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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (GT-I9295) receiving KitKat update


Samsung has started rolling out the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update to the international version of the Galaxy S4 Active, a month after it was rolled out to (and then pulled from) the AT&T variant in the US. The update, currently out in the Netherlands, will bump the software version up to I9295XXUCNE5 and bring features such as faster performance, white status bar icons, improved battery life, full-screen album art (which playing music) and a camera shortcut on the lock screen, wireless printing support, ability to set the default messaging and launcher apps, and more.

The update should soon be making its way to other countries as it rolls out gradually, though it will be a few weeks before it reaches everyone. You can always try to pull the update manually from the Settings » General » About phone » Software updates menu, upgrade via Kies, or download the firmware file from our firmware section.

Firmware details:

  • Model: GT-I9295
  •  Model name: GALAXY S4 Active
  •  Country: Netherlands
  •  Version: Android 4.4.2
  •  Changelist: 1429916
  •  Build date: Wed, 21 May 2014 13:26:55 +0000
  •  Product Code: PHN
  •  PDA: I9295XXUCNE5
  •  CSC: I9295PHNCNE1
  •  MODEM: I9295XXUCNE5

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35 comments on “Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (GT-I9295) receiving KitKat update

  1. b0g 8 months ago said:


    i hope s4 mini will be next … :)

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  2. edjeed 8 months ago said:

    Can I flash the dutch version on a phone from Poland? Not rooted, stock GT-I9295…

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  3. KoRoMbO 8 months ago said:
  4. cvitko 8 months ago said:

    Hi,can someone help me plz?
    My phone is not damaged but I cant flash the file to my phone odin shows FAAIL every time.
    I tried other versions of odin still nothing!

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  5. cvitko 8 months ago said:

    It works now is there a root file?

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  6. ab1962 8 months ago said:

    After flashing not able to engage WIFI

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  7. aluthmany 8 months ago said:
  8. mrbaki 8 months ago said:


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  9. juventin0 8 months ago said:

    did you have any idea when kitkat will reach ??

    Product Code: KSA

    PDA: I9295XXUBML3

    CSC: I9295OJVBML1


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  10. Alexander Young 8 months ago said:

    How about: I9295XXUBMK3

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  11. chinsue454 8 months ago said:

    Will this work on:19295VJUBMK4?

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  12. darthsnake 8 months ago said:

    Does it really work I9295XXUCNE5 on my Active I9295VJUBMK4? Help!!!

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    • s4active73 8 months ago said:

      Yes I9295XXUCNE5 works on my Active I9295VJUBMK4 smooth and good just follow the instructions above an you will be fine

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  13. kingarthas 8 months ago said:

    I have auto updated to I9295XXUBML3 somewhere in February… No still didnt have auto update so I did it via Odin…

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  14. Kevinw99 8 months ago said:

    Can i flash the Netherlands Firmware on my German s4 Active??

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  15. Kevinw99 8 months ago said:


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  16. israelasuncion 8 months ago said:


    anyone knows when will be the release in the Philippines ?


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  17. mmggfrz 8 months ago said:

    After the experiment possible explained things very Baschen battery when charging the external sd card in the Games Aldta Council transportation problem of the phone found

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  18. unfemme21 8 months ago said:

    will this work with I9295XXUAMF7? thanks.

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  19. codybaby12 8 months ago said:

    does it work in I9295XXUBMLE?? PLEASE RESPONSE THANKS

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  20. radumocan 8 months ago said:

    Update 4.4.2 for GT-I9295XXUBMK3?

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  21. iturcios2 8 months ago said:

    That phn firmware can be usted in central América. It Will affect mi bandbase

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  22. iturcios2 8 months ago said:

    That phn firmware can be usted in central América. It Will affect mi bandbase my firmware is I9295VJUAMG3 it Will Work perfect?

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  23. daggy61 8 months ago said:

    is there a release date for update 4.4.2 on GT-I9295XXUBMK3 or can I use another firmware, my phone is rooted with CWM

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