Some Galaxy S6 owners irked by Samsung popup that refuses to go away

There’s no doubt in the fact that the Galaxy S6 is the best flagship handset that Samsung has ever made but it’s not without its problems. There have already been multiple reports of various issues and bugs that users noticed soon after they got their hands on the new handset. Some Galaxy S6 owners are now reporting a rather stubborn Samsung popup that just refuses to go away. It’s a terms and conditions popup that prompts the user to either accept or decline the conditions, tapping on the appropriate option will make the popup go away but only for a short while because it reappears after a few minutes.

The popup lays down the terms and conditions for “Enhanced Features” on the handset which includes Simple Sharing, a feature that lets users send profile information and large files to their contacts. Most users are likely to tap on “accept” out of habit but they should keep in mind that the fine print states that enabling this feature means the phone number, contacts and messages will be collected by Samsung. This might make users tap on “decline,” but no matter how many times they do it, the popup refuses to take a hint.

Since the popup takes the user out of whatever they were doing on the device it’s certainly a big nuisance. In all of the reports that have been shared on reddit and the thread on XDA, most of those users have a T-Mobile Galaxy S6 and S6 edge variants and it’s evident that this issue isn’t universal. Samsung hasn’t come up with an official solution as yet.

Have you faced this issue on your unit? Let us know in the comments section down below.


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The pop-up appeared twice so far. Declined it both times, will see if it goes away or keeps nagging.
International S6 version.