Samsung Galaxy Alpha will be equipped with Exynos 5433 processor and 12MP camera

Today, folks over at AllAboutSamsung were able to confirm hardware specifications of the Galaxy Alpha SM-G850F using AnTuTu benchmark. It is powered by an Exynos 5433 octa-core processor, Mali-T628 GPU and 2GB of RAM. This processor is supposed to be used in the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 as well. Although there’s no microSD card slot, the Galaxy Alpha comes with 32GB of internal storage space. Apart from that, it will have a 12MP primary camera with LED flash and a 2MP front-facing camera. The screenshots also confirm our previous report that it will have a 4.8 inch display with 720p resolution. The device scored exceptionally well in the benchmark as the powerful Exynos 5433 processor is able to drive the 720p screen quite easily. It has a nano SIM card slot, a fingerprint sensor and a heart rate monitor.

From the looks of it, the Galaxy Alpha has a mix of high-end and mid-range features as it is supposed to be placed between the Galaxy S5 Mini and the Galaxy S5. We’ve already reported that the Galaxy Alpha SM-G850F could be unveiled on August 4th but AllAboutSamsung reports that the announcement is pushed to August 13th.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Benchmarks

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Nano SIM


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  1. so they will use the best and latest processor, a 32gb storage and a metallic frame. thats premium.
    but they will also use a 720p screen?!?!??!?!?!? and a 12mp camera only…

    what bullshit! samsung needs to decide what kind of a phone is this, a high end or a low end!!

    • A 1080p amoled screen will send prices sky high and you people will complain again. I don’t even believe this alpha if true is going to be a flagship

  2. it will be the exynos 5422
    5433 runs 4W+ on Antutu

  3. Sorry to say this, i’m a big Samsung fan and i’m so disappointed. I have had Galaxy S2, S3, S4 and I’m not going to buy this Alpha.
    720p screen, 2GB ram, 12mp camera and 2mp front camera? Samsung is going to fail.
    Look at Xiaomi Mi4, 1080p screen, 3GB ram, 13mp back camera and 8mp front camera just to compare, plus it only costs $399. I guess this is going to be my next phone.

  4. Don’t want the ‘Alpha’ series to replace the current ‘S’ line.

  5. Tne adesive says 1500mA???!!!!!!! Fake????

  6. One thing to note here is it shows Android 4.4.4, rather than the 4.4.2 we see on current devices, so that is a positive. I agree that this looks like a mid-range device so most of the people around here will pass on it, but there ARE markets where it might do well, depending on price.

  7. On Antutu screenshot in the “Display” no point “Material”. Used an ancient version?

  8. its says..using nano sim..picture shows normal typical sim card slot..wth..

  9. can rarely see that is a clone note 4..#@@%%%#@@

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