SamMobile Recap: Galaxy Tab S official hands-on, Galaxy F images, and more

There’s a lot of stuff that happens in the mobile industry, something that is especially true when it comes to giants like Samsung. If you missed out on some (or all) of what happened in the last 24 hours or so, well, here’s a recap of all the big things that went down.

After a string of leaks and rumors, Samsung took the wraps off the Galaxy Tab S, its second tablet with an AMOLED display. The company also announced a few accessories for the Tab S and a partnership with Marvel for exclusive content for consumers, and we went hands-on with the two Galaxy Tab S variants and its accessories (hint: we loved what we saw, with those AMOLED displays knocking us right off our feet.)

The Galaxy F returned for an unofficial photo shoot, this time posing beside the Galaxy S5. A new rumor indicated that the Galaxy Note 4 will come in two variants – one with a curved screen, and the other with a traditional AMOLED screen for mass markets. Furthermore, it is said the Galaxy Note 4 will be accompanied by Samsung’s Gear Glass and a couple of other wearables, all of which will be announced at the same time.

Here’s the full rundown:

As usual, a lot of devices got general firmware updates as well, so here’s a list of all the updates that rolled to Samsung devices yesterday (as always, you can download all these firmware and more from our firmware section):

Country (Product Code)ModelModel NameVersionPDA
Afghanistan (AFG)SM-P901GALAXY NotePRO 12.2 3G4.4.2P901XXUANC4
Albania (Vodafone) (AVF)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE8
Algeria (TMC)SM-G7102GALAXY Grand 2 DUOS4.3G7102XXUANE2
Argentina (ANC)GT-I9300GALAXY S III4.3I9300UBUGML1
Argentina (GT-I9300RWAANC)GT-I9300GALAXY S III4.0.4I9300UBBLG2
Argentina (ANC)GT-I9300GALAXY S IIII9300UBELL6
Argentina (Claro) (CTI)SM-T531GALAXY Tab4 10.1 3G4.4.2T531XXU1ANE1
Argentina (Movistar) (UFN)GT-S5301LGALAXY Pocket Plus4.0.4S5301LUBAME1
Argentina (Personal) (PSN)SM-N900GALAXY Note 34.4.2N900UBUDND1
Argentina (Personal) (PSN)SM-N900GALAXY Note 34.4.2N900UBUDNB2
Australia (XSA)SM-T330GALAXY Tab4 8.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2T330XXU1ANE8
Australia (XSA)SM-T335GALAXY Tab 4 8.0 LTE4.4.2T335XXU1ANE1
Australia (Optus) (OPS)SM-G900IGALAXY S54.4.2G900IDVU1ANE1
Australia (Vodafone) (VAU)SM-G900IGALAXY S54.4.2G900IDVU1AND2
Australia (Vodafone) (VAU)SM-G900IGALAXY S54.4.2G900IDVU1ANE1
Austria (A1) (MOB)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE8
Austria (A1) (MOB)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNB8
Austria (T-Mobile) (MAX)SM-T335GALAXY Tab 4 8.0 LTE4.4.2T335XXU1ANDD
Austria (T-Mobile) (MAX)SM-T535GALAXY Tab4 10.1 4G4.4.2T535XXU1AND9
Austria (Telering) (TRG)SM-T335GALAXY Tab 4 8.0 LTE4.4.2T335XXU1ANDD
Austria (Telering) (TRG)SM-T535GALAXY Tab4 10.1 4G4.4.2T535XXU1AND9
Bangladesh (TML)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNE5
Bangladesh (TML)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
Brazil (TIM) (ZTM)GT-S6102BGALAXY Y2.3.6S6102BVJNE1
Brazil (TIM) (ZTM)GT-S6102BGALAXY Y2.3.6S6102BVJME1
Brazil (TIM) (ZTM)GT-S7275BGALAXY Ace 3 LTE4.2.2S7275BUBUANE1
Bulgaria (MTL) (MTL)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE8
Bulgaria (MTL) (MTL)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNB8
Canada (XAC)SM-T520GALAXY TabPRO 10.1 Wi-Fi4.4.2T520UEUANAE
China (CHN)GT-P7300GALAXY Tab
China (GT-P7300FKACHN)GT-P7300GALAXY Tab 8.9P7300ZCLPB
Croatia (VIPNET) (VIP)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNB8
Croatia (VIPNET) (VIP)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE8
Cyprus (CYV)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE8
