LIVE BLOG: Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012

SamMobile will be live in London for Samsung’s own Mobile Unpacked event of the year!
We will give you the best report we can in our own words.

You can follow everything through our Twitter page,
We will tweet LIVE and we will tweet pictures of the show itself if the cellular network is okay over there.
We also have a person at home in The Netherlands to post the first pictures in our BLOG as soon as possible.

What are your options…

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Special actions:

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When is the show?
May 3rd at 7:00PM (UK time).

What will Samsung show?
At the moment we are only sure about the Galaxy SIII but there are many rumors about other devices shown as well.

Latest rumours:
First sketches leaked out
- This is the Galaxy SIII
- Screen protector leaks out
- Galaxy SIII in blue and white

Update 15:45 UK time
We have arrived in London wich means our special WIN action has ended!
We have chacked in at the hotel, and now we are on a hunt for some food. Then we are heading for Earls Court were the event is held.

Stay tuned for more !

Update 19:20 UK time
This is the first full picture and all specs seem to be equal to our information presented earlier!

Update 19:30 UK time
These are the press release photo’s from Samsung Korea!!

TV commercial:

More pictures:

Update 19:47 UK time
Wireless charging, Bluetooth 4.0, 4.8 inch and lower power consumption have been confirmed!!

Update 19:51 UK time
Social Hub and Music Hub have been improved, also has a new Drive app connecting to your car(kit) and S health app.

Update 19:51 UK time
On-device encryption stronger, Mobile Virtualisation. Mobile NFC payments together with VISA.
6 internal sensors. MicroSD slot for expansion, 16gb and 32gb versions. 64gb will be added later on. Blue and white version initially.
THE WAITING IS OVER! May 29th on sale in Europe! Global announcement on that date with a 10 city world tour.

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2 years 25 days ago

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4 years 3 months ago

Is this something confirmed I didn’t hear them mention different versions in the presentations.

5 years 20 days ago

Actually a FULL HD Monitor Displays 2MP… so 8 MP is totaly ok…

1GB ram is more than enough… it will have nearly same ram usage as gs2 but with more cpu power its awesome….

Pentile Display – with >300ppi normal people will not find any thing bad about this display (look at g nexus-same thing)

TW 5.0 looks great – u dont like it? turn it off! its Android 4, u can change it back to Google standard.

Wireless charging – interesting, but usefull? i dont know.. think it will cost much energy if the dock is always on… activating by NFC is not possible, there is no “connection lost” event for NFC

Bluetooth 4.0 – Faster than 3.0? i dont know, but it saves energy… but most people will only use Wifi to send date in near future

Siri pendant S VOICE, lets see how it works… english seems to work very fast and good, german blogs are reporting about bad german understanding, but its still not finished.

The Display stays awake while u are awake – great feature… hate do unlock my phone every 30 seconds or to touch it while im reading an email…

S Alert – have to wait for a test… seems to be a nice feature

16/32/64GB versions – great thing, a version for everyone + SD Slot(up to 64gb???), great… no more rumors about space problems. G-Nexus has less memory with its 16GB i would not be able to take 1 or 2 movies + my music… If I’m thinking about the Apps taking some memory too, i cant belive there are people who can live with that memory… HD Movie Recording will fill your Storage very fast, too.

Screensize: 4.8Inches with the same body size to galaxy nexus – great usage of body size. It will easily fo to your jeans pocket with this slim body.

Weight: A bit to light for me… i would like a phone around 150g…. This slim phone would feel that breakable.

Plastic Body – Why not, Glass of IPhone will brick faster… i dont care that i feels better to have a glass phone :D it have to be able to pass a drop from around 1.2 meters… if the phone is falling out of my pocket.

All at all it is much better than the nexus and not so rounded….

HTC ONE X – Htc have the better Phone if u dont care about battery life, changing battery and if 32GB is enough space for you. Otherwise i would take the Galaxy S3.


5 years 20 days ago

lol what a trolls, also apple fans whinned about 4s that it is crap and etc, but look it is best selling phone ^^ for me design is 7/10 and hardware 10/10? what you want? 8gb ram? 40megapx camera? wake up!!

