Posted by Abhijeet M. 7 months ago

Samsung to launch metal-clad Galaxy Alpha smartphone lineup next month?


2 comments on “Samsung to launch metal-clad Galaxy Alpha smartphone lineup next month?

  1. gtone339 7 months ago said:

    Desperate to beat Apple’s next iPhone?

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    • Targonis 7 months ago said:

      Desperate? No, they already beat the iPhone when it comes to display quality, software/app flexibility, and innovation(the last big innovative features were Siri and the dual-LED flash from the iPhone 5). Samsung does listen, but also wants to balance things out. Now, the Note series is popular, but will never be mainstream due to the size for many, but what about things like the 2560×1440 display? Samsung can release that in a premium device in September/October for those who insist on a metal phone, leaving the Galaxy S line still set for an April-June release schedule.

      Keep in mind that Apple keeps releasing teaser press releases here and there to try to draw attention from the growing popularity of Android devices, even when Apple has almost nothing new that would make anyone really excited to buy it compared to previous models.

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