Samsung releases kernel source for Galaxy Tab 3 Kids and GT-I9507

Samsung is continuing its spree of releasing kernel source for its devices – following a source release of the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition, developers can now access all the kernel data they need for the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids and the GT-i9507. That’s right, the source is available for the GT-i9507, a Galaxy S4 variant that has shown up intermittently but remains unannounced, making it the second time Samsung has released code for a device that hasn’t hit market yet, like the new Note 10.1, making the code mostly useless for now.

Actually, even for the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids, which was recently launched as a kid-friendly tablet (yeah, big surprise there), the source code will likely be ignored, as I’m not sure anyone out there is going to be playing around with a tablet for kids, a tablet that won’t sell much units in the first place to bother developers. Also, just look at that cute little thing in the picture below – would you really want to tinker around with it? Would you?


But hey, all the kernel sauce is available nonetheless, so go ahead and hit the links to download it.

Download: Galaxy Tab 3 Kids, GT-i9507



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