Posted by Harish J 9 months ago

Galaxy Note II Android 4.4.2 KitKat update now available for Indian users


If you bought the Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100) in India and have been holding out on an official Android 4.4.2 KitKat update, today is your lucky day. With the latest firmware files, you can now make the switch to the latest version of Android. The Galaxy Note II in the country still comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box, and although KitKat has been available for the device in certain regions, there a lot of users who are yet to make the switch to the latest version of Android. The firmware build number for Android 4.4.2 KitKat is N7100XXUFND3.

Here is the firmware information and links from which you can download the files:

  • Model: GT-N7100
  • Model name: GALAXY Note II
  • Country: India
  • Version: Android 4.4.2
  • Changelist: 1280411
  • Build date: Tue, 08 Apr 2014 17:52:29 +0000
  • Product Code: INU
  • PDA: N7100XXUFND3
  • CSC: N7100ODDFND2

To download the firmware, head over to our firmware section.

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77 comments on “Galaxy Note II Android 4.4.2 KitKat update now available for Indian users

  1. gagaraz 9 months ago said:

    kitkat S4 GT-i9506?

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  2. Czech1201 9 months ago said:

    So this is extremely slow update.. 4.3 was pushed out much faster
    I think one country per week (2 weeks) is definitely not enough.

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  3. rohansuryawanshi 9 months ago said:

    Just completed installing official KK on my Note II. Will check on the functioning of the device and will update once i get the hands on. Initially the ram usage looks the same as it was in JB 4.3. Cheers

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  4. girishpanicker 9 months ago said:

    I have just installed the kitkat 4.4.2 on my noteII. Rest of the things are same as mentioned on various sites except the default application selection is available only for SMS app. But for the “Home” only TouchWiZ Home option is available.
    You can check it here : Settings >> More >> Default applications

    Also there are no Music Hub, Video Hub & Samsung Wallet apps available for Kitkat 4.4.2 India version.

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  5. bvr3995 9 months ago said:

    Installed 4.4.2 2 hours ago….everything seems good till now no lag or fc’s ram usage is same as before…few notification bar icons have changed…will test more n tell u guys if any i’ll find an issue

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  6. sumitkumarsahu 9 months ago said:

    Most important change is Linux kernel level has been upgraded from 3.0 to 3.6 in Android 4.4.2 update. Kernel change must bring enhancement to the device (I am not talking about UI changes rather the resource utilization level like battey, I/O etc.).

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  7. srisudha30 9 months ago said:

    I downloaded the update as well. Size 416.8 mb approx.
    White icons on status bar and minor tweaking in notification panel.
    New ringtones.
    So far RAM usage is good. Yet to see the battery consumption.
    Keyboard with emoticons.
    Option to select default messaging app
    Few enhancements in settings
    Nothing special on S pen features.
    Will post if I find anything new.

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  8. niko_s3 9 months ago said:

    For galaxy s3?

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  9. 9 months ago said:

    Installed KK today and Battery seems much better than JB. Cheers…

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  10. mediathx 9 months ago said:

    Was waiting since long and now new update with just new version no nothing new UI or anything i’m going to sell this samesung shit

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  11. anilprusty 9 months ago said:

    WOW…waiting is over…installing through OTA (416.58MB)… hope it will be a smooth experience… let u know after usages..

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  12. koolicecream 9 months ago said:

    I am from india…I have installed 4.4.2 france….can i install this indian version on it…??

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  13. manuelkoliqi 9 months ago said:

    IMPORTANT QUESTION!!!! I have a rooted galaxy note 2, can I install Android 4.4.2 using the method described by sammobile?:


    Extract (unzip) the firmware file
    Download Odin v3.09
    Extract Odin zip-file
    Open Odin v3.09
    Reboot phone in Download Mode (press and hold Home + Power + Volume Down buttons)
    Connect phone and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin
    Add the firmware file to AP / PDA
    Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked
    Click the start button, sit back and wait a few minutes

    I heard that is not the same and can brick the phone, is that true?

    Thank you

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    • n900mixalot 9 months ago said:

      Restore to stock first

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      • manuelkoliqi 9 months ago said:

        what does it mean restore to stock? I have to remove root first?

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        • girishpanicker 9 months ago said:

          Download the stock(Original) firmware from sam mobile which is the jelly bean 4.3 and install odin on your pc and flash this firmware to your galaxy note 2.Then update your device via OTA or samsung kies.
          you could also download the kit kat 4.4.2 stock firmware from sam mobile and flash it to your galaxy note 2 after installing the latest version your device will no longer be rooted.

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          • manuelkoliqi 9 months ago said:

            is this secure? I mean are there any chances to brick the phone?

            how about resetting the flashcounter by using triangleaway app and do the OTA update?

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  14. omer69 9 months ago said:

    merhaba türkiye için kurarsak içinde türkçe dil desteği varmı ?

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  15. iamkalim 9 months ago said:

    Not Registered on Network Problem.

