EXCLUSIVE: Galaxy S5 specs confirmed, Galaxy S5 mini and S5 Zoom also in the pipeline

Ever since rumors surrounding the Galaxy S5 started to evolve from faint rumblings to full-blown tremors, there have been multiple questions raised about Samsung’s next flagship smartphone. Will it be made of metal or plastic? Would it be powered by the new Exynos 6 / Snapdragon 805 processor? Has Samsung finally implemented hardware optical image stabilization in the camera? Well, thanks to our insider, we can now answer quite a few of those questions, and also confirm some of the specs of the Galaxy S5 mini and Galaxy S5 Zoom, which are also in the works.


First, let’s get the most mysterious thing about the Galaxy S5 out of the way: Yes, it will come in both metal and plastic versions as has been rumored, with the metal version costing around 800 Euros and the plastic model coming in at around 650 Euros. It’s pretty much similar to what Apple has done, offering both a plastic iPhone (iPhone 5c) and a metallic one (iPhone 5s). Naturally, Samsung will be pushing people towards buying the much-anticipated metallic model – we weren’t given more details, but if a recent rumor is to be believed, the phone will basically have just a metallic back plate while being constructed of metal on the sides and front. Also, it’s still no telling whether the premium metal version will be named Galaxy F or something else.

As expected, the Galaxy S5 will sport an AMOLED display of 2,560×1,440 resolution; we were unable to confirm the size, though it should be around 5.25-inches as has been rumored often. The back of the phone will sport a 16-megapixel camera, though it’s unclear if it will have hardware optical image stabilization (OIS). Underneath, the Galaxy S5 will either be powered by the Exynos 6 processor or a Snapdragon 805, depending on whether it’s LTE-enabled or not. On the software front, the S5 will run on Android 4.4 KitKat, which is unsurprising.

While the Exynos 6 CPU was expected - which will likely be capable of operating all eight cores simultaneously - to power the handset, it’s only just been confirmed that the S5 will become one of the first smartphones to sport the Snapdragon 805 CPU, which should offer considerably higher performance than the Snapdragon 800 in the Galaxy Note 3, especially in the graphics department. It’s unclear what factors will decide what processor Samsung uses on which model – the metal version will likely have 64-bit support with the Exynos 6 processor, while the plastic model could be powered by the Snapdragon CPU (we’ve been told that LTE isn’t an issue for the Exynos CPU anymore, so we could see a change in tradition and find the plastic version of the phone with only the Snapdragon CPU in every country.)

When can we expect to see the Galaxy S5 come to market? Well, an announcement should be made in Marchlikely in London, followed by a launch in early April. We’re still unclear on a few details, such as the amount of RAM, battery capacity, and whether photos will be more blur-free through hardware OIS, but we’re pretty sure those details will show up in the coming weeks, as we near the official unveiling of one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2014.

Here’s a recap of the Galaxy S5′s specs:

  • - QHD (2,560×1,440) Super AMOLED display
  • - Exynos 6 / Snapdragon 805 processor
  • - 16-megapixel camera
  • - Android 4.4 KitKat
  • - Plastic/metal versions


We were also able to confirm that Samsung will be launching the Galaxy S5 mini and Galaxy S5 Zoom sometime after the Galaxy S5, with an official unveiling taking place sometime in June and May respectively. Both devices will have a Super AMOLED display (4.8-inch on the Galaxy S4 Zoom, of qHD resolution) and run on Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box, which are all the details we have on their hardware at the moment. The S5 mini wasn’t really unexpected, but it looks like Samsung will also be releasing yearly upgrades to its Galaxy S Zoom camera-centric smartphones, hopefully with a better design than the one on the Galaxy S4 Zoom.

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  1. Copying Apple again then..

    • P.S the specs doesnt blow me away so will stick with the Note 3 – Be hard to go back to a smaller screen too.

      • The spec’s didn’t blow you away !!! What did you expect ? Looks like a good upgrade from the S4..