Cyprus (CYV)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNB8
Czech Republic (O2C) (O2C)GT-S7710GALAXY Xcover24.1.2S7710XXAND2
Czech Republic (O2C) (O2C)GT-S7710GALAXY Xcover24.1.2S7710XXAMF4
Czech Republic (Vodafone) (VDC)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE8
Czech Republic (Vodafone) (VDC)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNB8
Ecuador (EBE)SM-G900HGALAXY S54.4.2G900HXXU1ANE2
France (XEF)GT-S5830GALAXY Ace2.3.5S5830XWKS9
France (XEF)SM-T525GALAXY TabPRO 10.1 LTE4.4.2T525XXUANC4
France (Orange) (FTM)GT-S7710GALAXY Xcover24.1.2S7710XXANE3
France (Orange) (FTM)GT-S7710GALAXY Xcover24.1.2S7710XXAMG2
Germany (Vodafone) (VD2)SM-T335GALAXY Tab 4 8.0 LTE4.4.2T335XXU1ANDD
Germany (Vodafone) (VD2)GT-I9515GALAXY S4 VE4.4.2I9515XXU1AND2
Greece (Cosmote) (COS)GT-I9000GALAXY S2.3I9000XWJVN
Greece (Vodafone) (VGR)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNB8
Greece (Vodafone) (VGR)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE8
Hong Kong (TGY)GT-I8730GALAXY Express4.1.2I8730ZHAMG2
Hong Kong (TGY)GT-I8730GALAXY Express4.1.2I8730ZHANE1
Hungary (XEH)SM-T235GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 LTE4.4.2T235XXU1ANE8
Hungary (VDH) (VDH)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNB8
Hungary (VDH) (VDH)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE8
India (GT-N8000ZBPINU)GT-N8000GALAXY Note 10.1N8000DDBLL2
India (INU)GT-N8000GALAXY Note
India (INU)GT-N8000GALAXY Note 10.1N8000DDUCMB1
India (INS)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
India (INU)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNE5
India (INU)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
India (INS)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNE5
Iraq (MID)SM-P901GALAXY NotePRO 12.2 3G4.4.2P901XXUANC4
Ireland (TSI)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Ireland (Vodafone) (VDI)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNB8
Ireland (Vodafone) (VDI)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE8
Israel (Orange/Partner) (PTR)SM-N900GALAXY Note 34.4.2N900XXUDNC1
Israel (Orange/Partner) (PTR)SM-N900GALAXY Note 34.3N900XXUBMI5
Italy (Vodafone) (OMN)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE8
Italy (Vodafone) (OMN)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNB8
Kazakhstan (SKZ)SM-T235GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 LTE4.4.2T235XXU1ANE8
Libya (BTC)GT-S7262GALAXY Star Pro DUOS4.1.2S7262JVUAND2
Mauritania (MRT)SM-P901GALAXY NotePRO 12.2 3G4.4.2P901XXUANC4
Montenegro (TMT)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Morocco (MED) (MED)GT-S8500Wave1.2S8500JPKE1
Morocco (MWD) (MWD)SM-P901GALAXY NotePRO 12.2 3G4.4.2P901XXUANC4
Nepal (NPL)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNE5
Nepal (NPL)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
Netherlands (Vodafone) (VDF)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE8
Netherlands (Vodafone) (VDF)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNC8
New Zealand (Vodafone) (VNZ)SM-T335GALAXY Tab 4 8.0 LTE4.4.2T335XXU1ANE1
Nigeria (ECT)SM-G7102GALAXY Grand 2 DUOS4.3G7102XXUANB2
Nigeria (ECT)SM-P901GALAXY NotePRO 12.2 3G4.4.2P901XXUANC4
Nigeria (ECT)SM-G7102GALAXY Grand 2 DUOS4.3G7102XXUANE2
Nordic countries (NEE)SM-T325GALAXY TabPRO 8.4 LTE4.4.2T325XXU1BNE5
Pakistan (PAK) (PAK)SM-P901GALAXY NotePRO 12.2 3G4.4.2P901XXUANC4
Panama (Claro) (CPA)SM-G710GALAXY Grand II4.3G710XXUANB4
Philippines (Open Line) (XTC)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNE5
Poland (XEO)SM-T325GALAXY TabPRO 8.4 LTE4.4.2T325XXU1BNE5
Poland (XEO)SM-C115Galaxy K zoom4.4.2C115XXU1BNF1
Poland (XEO)GT-N5100GALAXY Note
Poland (XEO)GT-N5100GALAXY Note
