Galaxy Tab S display found to be “best performing tablet display” by DisplayMate

Since the launch of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 back in 2011, we had been waiting for Samsung to put their Super AMOLED displays on more tablets, and the company finally answered with the Galaxy Tab S. The only reason we could think of for Samsung’s three-year delay in answering our prayers was that the Korean manufacturer was waiting for its Super AMOLED technology to mature, and it looks like it might have been a good move – according to the experts over at DisplayMate, the Galaxy Tab S has the best performing tablet display out there.

The performance of the AMOLED display on the Galaxy Tab S was found to be almost identical to the display on the Galaxy S5, which also received the “best performing smartphone display” award from DisplayMate. The Galaxy Tab S was found to have high color accuracy, the traditional infinite contrast ratio of AMOLED displays, lowest screen reflectance, and the smallest variation in screen brightness when looked from an angle. The only area where the Galaxy Tab S fell short of the cream of the crop was in maximum display brightness – it did well with the ability to achieve 546 nits of brightness (with auto brightness on), but was bested by the Windows 8-powered Nokia Lumia 2520, which can offer up to 684 nits of brightness.

However, one should keep in mind that just because the Galaxy Tab S display was found to perform the best among the competition, it doesn’t mean that its Super AMOLED displays will please everyone, least of all those who prefer the whiter whites and natural colors of an LCD display. Thankfully, Samsung has those folks covered as well, with its Galaxy Tab PRO tablets, which offer the same high-end specs and quality hardware as the Galaxy Tab S lineup.

Head over to the source link to read up on the details of the tests the Galaxy Tab S was subjected to, and also check out our hands-on review of the tablet.


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