of South Korea says that the Gear S2 has proven to be a hit in the country with many stores running out of stock as they struggle to keep up with demand.

It’s also claimed in the report that Samsung is selling more than 2,000 units of the Gear S2 in South Korea every single day with the cellular model accounting for half of those purchases, the figure is believed to be almost double what it was for the original Gear S. Consumers are also said to be particularly interested in the Gear S2 Classic which looks very elegant since it feels much like a proper dress watch, it also doesn’t hurt that the Gear S2 is cheaper than the Apple Watch, which is also one of the reasons why it’s so popular on Samsung’s home turf.


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