Rumor: Galaxy Note 4 UV sensor tracking speed to be 500 milliseconds

Last week, we published exclusive info we had received on the Galaxy Note 4, including details on its screen resolution and the new Exynos chip that will be powering it. Our source had also told us that the Galaxy Note 4 will pack a UV sensor on the front, a feature never before seen on a smartphone, and today we’ve got some more information on this sensor. Rather, it’s only a tiny detail that we’ve learned, though it is something that should be filed under the rumor category – apparently, this UV sensor will be able to track UV rays/radiation every 500 milliseconds.

Alas, that is the only information we were given, and it’s rather vague at best. Also, we’re still no closer to learning what this UV sensor will be used for. It could allow for better auto brightness when the phone is used outdoors, helping Samsung’s continued attempts to improve the outdoor visibility of its Super AMOLED displays, or it could be used to warn users when, you know, the sun is too hot, which would probably make a nice addition to the S Health app.

However, we will have to wait for more concrete details to find out just what purpose the UV sensor serves, and whether it changes the way we use a smartphone in any meaningful way.

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