Exclusive: I9505XXUFNA5 – Leaked Android 4.4.2 KitKat Test Firmware for Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505)

Samsung recently officially started rolling out the new Android 4.4.2 KitKat update to the Galaxy Note 3 LTE (SM-N9005), but it looks like a little more work is needed before the particular update hits the Galaxy S4. So, we thought let’s bring you guys a new test build for your Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505) – I9505XXUFNA5, until Samsung makes your official update ready.

We are expecting Samsung to start officially rolling out the Android 4.4 KitKat update for the Galaxy S4 in February/March. We have tested the new test firmware for a few days and we can confidently say that it’s much better than the previous test build. Along with many bug fixes and speed improvements, the new firmware, finally, fixes the nasty multi-tasking bug which was present in the previous leak.

There are minor UI changes in Android 4.4.2 KitKat, the most noticeable being the status bar icons being changed from Gingerbread style green to all new awesome KitKat style white. BTW, white icons look stunning on top of the transparent status bar. We have seen a little bump is performance, and benchmark scores have slightly increased as well. Samsung’s keyboard layout has been improved in landscape orientation, which makes typing much easier and gesture typing works really well too. Samsung has implemented a camera shortcut direct on its lockscreen.
Model: GT-I9505
Country: Open Europe
Version: Android 4.4.2
Changelist: 373648
Build date: Tue, 14 Jan 2014 01:35:41 +0000
Product Code: OXA
Download: I9505XXUFNA5_I9505OXAFNA5_I9505XXUFNA5_OXA.zip

- This test firmware WILL wipe your data. So, back it up!
- You are doing this at your OWN risk. We are not responsible if you brick your device or your cat eats your phone.
- This test firmware will NOT increase your binary counter NOR void your warranty.
- This test firmware is a pre-release build and not official from Samsung.

- Extract (unzip) the firmware file
- Download Odin3 v3.09 (From here or here)
- Extract Odin .ZIP file
- Open Odin3 v3.09
- Restart phone in download mode (Press and hold Home + Power + Volume down buttons)
- Connect phone and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin
- Add AP_I9505XXUFNA5_373648_REV06_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5 to AP
- Add BL_I9505XXUFNA5_373648_REV06_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5 to BL
- Add CP_I9505XXUFNA5_373648_REV06_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5 to CP
- Add CSC_OXA_I9505OXAFNA5_373648_REV06_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5 to CSC
- Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked
- Click start button, sit back and wait a few minutes.
- If you encounter any issues with the firmware (Any FC, Bootloop etc)
- Boot into recovery mode (Home+power+vol up)
- Then choose reboot and you should be good to go!


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  1. Where is the N900 an N9000Q updates?

    • Samsung struggling to eat their own shit (Exynos)… They like to eat snapdragon’s shit a lot… Crazy Samsung…

    • This firmware will mean you cannot downgrade to the stock 4.3 ROM, it also has an issue with external SD card mounting so beware. I have had to go to CM11 until the official ROM is released to the public.

      • Hi,

        I installed this ROM and now when I try to flash the official ROM for my country with Odin, it fails after 20 seconds. Do you any solutions on this matter ?

  2. when the GT-I9500 will get kikat been waiting for soo long!!

    • yes, “leak” the I9500 already….after all the I9500 was bought by the true fans that it the device first, they also need some love….

      • So you mean to say those who waited for the version that launched in their countries officially (Snapdragon variant, like in Europe) aren’t true fans? Samsung will die a hard, cold death if they start judging like that.

        But yeah, I agree, Exynos variant really should be first to get updates.

      • Shut up Bitch! .I.

  3. We need mirrors! Terafile is crap.

  4. Sammobile can you give us some more info about GT-i9500 or do you have any firmware for testing? Pleaseeee.

  5. Need galaxy s4 9500 4.4.2 leaked firmware Sammobile please upload octa core version test firmware

    • waiting eagerly for s4 exynose Gt-i9500 version

  6. its so loooooong time for every update…i’m not satisfied with samsungs update …maybe its time too nexus

    • What’s the rush, you already have a phone that works fine with Android 4.3

      • Well mine doesn’t run well wit 4.3 . Don’t know what it is but the screen freezes every 2-3 minutes for about 3 seconds….

