Samsung SM-A700 (Galaxy A7) to have a 5.5-inch screen, dual SIM slots

More details about Samsung’s A series of devices, the SM-A700 in particular, have made their way online today. The SM-A700 has reached India for testing, and its listing on import tracking site Zauba has revealed that the device will feature a 5.5-inch screen. As we’ve already confirmed exclusively, the display will have an HD resolution, which means the SM-A700 (or the Galaxy A7, as it will probably be called) won’t offer a flagship-level viewing experience, at least not when it comes to display sharpness. The phone will also sport dual SIM slots, a feature that should be present on the SM-A300 and the Galaxy A5 as well.

The Galaxy A7 will be launched in only selected countries, feature LTE connectivity, and cost somewhere between $450 to $500 (that’s the suggested retail price.) Its metallic construction will likely be what sets it apart from other devices in its price range, though given the lack of details available on the highest-end member of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A lineup, it remains to be seen just what the Galaxy A7 turns out to be.


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I think the price of this Galaxy A7 would be near 25,000 INR because there is HTC Desire 820 available here for same price and same secs. So it depends on price, if Samsung really want to gain their loosed momentum in Indian market.

I really wish that Samsung will release this A7 soon in India so that i can upgrade from my old Galaxy Grand(If they priced it correctly).


As the crappo iPhone 6 Bend-gate proves, Aluminium is highly over-rated. Especially when Samsung are the world leader in space-age plastics and magnesium alloy frames. Add to this the Alpha’s lack of removable battery, and LCD display instead of Amoled, and I’ll think I’ll let this hunk of iPhone porridge pass.


Samsung Alpha brand is superb. Similar to xioami MI4. Samsung add non-removable battery, full aluminion BACK, and some features of S5. I want this device INTERNATIONAL!!! not just for korea