Patent shows Samsung’s dual Edge display and a peculiar panel

Ever since Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note Edge in September 2014 there have been questions about whether the same would be replicated on the company’s Galaxy S flagship series. It has already been reported multiple times that at MWC 2015 Samsung is going to show off a Galaxy S6 variant that has dual Edge displays, that’s curved displays on both sides, instead of just the right side on Galaxy Note 4. A new design patent from Samsung has surfaced online which hints at what such a display might look like. A peculiar popup panel is also present in this patent and its unclear what purpose it serves.

As the figure in this patent suggests the dual curved displays can be used to display app icons, media controls and notifications. It is interesting to note that the curved displays wraparound all the way to the back.

That’s not the case on Galaxy Note Edge. If that device is laid face down the curved display is not accessible so it doesn’t serve any purpose.

Curved displays that wraparound to the back as well would enable users to see notifications and access simple functions like media controls even if their device was face down.

Since design patents don’t offer any details about features and components it is not immediately clear what the popup panel at the top does. It is also worth mentioning here that not everything that’s patented ever sees the light of day. So we have to keep our expectations reasonable when looking at patents.

Nevertheless this does give us an idea of what dual edge displays on the Samsung Galaxy S Edge might look like.


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