AT&T’s Galaxy S5 Active appears in clearest images yet

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The Galaxy S5 Active has been detailed quite thoroughly in a couple of leaked videos already, and today, leaked images are offering another clear look at the upcoming rugged variant of the Galaxy S5. The images show off the AT&T version of the device, revealing its front and the back, both with the removable back cover on and off. As we already know, the phone will be similar to the Galaxy S5 in hardware (that includes the heart rate sensor on the back, but not the fingerprint sensor), but will feature ruggedized buttons, corners, and rear panel, and also feature a special Active key that can act as a camera shutter button and launch specific apps.

Head to the source link to check out all the photos of the Galaxy S5 Active, and let us know what you think!



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3 years 7 months ago

Funny enough, this one looks MORE interesting than the main S5 🙂

1) No fingerprint sensor!
2) Possible OIS stabilization
3) Dedicated “camera” key that can be bound to other function
4) Probably more resistant to drops, tho I would be careful with saying that, especially when it come to screen, I’d wait for the drop tests 😉

Saying all that, it isn’t the prettiest around, but it sure should do its job. Thumbs up Samsung!

3 years 7 months ago

More durable than the current Galaxy S5.

Thoughm wonder if the IPXX is higher than the current model?