Could this be what the Galaxy Note 4 looks like?

If there’s one thing Samsung has been extremely good at hiding from the prying media, it’s been the actual design of all its flagships in recent years. The same has been the case for the Galaxy Note 4 this year, but newly leaked images showing an unknown Galaxy device with what looks like an S Pen slot might possibly be breaking the norm. As can be seen from the images, the device looks like the Galaxy Note 3 with a bit of the Galaxy Alpha sprinkled in, with a frame on the side that looks like it could be made of metal and a back cover with an improved version of Samsung’s beloved faux-leather material. There’s also a microUSB 3.0 port and loudspeaker at the bottom, and a heart rate sensor on the rear.

Futhermore, the device in the images looks quite similar to the one seen on the image of the Note 4′s alleged retail box that leaked earlier today. This doesn’t mean that this is actually the final design of Samsung’s next phablet flagship, but it does offer us a look at what the Galaxy Note 4 might look like when it launches later this year. In any case, it won’t be long before we find out what’s real and what’s pure smoke and mirrors.


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  1. If this is real, then it’s interesting to see there’s no cover over the MicroUSB port – either the phone won’t be waterproof, or they’ve figured out a way to waterproof it without a cover (which would be awesome)

    • I wouldn’t be made if it’s not waterproof or resistant. The phone is too big to do such activities regarding water anyways

      • I dropped my Note 3 in water accidentally once pulled it and removed the battery dried it with air blower it still okay.

        • You shouldn’t use the air blower because hot air can melt the glue between microchip inside

    • Samsung made the s5 mini waterproof without the flap. The usb connector used here might be using the same type of form factor.

    • Don’t know if the Note 4′s backcover has a water-tight seal…

  2. I hope this is real but I think I want the Galaxy Note Edge even though I haven’t seen it yet

  3. I want one for me!

  4. no stereo speakers?

    • Don’t think so :-(
      I’m ok with mono if it’s of high quality and loud like the Note 2.
      Samsung should stop being stubborn and use the NXP speaker amplifier chip that HTC and Motorola use, it really does make a difference!

  5. The phone is too big

    • Only until you hold your iPhone6 with 5.5″ display. Then apparently its perfect. Pfff

    • lol it’s exactly the same size as the Note 3..??

  6. Is it me, or do the phone on the images here look different than the phone on the retail box? Maybe it’s just the angle …

    • Yea I agree I think they’re different as well…on the retail box there is no raised chrome edging as there is on this photo. That raised chrome lip around the glass is absent on the retail packaging…imo I almost think this phone looks like the galaxy alpha with a chrome square digitally overlaid where the s pen slot is supposed to be…which imo doesn’t appear there in the picture with the phone facing upright where the “s pen tip” is just a shadow not a tip as it should look if real imo

      • It’s a good photoshop effort but that’s as far as it goes.

    • It does look a lot different, in my opinion. The Note displayed on the retail packaging looks a lot more uniform, and the edging is a lot less prominent. Also, the front camera is a lot more centered on the packaging whereas the camera in this leak is about to practically fall off the edge.

  7. Looks list 16/10! is it? is it?

    The two main problems I have with my note 2 are the wake up lag and the 16/9 instead of 16/10 like the first note

    (I think I’ll update regardless…)

    The other leaked picture of the retail box looks like 16/9 again…

    • I mean “Looks like” not “Looks list” :p

  8. If this turns out to be true, I will definitely buy this along with the Galaxy Alpha. Samsung you have done what was needed and I am a true Sammy lover forever.

  9. A much refined version of the Note 3? This time with real-metal alloy-like bezels?

    Wonder if it’s IP67/Water & Dust Resistant??

  10. The device on this picture looks perfect! Hope the Note 4 will look like this.
    This is a rumor, because the Note 4 100% is going to have a fingerprint scanner on its home button. This home button looks exactly like my Note3′s textured button which has nothing in common with the Galaxy S5′s glass and glossy button.

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