  7. To be honest, its cruelty…Releasing a leak which people are desperate to try but hosted on terafile.co

  8. la descarga desde terafile es demasiado lenta, alquien puede pasar un link de mega u otro servidor, gracias
    downloading from terafile is too slow, Someone can pass a link of mega or another server Thanks

  9. Terafile again?!? Come on, man! Let’s use MEGA!
    Terafile sucks. Download speeds are too low.

    • +1 Terafile all the time let us Error….somebody who download the file toupload to another server line MEGA, etc.

  10. I HATE Terafile !

  11. Hello ,

    Martin here from SamMobile we are working on a SOLUTION which will take a little longer. And we know Terafile sucks but, like we said we need some sort of income and all those options like Mega will not Generate money to keep this Site in the air.
    But we think we have found the best solution for all of us. But will take a little longer to set all up.

    So please Im begging you Guys to cope Terafile a little longer till we are finished behind the scenes.


    • @martin would this leak work on unlocked canadian lte s4 (i337m, jfltecan?

  12. Mega link is on xda

  13. I did not like. Terafile.co

  14. Hi,

    Today I was trying to leak my S4, but when pressing Home + Power + Volume down, the mobile went to “Dowloanding… Do not turn off target!! What can I do?

    Thank you,

    • long press power button untill it reboots again.

  15. No love for the i9500, yet again. :/

  16. Stop whining people!!! You are spamming this post, which is not specified for your device. Deal with it! Go call Samsung HQ, email them or send them a letter. Posting in this forum has no use at all…

    On another note:

    Has anyone downloaded this rom, and could you please share it with us with another faster upload-website like mega.co.nz? Thanks so much in advance!!

    • The Mega download URL is on XDA, look for it

  17. Fully agreed for complain concerning I9500! It is a buy choice.
    But please, Terafile is terrible. The download will finish within two or three days.
    Why not Torrent / Mega / other ??? I cannot understand

  18. it s crazy,xda’moderator delete the Terafile’link,cause now it ‘ not allow on xda,i don’t understand,sammobile got a problem with xda?

  19. thread closed???

  20. Guys why u ll go mad? Always u know very well that samsung first updates the international GT I9505 and after 1 or 2 weeks the GT I9500 at least till now.And believe me.I wish I could had GT I9500 even with a delayed updates but I couldnt buy it cause in my country never came the exynos version. GT II9505 its a shit of lags. The performance in GT I9500 its better for sure

    • thats only really casue the gt-i9505 is a quad core and the gt-i9500 is an octa core. I have been using this latest update for a while and little to complain about. On the odd occassion my network drops out and my sim card is unrecognised but i can easily fix that. Its nice. no if only i can figure out how to use the voice activated “OK Google”. have fun everyone

  21. When you say “it’s much better than the previous test bild, along with many bugs fixes and speed improvements…” Are u talking about the I9505XXUFNA1? My question is coz I just downloaded this one last week. Thanks for your answer.-

  22. I9500 I9500 Octa Core??????????????????????????????

    Samsung What happens to you, we also paid for S4

    • Can you please stop spamming this post with irrelevant things. Go to Samsung themselves if you want it so much.

      • and who you think you are to consider other publications as spam? Please, you’re the spammer here …

        the i9506 or i9500 we ask models can also hereby ask when will appear a leak for our models …

        you’re the one that adds nothing. if no answer to “when leaving the leak” many remain calm, so take a break and relax ..

        • If you want to question about when the leak will be available, your place to be in will be the forums, not here.

  23. I extracted I9505XXUFNA5_I9505OXAFNA5_I9505XXUFNA5_OXA.zip file. But not included BL, CP, CSC file. Where is these files

  24. Brick my GT-I9505.

    • That is clearly your own fault.

