Apple will reportedly use Samsung chip for next-gen iPhone

The lawsuits between Samsung and Apple made their component business strained in the last year but according to Korea Economic Daily, Samsung will again supply Apple with A9 chips based on 14 nanometer that will be used in next-gen iPhone aka ‘iPhone 7′. The iPhone 7 could be released in the second half of 2015.

Samsung has been an exclusive manufacturer for many Apple’s iOS running devices but due to the lawsuit Apple reportedly signed up with TSMC for manufacturing and supplying A9 chips for 3-years.

According to industry sources on July 14, Samsung Electronics signed an agreement with Apple to supply the next-generation AP that it will produce in 2015. The AP that will be produced using 14 nano FinFET technology is mounted on Apple’s iPhone 7 to be released in the second half of 2015.


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