Samsung Gear S2 will be available from all four major US carriers

A little while back Samsung finally unveiled its new smartwatch, the one with the round design which we have been hearing about for quite some time now. The Gear S2 has now been officially launched, we now know what it really looks like and what it packs under the hood. Samsung has not yet confirmed availability and pricing details for this wearable device because that important bit of information is likely to be provided at IFA 2015. One of the company’s carrier partners in the United States has confirmed though that it will be carrying the smartwatch.

Verizon has just tweeted that it will sell both the Bluetooth and 3G-enabled variants of the Gear S2, it says that details about pricing and availability will be provided at a later date. It’s not the only major carrier in the United States to offer the smartwatch to its customers, SamMobile can confirm that all four major carriers in the country will sell the smartwatch in the near future. Expect to hear more details about pricing and availability after IFA 2015 later this week.

Update: T-Mobile confirms as well:

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1 year 9 months ago

I love phones made by samsung . I knew samsung built quality was always poor when the sides of my brand new s3 started cracking but the screen quality keeps me hooked . I still bought note 3 when it came out and now will buy note 6

I had a bad experience with gear 2 neo on 2 levels .
I used tizen for almost a year but then came android wear port for it . On software side i got blown away when i used wear . We cant do anything on tizen because there is no dev support . Hell cant even reply to whatsapp or fb messenger .

On hardware sides . The paint on neo band started peeling off like just one month after purchase . Same thing happened with top side of neo watch .this was clearly some paint issue as bottom and 1 strap remained perfect . Then after 5 minths charging terminals broke because of no reason … (i changed strap , used nail polish remover to clean watch,painted charging terminals with conductive paint total cost me 40usd)

But Point is . Build quality should be best on watch, Nothing beats android . My next watch will be Moto 360 2015 or anyother metallic round android wear watch .
Sorry for long post . No potato

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