Posted by Abhijeet M. 6 months ago

Galaxy S5 Exynos model now getting recent performance enhancing update


Samsung started rolling out an update in Europe earlier this week to improve the performance on the Snapdragon variant of the Galaxy S5, and now the same update is going out to the Exynos-powered variant. The update has gone live in countries like India, and like the Europe update, solely features performance enhancements while being around 200 MB in size and carrying build number XXU1AGN3. As always, you can grab it over the air once it becomes available in your region, or try to force it to show up immediately from the Settings » About phone » Software updates menu.


Thanks, Samkit!

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14 comments on “Galaxy S5 Exynos model now getting recent performance enhancing update

  1. Ard-sam 6 months ago said:

    What? An European exynos S5? Where can I get that?

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  2. abubasim 6 months ago said:

    The font in the screenshot looks to be inspired by Microsoft’s universally hated Comic Sans font. Having said that, it suits the plastic body of the phone. Makes it all look like a Disney product.

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  3. crazyhorse1970 6 months ago said:

    I just got my update and it screwed all my audio through headphones no joy with Samsung they just tell me to factory reset

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  4. Eins Gaston 6 months ago said:

    Thanks friends and Samsung SamMobile for remembering us so soon. Thank you.

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  5. edixon1989 6 months ago said:

    have that terminal and tells me that since this date …. but is not it would be good since my phone has many problems and constant reboot warming

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  6. sdsadiquemd 6 months ago said:

    Galaxy S5′s RAM reduse to 1.75 gb from 1.85 gb…

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  7. lucianoz11 6 months ago said:

    Hola, alguien me puede decir de donde la puedo descargar? En argentina movistar no ha salido aun

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  8. ubeyaz 6 months ago said:
  9. xtratusx 6 months ago said:

    can anyone confirm about the performance enhancing, because if it reduces memory for applications i will bypass that.

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  10. marcelohubeaut 6 months ago said:

    Se puede cargar este firmware en un sm-g900h de argentina (claro) ???

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  11. MegaBassX 6 months ago said:

    se puede poner en 900h de tigo de guatemala?

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  12. abhay9910 6 months ago said:

    can i update my samsung galaxy s5 sm900h indian v. in lolipop by custom rom?????

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