Samsung sold over 40 million Notes, 30 million of which were Note II sales

Naysayers wrote off the first Galaxy Note when it was announced by Samsung, only to find later that Samsung’s large-screen smartphone experiment was on its way to becoming a runaway success. Then, Samsung came out with the hugely improved Galaxy Note II, and it was clear that the phablet – now a word in the Oxford dictionary – was here to stay, and that Samsung was the unchallenged king of the phablet market.

Well, if you’ve been wondering how many Galaxy Note devices Samsung has sold since the first one was announced, then the answer is that sales have now crossed over 40 million, according to a Samsung official. Of those, 30 million were of the Note II, while the Note sold around 10 million. Samsung had earlier announced that sales had crossed 38 million, but it is only now that we’re getting a proper figure on each Note, and the three times higher sales figure of the Note II shows how people have continually warmed up to the idea of a phablet, and that phablets will continue to be sold in droves for the foreseeable future.

Will the Galaxy Note 3 end up breaking any records? With a high asking price and limitations such as regional SIM locks, your guess is as good as mine, but it should be able to beat the Galaxy Note II quite easily.


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