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Samsung shuts down its flagship store in London following decline in sales

Samsung’s flagship Experience Store in London’s Westfield Stratford shopping centre has been shut down amid declining sales. Samsung had set up ten such stores across UK and 20 stores across Europe. The store, which was shut down, was located in the prominent section of the mall and was often one of the first outlet to sell devices like the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S5. The store closure notice was noticed by the visitors to the mall last night and the call to the store’s customer support line was greeted with an automated response saying that it is now closed. In a statement to TheVerge, Samsung clarified that the closure of this store won’t affect the operation of other stores. It looks like Samsung might revise its plans, which were announced during the start of the year, about expanding the number of retail stores across Europe to 60.

We remain fully committed to the operation of the remaining nine Samsung Experience Stores across the UK, and wish to reassure our customers that those stores will not be affected by this decision.


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