Posted by Abhijeet M. 6 months ago

EXCLUSIVE: First photos of Galaxy Tab S 10.5, Samsung’s AMOLED tablet


3 comments on “EXCLUSIVE: First photos of Galaxy Tab S 10.5, Samsung’s AMOLED tablet

  1. gtone339 6 months ago said:

    Maybe launched during Note 4′s unpacked event later this year?

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  2. Hannes 6 months ago said:

    Why does all tablets have such a thik bezel? At max there should be 1/4″ to grip with one hand without touching the screen. If I look at my Note 3 bezel than clearly there is no need for such a think bezel.

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  3. ethibault 6 months ago said:

    Why is there no sign of a new version of the galaxy note 8.0 ?

    more an dmore 8 inches is the way to go, Samsung issued a galaxy note 8, which was almost obsolete at release because released close to the galaxy S4 it had the 1 year old hardware of the galaxy S3.

    With the Note 3 we realise that S pen feature are much better with a powerfull processor
    (I compared note 3 LTE and even note 10.1 Exynos, note 3 LTE has a much better S Pen hand writing input thanks to the snapdragon) so what Samsung is doing with 8 inches note tablets ?

    May be they interpret a relative lack of success of the galaxy note 8. as a definitive refusal of note 8 tablets by the market, if so they are having a wrong analysis.

    Customer just do not want to buy 1 year old hardware tablets period.

    that’s why I did not understand a galaxy tab note pro 8″, 8″ is ideal for business (just have a look at the number of ipad mini in companies)and this time with this range they a a good hardware, what did they do, go figure ?

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