New Galaxy Tab S commercials tout the multitude of benefits that come with a Super AMOLED Display

The Galaxy Tab S is here and has quickly garnered traction as the first true iPad competitor – primarily for its premium build and jaw-dropping display. And even though Samsung isn’t one to shy away from going at Apple explicitly in its advertisements, a recent series of commercials for the tablet mainly compare the Galaxy Tab S and its Super AMOLED display to nameless tablets with LCD displays.

With its 2560×1600 resolution screen providing unrivaled clarity and color accuracy, words do not suffice in expressing the advantages. In these commercials we see how the color range of the Galaxy Tab S is greater than that of any LCD, how the adaptive display is able to process and adjust the viewing experience in order to simplify how you use your tablet, and how the immense contrast ratio can bring your media to life unlike any of its competitors. The message is clear, but like we said, the words don’t do it justice – have a look for yourself.


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2 years 9 months ago

@sheepybach it only affects the stupid exynos units, the Qualcomm units are flawless, supposedly :P

2 years 9 months ago

Why is it that only good things are said about devices and bad things are ignored.
The Galaxy Tab S has a major overheating fault with the back of that tab that becomes miss shaped.

2 years 9 months ago

Samsung said that there was no overheating fault but the were some backs that are made wrong. (Sorry for my bad English)

2 years 9 months ago

All the blathering blind iCrAppleholics fans are blowing chunks all over these commercials! lol…. How dare Samsung pick on Apple! …..but reality Apple is never even mentioned! hahaha….. Feeling the pain of great competition… eh… Apple fans? *_^