Samsung to show off the future of IoT at IFA 2015 and at a Gear VR headset near you

Every year the IFA consumer electronics show takes place in Berlin, Germany. Thousands of attendees flock to Berlin each year to experience the latest in consumer technology and Samsung has been a regular attraction there. This time around Samsung is drumming up the hype for its Internet of Things efforts considering that it has already unveiled the new Galaxy Note handset, it previously used to announce a new flagship in this lineup at IFA. Starting September 4, the company promises that the Samsung Exhibition will provide a good look at “startling innovations and visions” as well as the latest advancements in IoT.

If you’re interested in experiencing the proceedings at IFA 2015 but can’t make it to Berlin, don’t worry, you’ll be fine as long as you have a Gear VR headset. The company will provide virtual reality experiences through the Samsung Zone for this year’s IFA and it says that this will essentially bring the IFA experience to you regardless of where you are in the world. It’s not going to be a small feat to provide a virtual reality experience from an event of IFA’s scale but this won’t stop Samsung. In case IoT’s not your cup of tea and you’re left wondering what else the company might unveil at the event that might catch your attention, don’t forget, Samsung’s round Gear S2 smartwatch will be formally unveiled at IFA 2015 as well.


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Gear S2 !!