First live photos of Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 show an extremely thin tablet

We’ve seen the 10.5-inch variant of the Galaxy Tab S in a couple of leaks already, including one that SamMobile exclusively published, and now, we’re getting the first look at the smaller, 8.4-inch variant of Samsung’s upcoming AMOLED tablet. Chinese regulatory authority TENAA has published photos of the Chinese variant of the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (the Chinese variant sports model number SM-T705C), and along with the pictures, also listed some of its specs.

These photos aren’t exactly live in the true sense of the word, but they’re still a notch above the press photos we’ve seen of the Galaxy Tab S 8.4. As for the specs, the TENAA listing reiterates that the tablet will feature an octa-core processor, a 2560×1600 8.4-inch display, 3GB of RAM, and Android 4.4.2 KitKat. The tablet measures 125.6 × 212.8 × 6.5 mm and weighs 287 grams, which, as can be seen in the photos, should make for an extremely lightweight and slim tablet, especially for the hardware it is packing.

The Galaxy Tab S will be officially announced on June 12, and will come with features such as a fingerprint sensor.





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2 years 10 months ago

what I do not understand about tablets from Samsung is :

“why isn’t there a new note 8 inch or 8.4 inch tablet ?”

when the only 8 inch note tablet is the galaxy note 8.0 which is more than 1 year old,
and is and was obsolete from the onset because it has the same hardware as the
Galaxy S3 issued on year before the galaxy note 8.

when you see the huge progress and success of the galaxy note 3 in terms of S pen
handling, thanks to the power of the processor and the better feature
I can’t understand why there is no galaxy note 8.4

Furtheremore the ipad mini has a lot of success in entreprises, it is already at the
version 2, while the samsung galaxy note 8 is obsolette.

Why is samsung willing to lend a hand to microsoft, and issue no S pen 8 inch tablet ?,
In December with intel broadwell processors (Core M) the next version of surface could prove interesting for the first time with a good weight / autonomy ratio that could make explode surface 4 sales.

Then Samsung may have lost an opportunity window to take a lasting edge on windiws surface solution before surface will have weappons to succed thanks to broadwell processors.

2 years 10 months ago

I hope that 10.1″ has a basil as thin as that. I am so frustrated with have wasted space on tablets around the edges.

2 years 10 months ago

The tablet seems to be present in Indonesia shortly after the official release