Test reveals how Samsung is consistently improving its Super AMOLED displays

Samsung popularised the use of Super AMOLED displays in smartphones. The Galaxy S was the first smartphone to use a Super AMOLED display, and the company flaunted its deep black levels and theoretically infinite contrast ratio that no other LCD panels could match, but the display was very power hungry when displaying whites and displayed over-satured colours.

Over the course of past few years, the company has mentioned about display power efficiency. Now, AnandTech has carried out an extensive test to measure Super AMOLED display power efficiency of Samsung’s flagship smartphones According to the test, Samsung has been able to consistently improve Super AMOLED display panels every year, or even every six months. As you can see in the table below, the Galaxy S4 was the worst at 3.41 mW/cd/cm², while the Galaxy S6 is the best (at 2.21 mW/cd/cm²) when it comes to display power efficiency.

The author of the test states that Samsung still needs to achieve another 15-20 percent improvement in power if it wants to surpass LCD displays for overall power efficiency. He also states that Samsung can achieve it by next year if the resolution stays the same, and if the research and development continues to advance at the same pace.

If you can remember, DisplayMate has been consistently ranking Samsung smartphones as the best displays in the industry when it comes to color reproduction. It is commendable that Samsung has been able to bring improvements to Super AMOLED displays this fast. To have a look at the complete test and conclusions, hit the source link below.

Samsung Super AMOLED Display Power Efficiency

Samsung Galaxy S Series Display Power Consumption Comparison


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Paps Duke
Paps Duke

I’m sure the A series will be using the Galaxy s5’s screen technology . Because they come with white backgrounds.