5 years 20 days ago

Awful…this phone is a fail…

5 years 20 days ago

@johendry .. that was the first thing i thought

I don’t get why people are crying about the MP …. 8 is fine. quality isn’t just about the number of MP you have, I hope they have improved on that (i have my doubts)

5 years 20 days ago

DESIGNED FOR HUMANS are you kidding me so the previous phones…. who designed this phrases #fail
They are gonna make fun of the product just for a phrase

5 years 21 days ago

Yep, the same here disappointment other then the larger battery still with a removable back and still with an SD card slot unlike the HTC 1X not a whole lot different the SII. I have a N7000, I9100, I9000 and probably an I9300 when it comes out. But I thought the numbers where going to be better oh well. I am thinking that they just weren’t ready to release the real SIII and had to get something out. Maybe the SIIII will have the specs leaked or better.

5 years 21 days ago

I have to say the only thing I was a little disappointed by was the lack of higher mega pixel camera.

Other than that I think the software enhancements are pretty cool.

Serious kudos for keeping the SD Card slot, and also having multiple on board storage versions.

Just one question I noticed a tweet earlier that said the 3g version would be released in Europe while the 4g versions would be in Korea, the US and Canada, I can’t help but being a little peeved at that idea, Europe will eventually get a 4g network, I think they’re talking like next year in the UK.

Is this something confirmed I didn’t hear them mention different versions in the presentations.

5 years 21 days ago

Samsung dropped the ball BIG TIME!!! It actually looked better with the dummy box. Its nothing more than a supped up Galaxy Nexus (which btw looks better than the SIII). I waited 2 months for this…so disappointing. I dont know how they messed this up. On the bright side though the software looks excellent and is definetly a step forward in the right direction.

5 years 21 days ago

i think lots people was hoping that galaxy s3 was gone have s space shuttle built in.comeon people…its a smartphone.i will be happy if they have same quadcore for usa carriers.i currently own n7000 and im happy with exynos proformance.

5 years 21 days ago

You don’t need to like it and please do not buy one bcos SGS2 is enough for you. common do you how much all manufacturer will run miles to match this phone. especially apple. Do not forget if Samsung can offer this in 2012 it will surely open doors to many hidden prototype tech. so life can be more fun and comfortable.

5 years 21 days ago

i own S2 and it amazing but lets appreciate what SGS3 has to offer and Samsung always have a step ahead of any previous models not unlike apple who gives people the same phone for 3 generation and only change name and storage.

am very sure you used to be iPhone worshiper. init. Shadow angel

5 years 21 days ago

i see, u know what?, i am very strict on what phone manufacturer offers and i am a guy who doesn’t hide behind past techs OK. so get it straight and don’t be disappointed with the sgs3 three but i believe what u could have said is not for you. basic.

5 years 21 days ago

I own a S 2 right now and I’m happy with it… Am I wrong for not going with the flow and LIKE LIKE LIKE?

Yommy… Did you know that HUMANs have opinions?

Are you so low minded that anything offered is good? Let’s keep the “fanboyism” to the Macfags, ok?

5 years 21 days ago

omar dont mind this people, they are deaf or may be they are watching it from the flashless iphone.

5 years 21 days ago

those people crying about galaxy s3 will be looking like old windows phone. one advice for you, please go and buy that windows phone and stop shitty chatty

5 years 21 days ago

There’s also a 64 gb version she said..

5 years 21 days ago

all you talking rubbish, if you are not happy with this phone then shift to apple and get locked.

if you wanna bet apple will not match the phone .

please stop being robot be a HUMAN………………. well the phone is for HUMAN not animals.

5 years 21 days ago

Very disapponted as well…

Just a bigger S 2 with a lot of crapware… And all of it could fit completely on S 2…

Well… let’s wait for the next Nexus

5 years 21 days ago

Very disappointed.

1GB of ram
Not all is screen, and most important is a fuc..g PENTILE “hd” display.
8.5mm thick, not 7mm that they were leaking(I didn’t expect it)

nothing new under the Sun…

5 years 21 days ago

Hi. Is the event unpacked?
Now I am waiting for it.

5 years 21 days ago

@BoneMa – You can buy Stylus for every Phone u want… it just have to be compatible with the screentype so the shop selling stylus for S3 does not say there will be a stylus included… u can use stylus for galaxy s1 and 2 as well….

5 years 21 days ago

This is pretty exciting! Hope you guys have fun there! LUCKY !

5 years 21 days ago

At Jinx that IS the NEXT Galaxy……… I thought I told ya’ll this a couple days ago??? I clearly told everyone it would be a windows phone.