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Samsung releases KitKat kernel source for T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3


Usually, a carrier rolls out an OTA update within a few days of Samsung releasing the kernel source code. This time around, the manufacturer released the KitKat kernel source code for T-Mobile’s version of the Galaxy Note 3, which means that users on the carrier should be seeing an OTA update soon. An announcement might be forthcoming as early as Monday. As always, the kernel source code is of more use to developers looking to build custom ROMs for the device.

The baseband version of the KitKat build is N900TUVUCNB4, and you for you to be eligible to receive the update, you have to be on the latest software build. So head over to your device’s system info to check whether you already have the latest build installed. If you’re interested in the kernel source code, head on over to the source link to download the 863 MB file.

Note 3

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5 comments on “Samsung releases KitKat kernel source for T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3

  1. nathatheboss 11 months ago said:
  2. zaghianmahdi 11 months ago said:

    hi, may phone is note3 n900w8
    i have a kitkat rom for n900w8
    howe to update this phone??!!!!

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  3. eHoolie 11 months ago said:

    Gratz N900T owners! Wish I would hear something about N900V soon.

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  4. marcosamy 11 months ago said:

    please andriod 4.2.2 GT-N7000

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  5. Ali bohamad 11 months ago said:

    Hi, its really tooooo much,everyone knows the waiting become the habit of Samsung customers, but not like this!!!!!!!!! be come AWFUL.really Awful….

    when will we receive the kitkate update for galaxy note 3 in United Arab Emirates ???????

    note : as an example , in united Arab Emirates for galaxy note 2 , we received the update (jelly bean 4.3) seven days ago, while in Poland and most onother countries they received the same 6 months ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on Samsung its AWful awful awful…..

    wake up Samsung wake up, you are loosing more customers …

    really its very Sad …franks speaking we will think twice before spending our money in the future to buy any Samsung mobile……we fed up!!!!!!!!

    wake up Samsung from your deep sleeping …other company (Sony ,HTC and LG) pass you over….waaaaaaake up

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