Exclusive: Samsung developing a special variant of the Galaxy S6 with a dual-edge display

Last year, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note Edge with a curved display, solely as an experiment, because it wanted to show the world that it can still innovate in the smartphone segment. And, since the launch of the experimental device, many have speculated that Samsung’s next flagship device, the Galaxy S6, will feature a curved display as well.

Today, we can confirm that Samsung is indeed developing a Galaxy S6 with two-edge displays, one on each side, reports our source. Similar to how the Galaxy Note Edge was a separate variant of the Galaxy Note 4, the SM-G925 will be a separate variant of the Galaxy S6. We aren’t yet sure what the Korean firm will officially call this special variant, but for the sake of this article, we will be calling it the Galaxy S6 Edge.

The S6 Edge will run the same panel-based system that the Korean giant designed for the Galaxy Note Edge. So, it will have all the panels from the Note Edge including Yahoo! Finance, news and sport panels, briefing panel, pedometer panel (powered by S Health), favourite apps and contacts panels, and more will be downloadable from Samsung’s app store. Furthermore, it will also sport features like Night Clock and Express Me.

The software feature set of the Galaxy S6 Edge is very similar to the one found on the Note Edge. However, Samsung did throw in some new features to make the S6 Edge a little unique. First of all, you will have the ability to activate the main edge panel on the right or left curve, depending on your primary hand. Then there’s Glance Lighting, which will light up the Edge area when you receive a call or notifications, when you turn your device over. Also, you will have an option to choose favorite contacts and an ability to assign specific colours to them. So, calls and notifications from important people will show the designated color lighting on the edge area.

This is everything we have on the Galaxy S6 Edge at the moment. We will update you folks, if we receive new intel from our sources. Keep yourself tuned to SamMobile, as we will be leaking everything about the device bit-by-bit over the coming weeks.

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2 years 5 months ago

I like the saying: “we can confirm that Samsung is indeed developing a Galaxy S6 with two-edge displays, one on each side, reports our source”.

2 years 5 months ago

I will not buy a glass phone. The iPhone 4S used glass, and shattered way to easily.

2 years 5 months ago

iPhones get damaged easy as they cheap crap if Samsung do it p, it will take no damage that easy, I.e. They will use all gg4 all over and so on and not cheap glass like apple

Saint Kunle
2 years 5 months ago

Having way too much glass on the phone might not be a good idea because we might not have a strong grip on the phone plus the back might shatter pretty easily so I think Samsung should reconsider

2 years 5 months ago

If the front and back are glass, and the sides are glass, where exactly are we supposed to grip this thing? It just doesn’t make sense.

2 years 5 months ago

You remember Sammobile saying samsung would introduce a side touch sensor for Note 4 to enable you to take pictures by just tapping the side of the phone.

Headline read -> ” Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera Features – 16MP, Side Touch, Wide Selfie”

2 years 5 months ago

Thank you, somehow I feel a little bit reassured. I would love dual edge but glass hell no. Only Sony and Apple can be stupid enough to make glass cell phones.

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