    I upgraded my Note 2 from 4.1.2 to 4.4.2 (Official Indian Rom downloaded from sammobile) today and facing Not Registered on Network Error when I try to make call. My phone is already modified before I buy. This originally came from UAE and modified in Pakistan. I faced same problem when I upgrade to 4.3 which I could not resolve myself after trying so hard. I got it fixed by moving back to 4.1.2 with help of a technician (spent money).

    Now again, I tried this latest firmware out of my curiosity. But same problem again? Please help me what to do?

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  16. raghava2628 9 months ago said:


    Just downloaded and installed 4.4.2 for my note2 thru wifi. But unable to find the camera
    shortcut on the lock screen. Pleas help me on this.

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  17. rishibasu 9 months ago said:

    i updated using the french release , after which i am noticing that the device heats up quickly even under normal load , anybody else observing the same ?

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  18. bhavesh parmar 9 months ago said:

    not register on network error occured

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  19. rgyan 9 months ago said:

    Scroll lag is back, hardly any visual changes, when listening to tune in radio with screen off its not working and and screen doesn’t switch after several attempts. Needs bug fix update soon.

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  20. anilprusty 9 months ago said:

    In this new KK battery consumption is less…good job samsung…lasting long..

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  21. ramumohan007 9 months ago said:

    updated yesterday

    *white icons on notification panel (obviously)
    *UI lag is nowhere to be found
    *new multitasking option within multiwindow
    *unlocking the device is now super slick than before (screen turns on the moment u press the power button unlike 4.3 jb)
    *camera shortcut on lockscreen
    *new fm radio UI
    *full screen album art on lockscreen (dint like that)
    *some new icons such as settings, messaging etc
    *new keyboard with supercool smileys (loving it)
    *new assistive light widget (now called torch)
    *support for apps such as google camera (awesome)
    *new calculator
    *can set default apps (doesnt really need this setting)
    *battery consumption is really less than before(way to go)
    *RAM used is less than before as well (thumbs up)

    all in all a very good update :)

    well thats what I think

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  22. animesh72 9 months ago said:

    Update 4.4.2 for galaxy SIII GT-I9300 International Version?

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  23. dodo zizo 9 months ago said:

    Does it works on galaxy note 10.1 n8000

    Because I can’t download android 4.4.2 kitkat for galaxy note 10.1 n8000

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  24. mgutka 9 months ago said:

    What is Samsung Wallet? Cannot find any app such as Samsung Wallet. I Updated to 4.4.2 KK but find no changes, i already had camera shortcut in 4.3 JB

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  25. destinysonu45 9 months ago said:

    so big file and no resume option …suck…..

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  26. adolf88 9 months ago said:

    your title is very misleading.
    it’s only for N7100, but no others

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  27. ashhem 9 months ago said:

    The update was a nightmare for the first few hours… All my Note II did was lag and hang!!
    Simple applications like Whatsapp, Messaging , setting, etc took minutes to open!! Even the keyboard took 10 seconds or so to toggle! Typing expectedly was a horror story with the lag!
    And the tasks took soo damn long to perform that the phone thought it would as idle and kept locking itself after the preset time..
    However, after 3 4 hours, the phone has automatically gone back to normal..
    I have absolutely no idea why this happened or did any app caused this but this is what happened with me!
    Will check and revert back…

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  28. juna21 9 months ago said:

    INDONESIA Please :)))

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  29. shahxaib 9 months ago said:


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  30. khytr89 9 months ago said:

    Dear friends,

    How to enable ART on my n7100 ?

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  31. saipratapbec 9 months ago said:

    I have installed kitkat on my Note2.
    But I have a bug with respect to display.
    I have set a folder of wallpapers for display using live wallpapers option.
    But once I restart the mobile, it is going back to live wallpapers with default live wallpapers instead of the folder I have chosen.
    Also some problem with google now. Its not waking up with “Ok Google”.
    But battery has improved a lot.

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  32. pklamba 9 months ago said:

    Dear admin,
    I have update my note 2(India) with France firmware.
    what is the basic difference between Indian and French firmware.
    Wallet and music hub nor working.
    how can I install Indian firmware, or should I install Indian firmware

    Please do reply

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    • sayedaftab 9 months ago said:

      You can install Indian version firmware via Odin same way you updated French version
      Just download Indian firmware from Sammobile boot your cellphone in download mode open Odin and select pda add downloaded file click start wait for approx 10 min

      I did for mine it took 9.36 min
      And now I’m on Indian version of kitkat

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  33. stelvio88 9 months ago said:

    After a week of using it on the official 4.4.2 (france), battery drain is back and even worst. I went to sleep with the battery at 80% and it was 15% when i woke up and its very very hot. this never happened with 4.3.

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    • mawilliams 9 months ago said:

      My battery drain picked up this week as well, today with little to no use within 12 hours from 100% to 21%. Anybody else having this problem?

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  34. vk5208 9 months ago said:

    Admin Pls Upload Resume supported link……

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  35. vk5208 9 months ago said:

    INSTALL through Odin…Than..NO..lag..