      • It might be a downgrade for sure if you really love the bigger screen and especially the S-pen. So it depends on how you use your phone. But…. yeah it’d have to be pretty phenomenal to upstage the Galaxy Note 3. I was hooked on S-pen after about 20 minutes of using it!

        The larger screen always gets looks when you pull it out of your pocket, but that’s not why I love it. Galaxy Note 3 is almost mythical in proportion to other smartphone on the market and no way does anything Apple have even come close to being in the same class.

        Anyway… no reason to downrate GS5 when it isn’t even out yet. Be happy with your Galaxy Note 3 for sure, just don’t judge it until it is actually on market. Who knows, it might even get us interested if it’s running ARM Linux Hypervisor on Exynos 64bit Octacore. If it is you’d be able to run more than one Guest OS (Firefox, Android, Tizen, etc) and still 64bit Apps like what Adobe is already working on for Galaxy Note 4! ;-P

      • I’m shocked that your three month old flagship phone is not blown away by the rumored phone to be released three months from now. Are you telling me you aren’t on a six-month cycle to replace your cell phone?!?

    • why not to copy features that people likes?, in terms of hardware its obvious that samsung and apple will have similarities, in terms of software its where the differences comes, samsung have a big window to work in that subject, personally the specs until today likes to me, the only thing that makes me have a big kick in my ass its the prices for the metal s5….

    • So if samsung is copying apple just because they are making a metal case this means that car companies, aeroplanes, heck even Nasa copied Apple…. Everybody is copying apple

    • So if samsung is copying apple just because they are making a metal case this means that car companies, aeroplanes, heck even Nasa copied Apple…. Everybody is copying apple

      • not JUST because. It’s just the latest in a litany of things.

    • Apple bringing out a cheaper plastic phone isn’t copying Samsung right??!!

    • That’s just the most retarded statement I’ve ever read from someone who says… at least… that he has a Galaxy Note 3. Mainly because you perhaps have a ton of ear wax build up in your ears. We are talking about a company (Apple) that was FORCED by a Judge in UK to make a PUBLIC APOLOGY for accusing SAMSUNG of being a COPYIST! ….when it’s Apple that has proven they are the BIGGEST COPYIST IN HISTORY!!!

      Add to that the US court Jury tossing out all Design Patent claims. Where Samsung was thus Proven NOT TO BE a COPYIST AT ALL! …..METHOD PATENTS, like the USPTO has since INVALIDATED in that bogus Lawsuit will get tossed on Appeal. ALL….. but ONE CLAIM STILL DOES NOT MAKE SAMSUNG AS MUCH A COPYIST AS APPLE IS!

      Now let me go over just what a SOFTWARE METHOD PATENT IS… before Congress KILLS Software Patents All Together. A Method unlike a Technology Patent (like the Myriad of Patents Apple has COPIED), as a part of the very Standards Samsung was a part of spending BILLIONS of DOLLARS writing in the Early 90′s, like Motorola and Nokia, can not only be COPIED… (like Apple is emphatically in violation of now), but APPLE has been proven to actually be the BIGGEST THIEVE OF NOW!!!

      Topped off with fact that Method patents are like Patenting how to tie your shoes the Applewellian Prole Way, is just a list of steps in doing said tasks. If you think that any company should be allowed to Patent something mundane and simple as tying shoes, you’re as dumb as a box of rocks! ….like the rest of the iFanatics in this World today! ….it’s NOT ROCKET SCIENCE and None of Apple’s patents are either!

      REMEMBER… it was Steve Jobs himself… that said, “We’ve Always Been SHAMELESS About STEALING GREAT IDEAS”!!! ….yet you come into a SAMSUNG FORUM… Accusing them of being a COPYIST??? Better get your Hearing Checked and maybe eyes, because it’s been Apple that’s being proven to now be COPYING ANDROID…. and Samsung is the #1 Electronics Corporation by Both Sales Volume and REVENUE today using Android. Having Blown Apple right out of the water the last 2 yrs in smartphone sales volumes of 220 Million in 2012 and about to announce 300 Million for 2013. If…. you can OPEN your eyes Big enough (and MIND), you’d realize that you’ve been HOOD WINKED (using Applewellian DoubleThink) into believing the almost FARCICAL (extremely laughable) CLAIMS Apple has been totally shown to be SHAMELESSLY themselves over the last 3 years!

