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With the intense legal battle that has been waging between Apple and Samsung since 2011, it’s no secret that Apple has tried to reduce its dependence on Samsung for components for the iPhone and iPad. However, according to an NPD DisplaySearch report, Samsung has supplied the highest amount of displays to the Cupertino company in the last few months, and is even expected to provide the bulk of displays Apple will use in its next-generation iPad and iPad mini.

Apple obtains displays from Samsung, LG, and Sharp, but considering the resources Samsung has at its disposal, it’s no doubt becoming difficult for Apple to look elsewhere for components (even the next iPhone chip is expected to be made by Samsung) – they reportedly increased purchases of displays from Samsung since January, going from 2.3 million units in the 1st quarter to 4.1 million in the second.

So, it looks like for the time being, the two companies will continue to remain friends (grudgingly) despite facing each other in court, and with Apple’s products selling in such huge amounts, it looks like they’ll have to be dependent on Samsung for a considerable time to come.


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4 years 5 months ago

For all these time, Samsung is really the one who made components for Apple? A1 Chip, A5 chip, All the A Chip and screen?
I still can’t believe it even I am the Samsung fan.