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  36. vk5208 9 months ago said:

    Before Installing 4.4.2 via Odin u can hard reset ur phone…other wise some…

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  37. francis820 9 months ago said:

    Anyone noticed if you can write to your external SD card?

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  38. last-home 9 months ago said:

    Please release KitKat update for Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 :(
    Samsung please don’t forget how much of people have GT-I9300!!

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  39. Aman Mangwani 9 months ago said:

    does fingerprint unlock comes in note 2 after updating to 4.4 like in galaxy s5

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  40. manan001 9 months ago said:

    can any one tell me any news about Samsung Galaxy Grand2 SM-G7102 its current version is 4.3 JB and waiting for 4.4.2…

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  41. topspeedamit77 9 months ago said:

    hi guys
    i update my note 2 on 4.4.2 and its work better than 4.3
    but today after 3 days i install ASPHALT 8 airborn & minion rush
    they are install correctly but not opening
    when i click to open they came for 3sec and close.

    what can i do….

    one think
    when i restart my phone
    the massege cames “touchwiz home has stopped”

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  42. kamalbatra 9 months ago said:

    I have been having lots of issues since I installed 4.4.2 via kies. The apps which have been working on 4.3 are no longer working. battery drain in massive, memory usage goes upto 90% and phone goes slow. apps response is dismal. Any one having similar issues?

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  43. DontheCat 9 months ago said:

    upgraded to KitKat last night using the device update options..

    first tried with Kies but it was awfully slow… after 20% in 2 hrs I cancelled and did the above… it was a 450MB file and just took around one-half hours… the upgrade was seamless…

    except for a few UI changes, I still haven’t noticed any major changes…. lemme check for a few days and repost here…

    I read somewhere that the Mail app has been beautified, but I cant see any changes… someone else notice anything ?

    also the dialler can supposedly be used as a Search option to find local listings… cant figure out how …


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  44. DontheCat 9 months ago said:

    ADMIN>shouldn’t the latest posts be showing on the top ?

    and I posted today.. it is showing like I posted 4 days back

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  45. Chetan Kumar V 9 months ago said:


    Will Samsung Galaxy S3 (India)get KitKat update or not? Please SamMobile confirm, as the articles on your site are confusing, once it says will get and next time it says as not getting.

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  46. DON SAM 9 months ago said:

    I am in Ghana now but I bought my Galaxy note 2 n7100 in Quatar and has UAE firmware with upgraded Android 4.3 JB……Please can I upgrade to 4.4.2 kitkat indian version? Wnt to download and use odin…procedure…..
    Any help shall be very much appreciated….thank you.

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  47. abivisha 9 months ago said:

    I downloaded thrice the zip file of firmware but all downloaded corrupt damn waste of time and net

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  48. rockerz23 9 months ago said:

    When I try to download the firmware, I get the “Database Connection failed” error. Any idea as to how much time it’ll for the link to be up and running?

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  49. saurabhdeep 9 months ago said:

    I installed this update to my note 2 about a week back. This has been a nightmare. I haven’t got worse update yet. The phone has become too slow to perform. RAM usage is always 80%+. Restarting the phone helps for just a few minutes and it again goes back to 80%+ RAM usage. Every application shows lag. I am not sure what to do. Should I downgrade back to 4.3 or wait for some fix or something. I don’t know… :-(

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    • rahulgarg 9 months ago said:

      guys, please note that the right way to upgrade to a new version, is:

      1. backup all your data. sd card & internal memory in your pcs. use “helium app” if you want to backup app data also and make sure to copy the helium app data to your pc for safe side.

      2. (optional :p) take screenshots of your mobile to restore the touchwiz icons at the same place. or use samsung kies to backup all wifi, bluetooth etc settings.

      3. download and update to new version.

      4. go to settings and factory reset your mobile. (this is a must step.)

      now all the data in internal memory is lost. and what you get is,
      fully featured update to 4.4.2 with no battery issues. no performance issues. all smoothness.

      5. now restore your app data using helium. to know more about how to work with helium, please refer to their website.
      and samsung kies data, if you did a backup.

      have you done factory reset ?
      If not, please do it and then inform about the performance.. RAM and battery usage.

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  50. rahulgarg 9 months ago said:

    Guys please do “factory reset” to get the fully featured Kitkat Update.

    IF there are still any issues, then there must be problem with the update itself.

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  51. victortxt1 9 months ago said:

    que odin eu estalo essa ROM no meu GNT 2

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  52. anupsn 9 months ago said:

    I have updated Note2 to Android 4.4.2 .
    Sometimes i am not able to switch on mobile itself.To switch on i need to remove battery and put it back.So i just want to reset to factory settings.

    Reset factory setting for Note2 will go back to Android 4.1.2 or only data get erases and OS will remain Android 4.4.2??

    Please any one answer..


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  53. saleshkumar 9 months ago said:
  54. gaurav1920 9 months ago said:

    Try DN3 Roms For Galaxy Note II(N7100), this is much better update than Stock kitkat. (y)

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  55. caxeria 9 months ago said:

    When this update coming to Tmobile? (USA)

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