Leaked internal document mentions KitKat rollout for Sprint’s Galaxy S4 starting today

Samsung released the KitKat kernel source code for Sprint’s Galaxy S4 variant yesterday, which was a sign that the official KitKat update wasn’t far away. A leaked internal document from Sprint indicates that the KitKat update will be rolled out to users starting later today. The memo mentions that customers must wait until Google’s servers push the OTA update. The firmware build number is L720VPUFNAE, which is the same build number as the KitKat kernel source that was released yesterday.

The KitKat software update would allow devices to work on Sprint’s MVNO Zact Mobile. Users have to be on the latest software to receive the update, so do ensure that you are on the latest software build by going to Settings > About Device. With Sprint Galaxy S4 users making the move to KitKat, it shouldn’t be long before other carriers start rolling the update.


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  1. Oh yeah and still not see the official kitkat for the international I9505. Where are you Samshit???

  2. Yea wtf. They can.t start the update for sprint untill they roll it out for the 9500 and 9505. So the leaked document is a fake:D

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but after the messed up 4.3 update for the S3 was pulled, didn’t all US carriers get their final 4.3 update BEFORE the international variants started getting their proper one?

      I know that the Korean variants did, and that’s no different to this because Korean phones are carrier-locked as well, just like the US.

      • Just saying, before you go ahead and slam it as a fake (which, I’ll give it to you, is entirely likely), it does happen…

        • well.. you are right about the s3 update on US carriers… anyway i am just happy that the update will start very very soon. sprint variant has the same hardware as i9505.. so… i think the roll out will be untill the end of this week. My 4.3 is running very very NICE.I just hope that samsung will make 4.4.2 even better:)

          • Lol, I’m still waiting for 4.3 on my S3.. aaaaany day now :P

  3. when for S3 ?

  4. when will come for S4 waiting!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I9500???

  6. Downloading it right now. 668.28MB for my S4 i9506 in Denmark

  7. when will be released the 4.4.2 version for the GT-i9505 AUT

  8. i9500????:-(

  9. Just be patient guys… the update will start very soon. I am sure about that:)

  10. When will it be available for international version GT-I9500?

  11. See..told you that document was a fake:p still waiting for update

  12. When will it be available for international version GT-I9500?

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