Samsung collaborating with Carphone Warehouse in launching retail stores across Europe

Samsung has signed a partner agreement with UK-based retailer Carphone Warehouse in establishing retail stores across Europe. Carphone Warehouse has launched three exclusive Samsung stores last year in Spain, and following the success of these stores, Samsung is looking to expand into more markets over the next three months that include stores in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands.

In a statement, Samsung said that, “there is potential to expand the relationship going forward, with Carphone Warehouse acting as Samsung’s preferred partner across Europe and operating the majority of dedicated Samsung stores.”

The stores would be ideal venues to showcase Samsung’s wearable devices that are set to launch sometime later this year.  It has been rumoured that work is underway on a Galaxy Gear 2, and Samsung intends to launch a Galaxy Glass smartglass solution at the IFA later this year. In addition to showcasing wearable devices, the stores would sell all Samsung hardware like mobiles, tablets and notebooks.


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