Portugal (Vodafone) (TCL)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNB8
Portugal (Vodafone) (TCL)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE8
Romania (ROM)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNF1
Romania (ROM)SM-V700GALAXY Gear2.2.0V700XXUCNE9
Romania (ROM)SM-C115Galaxy K zoom4.4.2C115XXU1BNF1
Romania (Vodafone) (CNX)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNB8
Romania (Vodafone) (CNX)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE8
Russia (SER)SM-T325GALAXY TabPRO 8.4 LTE4.4.2T325XXU1BNE7
Saudi Arabia (ACR)GT-I9082GALAXY Grand DUOS4.2.2I9082XXUBNC1
Saudi Arabia (ACR)SM-P901GALAXY NotePRO 12.2 3G4.4.2P901XXUANC4
Saudi Arabia (WTL)SM-G7102GALAXY Grand 2 DUOS4.3G7102XXUANE2
Saudi Arabia (KSA)SM-P901GALAXY NotePRO 12.2 3G4.4.2P901XXUANC4
Slovenia (SIO)SM-G310HNGALAXY Ace Style4.4.2G310HNXWU0ANE4
Slovenia (Mobitel) (MOT)SM-G310HNGALAXY Ace Style4.4.2G310HNXWU0ANE4
Slovenia (Si.mobil) (SIM)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNB8
Slovenia (Si.mobil) (SIM)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE8
South Africa (XFA)SM-G900HGALAXY S54.4.2G900HXXU1ANE2
South Africa (XFE)SM-G7102GALAXY Grand 2 DUOS4.3G7102XXUANE2
South Africa (XFA)SM-P901GALAXY NotePRO 12.2 3G4.4.2P901XXUANC4
South Africa (XFE)SM-G7102GALAXY Grand 2 DUOS4.3G7102XXUANB2
South Africa (XFA)SM-T231GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 3G4.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
South Africa (XFE)SM-P901GALAXY NotePRO 12.2 3G4.4.2P901XXUANC4
South Africa (XFE)GT-S5282GALAXY Star Duos4.1.2S5282XXAMEA
South Africa (Vodafone) (XFV)SM-T231GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 3G4.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
South Africa (XFM) (XFM)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNE5
South Africa (XFM) (XFM)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.3I9505XXUEMKF
Spain (PHE)SM-T110GALAXY Tab3 Lite 7.0 Wi-Fi4.2.2T110XXUANE4
Spint (cdma) (SPR)SPH-L900GALAXY Note II4.4.2L900VPUCNE2
Sri Lanka (SLK)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNE5
Sri Lanka (SLK)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
Trinidad and Tobago (TTT)GT-I8200LGALAXY S III mini VE4.2.2I8200LUBUANE3
Tunisia (TUN)SM-T230GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2T230XXU0ANE6
Tunisia (TUN)SM-P901GALAXY NotePRO 12.2 3G4.4.2P901XXUANC4
Turkey (TUR)SM-T330GALAXY Tab4 8.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2T330XXU1ANDA
United Arab Emirates (XSG)GT-I8262GALAXY Core DUOS4.1.2I8262XXAMG5
United Arab Emirates (LYS)SM-T230GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2T230XXU0ANE6
United Arab Emirates (XSG)SM-G7102GALAXY Grand 2 DUOS4.3G7102XXUANB2
United Arab Emirates (LYS)SM-P901GALAXY NotePRO 12.2 3G4.4.2P901XXUANC4
United Arab Emirates (XSG)SM-G7102GALAXY Grand 2 DUOS4.3G7102XXUANE2
United Arab Emirates (XSG)GT-I8262GALAXY Core DUOS4.1.2I8262XXAND1
United Kingdom (H3G) (H3G)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNC5
United Kingdom (H3G) (H3G)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.3I9505XXUEMK9
United Kingdom (Vodafone) (VOD)SM-T335GALAXY Tab 4 8.0 LTE4.4.2T335XXU1ANDD
United Kingdom (Vodafone) (VOD)SM-T535GALAXY Tab4 10.1 4G4.4.2T535XXU1AND9
United Kingdom / Ireland (XEU)GT-B7510GALAXY Pro2.3.6B7510XXKPB
Unknown (BNG)SM-T331GALAXY Tab4 8.0 3G4.4.2T331XXU1ANDA
Unknown (TTR)SM-T335GALAXY Tab 4 8.0 LTE4.4.2T335XXU1ANDD
Uruguay (UPO)SM-N900GALAXY Note 34.4.2N900UBUDND1
Uruguay (UPO)SM-N900GALAXY Note 34.4.2N900UBUDNB2
Venezuela (GT-N7000ZBAMVL)GT-N7000GALAXY NoteN7000UBLR6
Venezuela (MVL)GT-N7000GALAXY Note4.1.2N7000UBLSF
Vietnam (XXV)SM-C111GALAXY K zoom4.4.2C111XXU1ANE9

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