High-res photos of the Galaxy Note 5 leaked

I’m sure many of you are anxious to see what the Galaxy Note 5 looks like, multiple renders of the device have already been leaked and we’ve even seen some blurry pictures of the device itself. There’s a real treat today for fans of the Note series, high-res photos of the Galaxy Note 5 have been leaked online. The device seen in these photos reiterates all that we know about the Galaxy Note 5′s design so there’s no reason to believe that you’ll be in for a surprise when the device launches on August 12.

The pictures have been leaked from China and show the device from all angles, for the first time we get a good look at the dual curved glass back of this handset. As expected the Galaxy Note 5 has a sturdy-looking metal frame that’s quite similar to the one found on the Galaxy S6, at the bottom there’s a microUSB port, headset jack, speaker and S Pen. It was speculated that perhaps there might be a different eject mechanism for the S Pen this time around but multiple leaks show that it’s going to be business as usual as far as taking out the S Pen is concerned.

Samsung hasn’t even formally confirmed the launch date yet and we’ve already seen the device in all its glory, and we’ve already told you about its specifications, all that’s left now is for the customary announcement to be made on August 12, though you might find it hard to get your hands on one when the handset is released on August 21.



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1 year 9 months ago

I hope they add micro sd slot plus the ir for remote, it has been very useful for me. About the type C micro usb, is there any existing type C cable replecement available? also are there any existing OTG and MHL cable for type C usb cause if there isn’t, maybe regular micro usb would be better. It maybe is great to have new features but is it market ready? I think the current micro usb port is charging quite fast already.

1 year 9 months ago

No MHL support on Note 5. Even the S6 dropped MHL. So don’t expect on this one too

1 year 9 months ago

No 5,89 Display as mentioned
No 4K as mentioned
No Micro-SD-Slot
No removable battery

Probably there will not be a significant improvement compared to the Note 4, except the camera and fingerprint sensor?!
What shall I do with a new processor or 4 Gb RAM if my Note 4 also works without lags? And the design doesn´t matter to me because I always use a case.

Shall i pay hundreds of dollars for a Smartphone, that is not much better than my Note 4?
I don´t!

1 year 9 months ago

You should keep your Note 4, that’s to say, if you really have one.

1 year 9 months ago

Yep agree, if you own note you can upgrade every two year without missing too many features. I say buy all notes in even series, 2,4,6,8,…

1 year 9 months ago

no sd card..?

1 year 9 months ago

I think the S Pen ejection style is a push and pull mechanism. Yeah! we should wait the unpacke coming this August before we judge the Note 5..

1 year 9 months ago

Yes good point, whatwe are really juging now heeehhhh !!!!!!!! Wait

1 year 9 months ago

Oh…very good! :)

1 year 9 months ago

very very bad , note 4 is the best

1 year 9 months ago

Calm down Anni Oakley! The phone isn’t out and everyone is QQing over speculations. Oh and ir blaster or no go?! So if the phone falls into the toilet from trying to take that amazing selfey that is a must have on IG or FB then you can’t change the cable box or DVD player? Just wait and see everything that has surfaced is either a prototype or something conjured up on the internet… *gasps* the internet lies?! Oh my trolls must exist too!

1 year 8 months ago

I hope you’re right, I hope the rumors are wrong.
No IR blaster = No buy
Anything less than 4100mAh battery = No buy

It already pains me that I’m giving up removable battery.

I was really hoping for much more than these rumors have to offer.

1 year 9 months ago

Looks like crapple

1 year 9 months ago

IR blaster?

Sugit Pupillam
1 year 9 months ago

What a horrible lack of insight. You’d pay $200 for 96gb to gain an 1/8 of a second speedwise when $170 will get you a 200 gigabyte SD card (or $70 for a 128gb card)?
And what about those of us who use our Notes for work in places where the data signal isn’t strong enough to draw down from the cloud reliably? Oh, and who’s paying for that extra data to function through the cloud? And is cloud storage as secure as that of a micro sd card?

1 year 9 months ago

What are iPhone users doing in areas with a weak signal or where data rates are high? Or, does no one use an iPhone in these places?

Those are carrier problems, and it’s not Samsung’s job to change its products to overcome limitations with *some* carriers in *some* parts of the world. Residents in these places need to get after their carriers and demand better service. These issues aren’t stopping millions of consumers across developing nations from buying iPhones with limited storage, so why they would stop Europeans from buying Galaxy devices with the same limitations is curious.

1 year 9 months ago

Actually samsung is acting stupid .. they are copying the same startegy as apple do … ” same design concept for all categories of thier phones ” … the note series is loosing it’s uniqueness by following the design order of other flagships … come on grow up samsung .. do not loose yourself fighting with apple

1 year 9 months ago

Maybe Samsung should “copy” Sony, HTC and LG. Their smartphones sell A LOT!

Genetic recombination
1 year 9 months ago

No they dont.

1 year 9 months ago

I wonder what Samsung has between their collective ears?

1 year 9 months ago

Something that the ones ruling Sony, HTC and LG don’t have…

1 year 9 months ago

Clearly enough room for a micro sd card next to the sim card tray.

Just like the galaxy A7.

I think I’ll wait for the A7 Refresh. Hopefully this one will have heart rate monitor and finger print senor.

The A7 is good enough for me. Looks awesome to. Got tons of complements on how thin it is.

1 year 9 months ago

Buy A8.

1 year 9 months ago

No SD slot = bye, bye Sammy

1 year 9 months ago

Bye bye MASTERROSS. I don’t hope to see you soon. Good luck!

1 year 9 months ago

Where is IR ?
Very bad step from samsung.

1 year 9 months ago

seems I have to pass this one again. I’ve been waiting for it to make a switch (from windows phone). the screen won’t make gear vr any better, and lacks usb-c, then it’s not much different than other android phones.

1 year 9 months ago

Where is microSD slot? Samsung please :(

1 year 9 months ago

as on the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, it is non-existant.


1 year 9 months ago

Sd card removeble battery I don’t care. 128 GB is enough. It’s rumored to have 4100 mah. I just have one wish and it’s USB c type. C type is thing in 2015 so it’s should make it. The next nexus phone gone have C type and other flagships as well. The 12 august is stupid because they didn’t got enough time. I can wait until IFA 2015 if that means USB c type.

1 year 9 months ago

side view.

1 year 9 months ago

Looks like there is a soft push-eject feature for the S-Pen instead of auto-eject….cause there is no groove for nail on it visible.

1 year 9 months ago

This looks amazing! Sell my Note 4 now. This device looks so good. Hopefully Touchwiz will get some improvements, too. The only sad thing is that Samsung didn`t had enough time to make a USB-C Fastcharger. :(

1 year 9 months ago

It looks like a regular S6, but then a Plus-version of it with a stylus :o