      • My fault? Use android since 1.5. Fault of his own damn rom, updated odin by, there is no error. Thing beginner.
        odb shell and use other applications since its existaencia.

        • Hey how you overcome this problem. Me having the same problem. My phone is now showing Now phone is showing “Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & Try again.”

          • put your phone into download mode and retry to install the I9505XXUFNA5 ROM again. It should work as it has happened to me before and i have fixed it.

  25. Running fine apart from extsd Explorer problem.

  26. Running fine apart from extsd Explorer problem.

    • Same here and still doesn’t support ART. I hope that Samsung is soing to include ART in the final build, but I highly doubt it. And finaly the lock screen shortcut for the camera app is missing…

      • For me too, shortcut for the camera is gone!

  27. But kernel still 3.4.0 and not 3.4.5 -/

  28. Hello, Update success ! but I can not put a new shortcut on the lock screen to start the camera! any idea?

    • Neither do i! It’s gone! WTF!

    • Change your csc file (caution full wipe) or try renaming customer.xml in customer.xml.bak.
      It’s depending on the csc (We don’t know where exactly to find the option to enable it yet)

      • Its´s not a good Idea.
        Allerdings wurde die customer.xml nicht neu geschrieben und die CSC-Kennung in der Versionsabfrage ist weg.

  29. This update will whipe your phone…
    Camera shortcut is gone with this leak.

    • oh you mentioned that this will wipe data…

  30. just like the …FNA1, i cant get tomtom running. TomTom doesn’t seem to find the GPS. (i did a data/factory wipe twice). i am going back tot the 4.3 because i need my navigation .

    • Not yet tried FNA5, but tomtom works fine for me with FNA1: your pb should come from the SDcard: TT does not see the SD card. For me, TT downloaded the map and put it in the internal storage…even if I had already a copy in the external SD

      • Where did you put the map TT exacly? Because i tryed that and it didn”t work for me.

        In anyway, thanks for the tip

        • i did a reinstall on the internal card and it works. Thanks

    • ok jazsam i´m curios how did you get back to 4.3 from kit kat becouse i try and gives me auth error ?

      • sorry,i didn’t. i posted it but later i came tot the conclusion that it didn;t work.

        Maybe FNA5 -> FNA1 and then 4.3. But i didn’t try it out because i have TT working .

        • i need it to..i need to go back to 4.3.pls anybody help me

  31. after flashing this test build it is now impossible to go back to 4.3 or even to the previous test build… very upsetting

    • Yes i found that out also i’m also very upset about it.
      Also you can’t boot into recovery!!! so that’s a huge letdown also

      • use odin to install a custom recovery and then you should be able to get to recovery then!

  32. Ummm. I read on omgdroid that this 4.4 upgrade DOESN’T include ART. That’s the most important thing on 4.4! Ugh

  33. SamMobile could please get in touch with the samsung? Reason purple trail on my 4g galaxy s4 please send him corririr it. thank you

  34. You Mother F*****S




    • Realy? Can’t downgrade. I just flashed the FNA5 after being on FNA1 and wanted to go back to the official 4.3 And just found out that isn’t possible?! F..k!!!

      • maybe this wil work. FNA5 -> FNA1 -> 4.3 ?

        i didn”t tried this but who nows.

        • i tried but it is not working to

          • I have managed to downgrade to I9505XXUAMDM, but I cannot downgrade to 4.3 (MK8). The point is bootloader is modified. It always fails try to flash boot. Now what we need is OLD files
            1. BL
            2. CP
            3. AP
            Then it may be possible to downgrade.
            I could not find them :(

    • Think twice before doing anything. We all know that since the knox implementation, you can’t downgrade if you upgrade.

    • I just want throw my phone

    • !!

  35. I won’t get any exynos powered device…

    Is ant available?

  36. Sammobile please use another file transfer service terafile is just the worst! It fails every time!

    FOr all you interested fellows the archive is also available on mega a more than decent service!

