DisplayMate: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has best performing smartphone display

It’s probably getting a bit stale reading about DisplayMate labeling Samsung’s flagship device displays as the “best performing” displays time and time again, but it’s a good sign of how Samsung is continuing to improve its Super AMOLED displays with every successive flagship. DisplayMate has finished its tests of the Galaxy Note 4, and according to the display experts, the Galaxy Note 4 has the best performing smartphone display yet, offering improvements over both the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S5. The Galaxy Note 4 was found to have impressive sharpness (unsurprising given the Quad HD resolution), peak brightness, absolute color accuracy, and power efficiency, a parameter Samsung has achieved great strides in in recent times.

DisplayMate’s conclusion also praises the fact that Samsung offers users to choose between different color modes based on the content they’re watching, a feature not found on competing smartphones, which usually sport LCD displays. DisplayMate will also be publishing its findings on the Galaxy Note Edge’s display; in the meantime, hit the source link to get all the technical details of the Galaxy Note 4’s display test, and don’t forget to read our hands-on of the device.

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