Samsung Galaxy S5 has the ‘best performing smartphone display’

With each new Galaxy S or Galaxy Note flagship, Samsung continues to improve its AMOLED displays, and the company could have done its best work with the display on the Galaxy S5, according to the display experts over at DisplayMate. DisplayMate compared the display on Samsung’s latest flagship to existing phones, and found it to have the best overall display, especially in color accuracy, brightness levels, viewing angles, and contrast. The Galaxy S5′s display was found to have the most accurate colors for any smartphone or tablet when Cinema Mode is activated, and it was also the brightest display ever tested by DisplayMate, having the ability to reach 698 nits of brightness when automatic brightness was enabled.

The OLED display on the Galaxy S5 was found to be more power efficient as well (up to 27 percent more efficient than the Galaxy S4), though overall power efficiency continues to be a weak spot for Samsung’s OLED technology when compared to LCD displays. But that’s a small blip on what is otherwise an excellent display that showcases how far Samsung has come since it first introduced an AMOLED display on the Samsung Wave in 2010, and suggests that the Korean manufacturer could soon achieve perfection with future devices, like the Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy S6.

You can check out the source link for full details on the tests performed and the results of the display test.


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3 years 26 days ago

I preordered my S5 a week ago and got to check out a working demo in person. I gotta say it looks so much better in person. The device looks very elegant even with the slightly larger bezels and the dimples on the back are very subtle. It feels incredible to hold. The screen is among the best I’ve seen on a smartphone and touchwiz is super fast and smooth. No lag whatsoever. Also its not much larger than the S3. Samsung has a winner here.

3 years 26 days ago

After playing with a demo, I have to agree, it looks better in real life than in pictures.

And touchwiz is improved a lot, the only delay (lag) I faced was when going to the my magazine screen ( I wish we can turn that off)

3 years 26 days ago

My magazine can be turned off. Tap and hold a free spot on the homescren, tap home screen settings and uncheck my magazine.

3 years 26 days ago

Plain & simple, nothing beats Samsung’s AMOLED displays!