  37. Just updated and everything went fine… Smooth. Thanks SAMMOBILE.

  38. Before 4.3, i9500 was faster than i9505 on AnTuTu. Why it’s no more?

  39. WIFI Work after flashing twice, but IR blaster doesn’t work any similar case? or suggestion please

    • Downgrade to 4.3 isn’t possible i suppose

  40. I have installed this one, i appear one big bug :-( my Slim Armor View by Spigen is not recognized and functional, i’m disappointed, because not have possibilities come back to 4.3.
    And more corrup the home buton only the flap closed.

    Do you have to notice this bug ? Or it’s my accessorie is defect ?


    • Tem como sim, faz um hard resset e instala a 4.3depois refaca tudo denovo reseta ele e instala para livrar de bugs. acabei de fazer isso no meu.
      Sammobile me decepcionando mais uma vez

  41. I can’t move my apps to the SD-Card (missing the option)

    • i worked it out. so i can now copy to the sd card.

  42. Hello!
    My only question is: Is it possible to get OTA Updates after installing I9505XXUFNA5? So that we will get the Final Firmware without using ODIN or somthing else?!

    NG Daniel

  43. Am i the only one, with this build, that when i get a text, it only shows new message, but not who send it as it used to?

  44. Just updated and everything went fine… Smooth

  45. So i install this test then use works fine decide to go back to 4.3 and cant now i cant install any official firmware including this one anyone know what i can do ? i can use custom roms now but really dont have a clue how to install an official firmware again !!!! this firmware seems to have screwed my phone right up and really frustrated i cant even reinstall it !!!

  46. no camera icon on the lock screen. Does anyone know what’s going on? After installation, I did a full wipe

    • It’s just gone. Nothing to do.

    • Same :(

    • Change your csc (Caution: Full Wipe!!!) and it will be back. Or only delete your customer.xml in /system/csc/ (or rename it in customer.xml.bak)…should work also.

  47. hi, i have two bug
    - i can’t restore S health information because i have this message”this current version is low”
    - my gps isn’t fixed…
    i will be rest factory information ?
    sorry for my english grammar …I’m french
    thank you for you’re responce

  48. Samsung,

    God damn you!

    You brought a second quality phone to Turkey.(Note3 N9000 iso N9005). Now, you upgrade N9005 to Android 4.4.2 Kit-kat, first. Do you think that we don’t pay any money for N9000? The price is the same, the service we get is much less.

    So, god damn you!

  49. can anybody tell me how to go back to 4.3..please

    • I have not tested personally (read on other thread): please follow the procedure explained above for this rom, except do not install the bootloader (BL***).

      • no..it is not working even.i am sad with this. i need to go back to the official 4.3. Sammobile shoud tell us tht before

    • Try flashing it with the 1st leak version after that flash it again with the 4.3 firmware, never tried it yet but i hope it works.

  50. sammobile should inform it before that we cannot go back to 4.3. this is not good job.

  51. can’t use UMTS (3g) any suggestion please help

    • Do you see icon activated? If yes, please check you APN: compare with the configuration mentioned by your provider

      • The problem is that i can’t even make call on UMTS (3g) “unregistered in network”, 2g normal calls

  52. Does anyone knows what happened to the camera shortcut on the lockscreen? Please? I think is gone like forever…

    • It depends on the csc file u use. Try changing csc (Caution: FULL WIPE) and the shortcut will be back.

  53. s3 mini i8190L
    I updated at the update to 4.2.2 or 4.4?

    because they never or an update ……

  54. acualizen el s3 mini i8190L a 4.2.2 o 4.3 o 4.4 porque nunca lo an actualizado porfavor ya actualizenlo

  55. It’s always like this. Anything comes up first it’s gonna be GT-I9505
    and the GT-I9500 always left behind. Even now They didn’t release the major issue fixes on 4.3 GT-I9500 if they going to work on 4.4 and why do they bring up the 4.3 in the first place, time is everything. They left our S4 lag like a single-core devices. I’ve always trust Samsung but it’s taking too long now.

