Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition Wi-Fi receiving Android 4.4 KitKat update

At long last, Samsung has begun pushing out the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update to the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition, the high-end tablet that was launched alongside the Galaxy Note 3 back in September last year. The update should include all the standard KitKat features and improvements – faster/smoother performance, white status bar icons, wireless printing support, full-screen album art and a new camera shortcut on the lock screen, options to select the default home and SMS apps, enhanced sound controls for specific Samsung apps, and general stability improvements.

The update is currently out in Columbia for the Wi-Fi-only variant (SM-P600), and should soon be making its way to other regions. As usual, the update will be rolling out gradually and could take a few days to reach everyone, though you can take a peep into the Settings » General » About phone » Software updates menu to force the update to show up right away.

Firmware Details:

  • • Model: SM-P600
  • • Model name: GALAXY Note 10.1 Wi-Fi 2014 Edition
  • • Country: Colombia
  • • Version: Android 4.4.2
  • • Changelist: 1058172
  • • Build date: Wed, 02 Apr 2014 15:31:01 +0000
  • • Product Code: COO
  • • PDA: P600UBUCND1
  • • CSC: P600UUBCND1
  • • MODEM: P600UBUCND1
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  1. And update I9300 is when??

    • i9300 isn’t expected to get KitKat, it’s already got two major updates (4.1, 4.3), and is past the usual 18-month support period.

      • This is not true, my friend! Galaxy S III GT-I9300 will receive KitKat update! :) I hope to see it this month or in May…

        • Lanzaran la actualizacion a kitkat para el samsung galaxy s3 i9305 tambien ???

          • Launch the upgrade to kitkat for i9305 samsung galaxy s3 too??

    • Why wait for ages?
      By the time Samsung releases a possible Kitkat for S3, then Android Moonshine will be launched.

      GS3 + root + CM11 = GS3 w/ Kitkat

  2. What about the previous Note 10.1??

    • Pffffff good luck with that … We’ve been waiting the longest … It’s a WiFi tablet … Let this be a lesson.

  3. Hi
    When will Samsung release Kitkat 4.4 for S4 GT-I9506 ?

  4. What about the 2013 version GT N8000

  5. no new about Galaxy S III GT-I9300

  6. Seems Samsung needs to improve their update time. Actually i have a i9190 which is s4mini, almost latest device from samsung, but no updates for more than 1 year. Still on 4.2.2 for 1 year!!! Thats terrible. Samsung must improve their update policy. Lets say 1-2 official updates. For the phone cycle. Else, i will have to move to another manufacturer that offers at least 2 updates of firmware.

  7. Touch wiz launcher,the boton home is fail,in the launcher on the screen prederminated

  8. You all should ask Samsung and not Sammobile.

  9. YEEEAAAAAaaaa :D Finally It Was Here :D :D Every Day I Come To This Site To See My Fuckinh Note 10.1 2014 edidtion Get Kitkat Or NO :D :D

  10. When will the 2012 Note 10.1 get kitkat !! please reply. Samsung said it will long time ago and we have seen nothing ! CMON SAMSUNG !!!!!!!!

    • Since we aren’t officially affiliated with Samsung, we can’t really tell you when updates for a certain device will come. We’ll sure let you known when it does arrive, however.

    • It’s not going to get the Kit Kat update

      - I am a Samsung Tech support contactor

      • Samsung has already announced that there will be. Don’t be lame.

  11. If I flash my Note 10.1 2014 WIFI with this columbian version from your website, is it the same as the official OTA update?

  12. are you joking me??? where is kitkat update for 3G version??? :(

  13. Totally disappointed about Samsung update policies, the original 2012 note 10.1 still stuck on 4.1, it should have got the update before the 2014 version which was on 4.3 already. It had the needed features like multiuser support.

    A shame how u treat your customers which bought the first premium Samsung tablet.

    • Funny thing is, after all of this time waiting we won’t get half of those features. I wouldn’t count on them.

  14. Thanks a lot ! Works fine on my P600 , europeen model ! Smother and faster ! Menu change , icons change !
    I like it ! It’s better now !

  15. The roll out is sooooooooo slow! I’ve been following this for days now and it’s still stuck on one country!

  16. 7 days and the update is stuck in Colombia. Nothing yet in Mexico

  17. When Note 10.1 (2014) 3G Vietnam version will get update ?

  18. As usual, the update will be rolling out gradually and could take a few days to reach everyone,!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what’s the meaning a few days……or you mean month. haha

  19. When GT-P5220?

  20. ok pak

  21. I dont know samsung why so stupid…same specs with the galaxy note pro 12.2 or better than the galaxy tabpro 10.1 but why 10.1 edition cannot get the magazine ux…really hate samsung…wont buy next time…shit…

  22. nog steeds geen update

  23. And update sm-601 is when???

  24. When is come to Turkey (4.4.2. kit-kat) for SM-P600

  25. Hello to all of you,

    Thanks for you site, really useful.

    Do you know any reason why, three months after Samsung launched its first update in Colombia, it still hasn’t reached France?

    Thanks in advance for your eventual reply.

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