Samsung’s A series phones to feature LTE connectivity, Galaxy A7 to launch in limited countries

Following an exclusive leak of the Galaxy A5, one of Samsung’s upcoming A series of phones, we have obtained more information on the three devices the company is planning to launch. According to our sources, all three Galaxy A phones will feature LTE connectivity; this includes the Galaxy A3 (a tentative name), which will be the lowest-end of the bunch and carry a suggested price tag of somewhere between $350 and $400. We were also given suggested price tags of the Galaxy A5 and A7 – the former will cost somewhere between $400 to $450, while the latter will be priced between $450 and $500.

Furthermore, it seems the Galaxy A7 will not be widely launched like the other two devices and will only be available in selected countries, though the reason for the unlimited launch is unclear. With the budget and mid-range market stealing all the attention from the high-end segment, it’s possible Samsung believes the Galaxy A7 might not do too well, or it’s afraid that the A7 will eat into the sales of the Galaxy Alpha, which is the premium offering in Samsung’s Galaxy A lineup.

As we’ve revealed earlier, all three Galaxy A devices are expected to be unveiled sometime in the third-quarter of this year. These devices will feature a design similar to the Galaxy Alpha and a premium feel, though it’s unclear if Samsung is using metal or some other material to achieve the latter.


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2 years 6 months ago

For the first time Samsung has something of premium quality, yet they are taking a risk i think. Recently Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy Alpha in India for a whooping 40000 Rs. though the design is really awesome but considering the specs packed up inside, i do feel that one could get a better deal at that price and also get a full metal body design smartphone like HTC One M8. I don’t really have an answer why i should go with Samsung Galaxy Alpha priced so high

2 years 7 months ago

useful information and good article.Samsung releasing the incredible products every year.
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2 years 7 months ago

Complete BS. What about the Galaxy S5 mini? No LTE? Let me guess, wait until a few thousand people buy the non LTE version, and then release the LTE version after?


2 years 7 months ago

Alpha brand is the best. Hope samsung release HIGH END devices with full aluminium back, water resistant and same specifications as S5. Really samsung must put devices INTERNATIONAL. I really want Alpha7