    • To all complaining that samsung is slow on updates, try to search first on the internet who really is slow on updating their smartphones…Samsung is top on updating OS(android)…Also samsung have so many devices to update consecutively note 3, s4, s3, note 2, etc..What you all trying to say?HTC? only the HTC One having an official update..GRRRR read first

      • I DO know that Samsung was the fastest and I didn’t say I will go to HTC, Sony or iPhone. My point is between the same model with 2 different variant. Since the 4.3 on GT-I9505 came it took 4 months till GT-I9500 came after. it’s not fair.

        • Maybe in ur country dude.. GT i9500 got the 4.3 update like a day or 2 after gt i9505 did… so don.t blame samsung for this. I always flash other countries version.. i use germany DBT version since i got my s4(gt i9505)… they are always first with the updates:)

          • It depends on my own country too? Some say that we have to wait for our own country’s technician to work on it. Is that true? BTW. Flashing other country ROM, doesn’t it trigger the region lock function and became unusable?

          • i did the same for my 4.3. im from New Zealand and always used to use a different countries version and have never had a problem.

    • LoL, samsung slow?
      I had an LG P990 for 3 years, had to wait 2 years to update from gingerbread (2.3) to ICS (4.04), after 3 years it is stil at ICS.
      Probably never gets an update again, so rooting and custom ROM is the only solution…

  56. The only thing that happens when i flash other country rom is that i can.t use kies update anymore…

  57. I have one big question… since this 4.4.2 leak is out… i was wondering that is it worth to update from official 4.3 to this one? Is it better? Everything working? Is laggy stuff gone? How is battery life? Please i need some answers

    • Battery life is consumed real quick but if you do the factory reset it will return to normal even slightly better that 4.2.2, but the inevitable issues I’ve found is
      1.Constant lagging (Touch animations is lagging like hell)
      2.Touch responsive is bad
      3.Show/hide notification settings in app info doesn’t work (No matter you check some app not to show notification, it’s still show every time after reboot the device or restart the app)
      I’d say I also prefer 4.2.2 than 4.3

      • WARNING!!!!

        I installed this leaked 4.4 firmware a few days ago on my i9505 and it is now causing major battery drain!!! Whereas in the past & even on the previously leaked FN1 firmware a full charge with moderate use would last all day in excess of 12 hours, now a full charge with this new firmware only lasts only a few hours!!!! So be warned & I would appreciate anyone elses thoughts or advices on this.

    • Im not sure what s2insider is smoking, but

      1) The battery life is impressive. I was impressed by 4.3 – but 4.4.2 really has the improved memory footprint and is lasting a good hour or so longer in the day than I have ever seen on either 4.2 or 4.3
      2) The thing is fast. Smooth transitions (although I am using Apex not TW for my launcher) from page to page.
      3) Cool white notification icons and text at the top of the screen
      4) My autorotate wasn’t working after the first flash of the rom. Fixed by repeating the flash and doing a full wipe
      5) Installing FNA5 WILL WIPE YOUR DEVICE, so backup your sms, call logs and anything on your on-phone storage.

      • WARNING!!!!

        I installed this leaked 4.4 firmware a few days ago on my i9505 and it is now causing major battery drain!!! Whereas in the past & even on the previously leaked FN1 firmware a full charge with moderate use would last all day in excess of 12 hours, now a full charge with this new firmware only lasts only a few hours!!!! So be warned & I would appreciate anyone elses thoughts or advices on this.

  58. NEED HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can someone please help me. I just bricked my I9505 :-(
    While flashing through ODIN, installation failed. Now phone is showing Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kiez & Try again.

    Now stock firmware not installing. All getting failed in ODIN.

