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Samsung’s brilliant new Galaxy PRO ad taunts the iPad, Surface and Kindle tablets

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Samsung has never been shy about making fun of the competition, and in a new ad for its new Galaxy PRO tablets, the Korean manufacturer has decided to taunt not just Apple, but Microsoft’s Surface and Amazon’s Kindle as well. Whether it’s an iPad owner getting embarrassed over the fact that his tablet can’t do two things at once unlike Samsung’s Galaxy tablet with its multi-window multitasking feature, someone’s Surface being called a laptop for having a keyboard, battery dock and a mouse, or a woman giving an amazingly pitiful yet teasing smile to her companion for boasting about the “Retina thingy” on her iPad, it’s one of the best ads Samsung has ever put out there.

The ad basically showcases the multitasking capabilities of Samsung’s latest tablets while poking fun at the competition, so go ahead and hit the play button to see it for yourself. We dare you to not crack a smile in the end.

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4 comments on “Samsung’s brilliant new Galaxy PRO ad taunts the iPad, Surface and Kindle tablets

  1. sguyx 11 months ago said:

    Nice vid, but how about: “Is it up-to-date?”, says appleboy.

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    • Toxic 11 months ago said:

      It could have been updated 2 years ago and still be more up to date than any ishit considering all apple products are at least 2 years behind on pretty much everything… Androidboy

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      • sguyx 11 months ago said:

        Nice try, but unfortunately my SW2 and Note 10.1 works ok, but not fine because of lack of updates and hence I cannot install some SW2 apps which need higher API-level to work. So my watch is working, but some functionalities are missing because my Note still has Android 4.1 that came on january 2013, over a year ago!

        This is the reality with Samtoys.

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  2. stanry77 11 months ago said:

    Hi Samsung, if you would like to take have your tablet to take over Microsoft Surface Pro. It is to start collaborating with printer manufacturer for Tablet or Note connectivity.
    In fact, TabPro 12.2inch can become a successful Notebook take over.
    My issue here is I still need a Netbook or Laptop or Notebook because only these product can easily connect to my printer. For even light work, sometimes I still need to do printing. When it comes to that, I need Macbook air, Microsoft laptop to the task..
    Pls consider my feedback.

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