Unpacked Episode 2, Galaxy Note 4 unveiling officially happening Sept. 3rd

Following a string of exclusive reports confirming the September 3rd launch date that we simply could not publish without upsetting our sources, we are finally able to bring you the official invite for Samsung’s second Unpacked event of the year. In accordance with one of our published reports last week, the September date mirrors the date for the Galaxy Note 3 launch last year, immediately preceding IFA in Berlin. This also bodes well for the accuracy of rumors that suggest the actual release of the phone in-stores will follow the launch date closer than it did in previous years.

Examining the actual invite, we see that there is actually a substantial detail being teased for us. When in years past, the invite had no discernible graphic and perhaps only carried the word “note” to give a hint of the announcement, this invite features the Air command wheel introduced on last years Galaxy Note 3; albeit a slightly altered one as you may have noticed. The Air command wheel found on the invite has omitted the S Finder function and the Pen Window function, but has retained the Action Memo, Scrap Booker, and Screen Write features. However it also features what appears to be a “manual selection” tool, something that currently exists with the Galaxy Note 3 S Pen, but is performed by holding the S Pen button while tracing the desired content.

This is all educated guessing, but guessing nonetheless. Other current speculation about what the Galaxy Note 4 phablet will bring to the table includes a 5.7-inch QHD (2560×1440) display, an Exynos 5433/Snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB of RAM, a 16-megapixel with a Sony IMX240 sensor and optical image stabilization, an ultraviolet sensor, and at least Android 4.4.3 KitKat. Rumors of a curved/flexible display variant also persist, but may be limited to few markets, if any.

The event will be livestreamed on Samsung’s Youtube channel and will begin at 9 AM EST.



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  1. If note 4 will get 4.4.3 this mean the other phone will need to wait till the note 4 will release to get the update…….I don’t think Samsung will release 4.4.3 before note 4 will get official unveiling in September…Is last time when I will buy a phone from Samsung.

    • Haha don’t be so pathetic. Android 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 have only minor changes and some bugfixes compared to android 4.4.2. It could even be that Samsung itself has fixed these things in touchwiz. You won’t even notice if your phone is running 4.4.2 / 4.4.3 / 4.4.4. It’s just for you to show off that you got the latest version. Please grow up…

      • First I just saying because other company they already update to 4.4.3 or 4.4.4….Im not showing off.. Bored to wait all the time for Samsung update…I have s 4 with 4.4.2 and im sure I will need to wait many time from now for Samsung release next update…SO F..k oFF

        • Can you explain why you so desperately need this new update? Do you really think your phone will be faster, smoother or that it will get new functions? Believe me, you won’t notice anything.. I think you just want to have the higher version number. 4.4.4 is better than 4.4.2 right? And if you think your phone will fly with the 4.4.4 software, just buy one from another brand instead of whining in this forum..

          • Because of the bugs from 4.4.2 and because the battery dray so fast…if you don’t know just please shut up.i just say my opinion. I really don’t know why you start to talk with me,i don’t ever ask you nothing…

          • Because you are whining about your s4 in a news article about the upcoming note 4. That’s why.

        • Because of the bugs ????? What bug ? Don’t act clever here . It’s not different . New version will solve all the bugs ?? Stupid !
          Anyway happy to reply .

      • He probably doesn’t even own an S4. Probably an Apple fan. Who all are the only iDiots so concerned about the only thing they can supposedly claim, is iOS is always up to date. Which doesn’t even mean all users all do the minor incremental updates anyway.

        Yet iOS 8 will drop iPhone 4 completely and possibly iPhone 4s as well. iOS 7 ran like crap on iPhone 4 and not much better on iPhone 4s. Yet…. they still brag about not being as fragmented as Android… WTF? While users are all strung out over 12 updates to iOS 7 alone. iPhone users hated that Apple didn’t tell them they couldn’t never go back to iOS 6 once they updated, until after they did it. Their market share vs Samsung sunk in US alone… for that ignorant tactic!

        Now this fool thinks that if he disses on Samsung over a minor update, that it will cause Samsung to not sell as many Galaxy Alfa’s and Galaxy Notes. Go figure!?! ….only an iDiot disses on a company over such a minor update! :D ….and the battery drainage issue was fixed instantly on all Samsung phones w/ an over the air fix, that most people never even noticed it. I certainly didn’t see the Kit Kat upgrade battery drain issue! lol…

    • I thought Fan-Boys are Apple-exclusive…

    • If that is the issue you have, you should have stopped buying from them last year. 4.3 didn’t come to Samsung’s devices until the Note 3. 4.4.2 didn’t come until the S5.

      That’s the way it is. Deal with it.

      • No u r wrong. Note 3 and s4 get the kitkat before s5.

    • Just buy a Nexus if you want fast updates

    • Samsung sent alot of updates to s4 and note 3 to fix bugs and i think Samsung won’t upgrade to 4.4.4

  2. Need to see something different this time…

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