    • All you need to do is reflash this leak firmware or root just bootinto download mode and flash I may have a cure for the not able to flash back to 4.3 going to test tomorrow and all being well I will pass results the method will use kies and odin and kies and odin over and over I managed to get odin to install 4.3 half way today rather than fail at the beginning so fingers crossed so dissapointing that sammobile wont answer folk with regards to flashing back again

  59. Working well without any problem. Good job

  60. Im trying to download several times,but I cant,my internet speed is 75 Mps and always when my download goes to the middle it says download failure. Terafile is the worst I ever seen,this is bullshit you know,there is the leak firmware 4.4.2 and I can’t download it.
    Did anyone download it and upload it somewhere else please??????

  61. WARNING!!!!

    I installed this leaked 4.4 firmware a few days ago on my i9505 and it is now causing major battery drain!!! Whereas in the past & even on the previously leaked FN1 firmware a full charge with moderate use would last all day in excess of 12 hours, now a full charge with this new firmware only lasts only a few hours!!!! So be warned & I would appreciate anyone elses thoughts or advices on this.

  62. Will it work in i9500 ?

  63. I’m having problems with my wifi connection. When i just flashed this leak downloadspeed was almost maximum of what my provider gives me but after a while it goes down to 1.6 Mb/s. Reflashing helps only for a short period and the wifi speed drops again to 1.6 Mb.s (on Ookla). Tried to reflash it at least a dozen times but without any result. I’ve tried 5 different routers, all the same. Full wipes without any apps installed, same problem. Anybody else this problem or even better a solution?
    Rom is running fine without any other bugs then known and really good batterylife. Sadly no way to get back t 4.3 when my wifi was still fine.

    • HI, facing exactly same issue.. Im trying to reflash modem only and see if that fixes. Only issue I had was related to my batter. I had to reflash about 3 times because it kept rebooting after the flashing, but then I realised it was the battery, I changed it and it is now working, but the wifi issue still persist. If anyone can come up with a solution would be great!

  64. One of the final builds? Apps can´t write on SDcard, GPS not working. Region Lock and other stupid restrictions. Samsung getting bader the last finacial quarter show how Samsung loosing ground. I don´t like Samsung anymore and won´t buy anything from this ugly Company in the future!

    • I have non of that problems… Try to flash it again, maybe it solves some problems ;-)

  65. Has anyone been able to flash back to 4.3 yet?

  66. I want to go back
    to stock

  67. Ok from what i can gather this 4.4.2 isn’t downgradeable right? and it’s a test firmware not an official release so my question is will this firmware update OTA when Samsung release an official release for the GT-I9505

  68. I try to downgrade to 4.3 but I can’t . Please help !

  69. Downgrade now!!! Please Sammobile answer the questions of the users.
    Many want to downgrade the version please indicate a direction.



  70. never again samsung, very disappointed

  71. Puta madre. No me deja regresar al 4.3.

  72. is there some who know how to downgrade ROM 4.4.2 to 4.3
    I INSTALLED pure google 4.4.2 on my galaxy s4 i like to go back to stock ROM again

  73. hello friends SamMobile. We’re 2 February and android 4.4.2 fails to s4 gt-i9500???? Argentina?? when??

  74. I have successfully installed on my s5 I9505 with I9505XXUFNA5

  75. can this firmware be used on the AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH-i337. The i9505, and the SGH-i337 both run the Qualcom cpu.Or will this brick the American version. Iam on the leaked version of i337UCUFMLD, but cannot root it ,as no one has figered out how to jail break the new boot loader yet.ant comments would be appreciated.

  76. OK so – I downloaded this file and basically it only has one file inside. Not AP, CP eg eg. Just one with “HOME” on it. help?

  77. wifi issue’s solve is ” *#0011# menu button select wifi. turn off the wifi save mode. thats all.

  78. Impossible to download without premium (1GB max size allowed)…please choose another filearea

  79. keeping the previous of Samsung, i would not surprise if this crappy company have done that on purpose so they have permanent strangled customers who keep testing their shit and cannot downgrade… i regret everyday of buying this samsung crap… never every wanna buy knox filled crap ever again.

  80. Hi
    I download the original firmware for United Arab Emirates but I have a problem with wifi it’s doesn’t working, my friend told me you should download firmware with four file, it’s a good way to fix wifi??

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