      Remember it was Samsung, that launched SGH-Z610 in January 2006 (went through FTC in August) and F700 was Patented in November 2006. Well Prior to iPhone only showing in January of 2007, and NOT Patented till after October 2007. The SGH-Z610 was so far ahead of iPhone it made it look like a Technology Refugee as well as the GREATEST COPYIST… in History. That Apple really is King of even to this day (GUI and Mouse anyone?)!

      It had 3G (which Apple didn’t get for over 2 yrs after it was launched), 3.5″ Touchscreen with Gesture Based navigation on 1st generation TouchWiz. Also used on Samsung’s Symbian based OS smartphones in 2005. Both Front n Back Cameras for video chat. The stainless steel bezel band on Z610 also acted as an antenna (but also had a auto switch and internal antenna), that Samsung offered Apple to solve ANTENNAGATE in iPhone 4′s segmented external antenna fiasco. Z610 was the 1st Smartphone to offer a full array Gestures (minus only slide to unlock). There were only feature phones with gestures prior to it.

      Z610 had IR remote, real GPS, rounded corners, speaker above screen… and a single round physical HOME button below the screen, 1 whole year prior to iPhone showing w/ it’s rounded button w/ STOP icon, when Z610 used a Play icon on it’s round HOME BUTTON a year earlier!

      So again…. Apple is proved to be the greatest COPYIST… if not the GREATEST THIEF on the Planet today. Because of their theft of Samsung’s Standard Essential Patents and not paying any license fees whatsoever for them. The only thing left for Samsung now, is for the Courts to come up with Penalties and Fees, in forcing Apple to pay up on them, w/o a ban.

      Standards Essential patents in this case have never been licensed FREE and literally every other manufacturer is already paying Samsung for them. Proving Steve’s Most Arrogant Claim as “We’ve always been SHAMELESS about Stealing Great Ideas”!!! ;-P ….better see a doctor buddy, about your lack of common sense and your Applewellian Thought Police Enforced Mental Disorder! ^_*

      • what planet are you on? the Z610? The flip phone? A single round button.

        Tough dialing that bad boy.

        • And you’re from what planet? The flip phone you are talking about is the Sony Ericsson Z610. THINK and try again.

  2. Wonder if this will be powerful enough to run the next gen of samsung “extras”. :)

  3. KNOX die this phone…

    • + infinity!!

      knox makes samsung a low grade iphone!!

  4. So no mention of the battery capacity & New Touch-wiz/Magazine ui for the Galaxy S5?

    Still curious which GS5 variant may use 3gb/4gb RAM, since Samsung just announced 8Gb LPDDR4 DRAM last month ago…

  5. A great upgrade for GALAXY S3 users indeed! :)

    • i agree with you as i dont bought s4

      • Me neither… but I’ll just consider the S5 if it’s 4gb or RAM… no less.

  6. Yeah ill pretend im excited…
    Hmm i wonder… Can you use bluetooth with that, and does it need to be jailbreaked….

    Oh wait.. i thought this was a fruit phone… Nevermind it is… SAMSUNG BLOWS AND ITS OVER FOR SO MANY OF US!!!

    LG or Motorolla here i come!!!

    You blew it samsung… you just blew it!!
    Congrats to the great minds behind the fruity ideas!!!
    Apple may have a job opening for you!!

  7. So in Samsung’s case — unlike Apple’s — putting a 64-bit processor in their phones adds nothing. Android KitKat doesn’t have 64-bit support — unlike iOS, which takes advantage in many ways.

    • Also, will app developers make 64-bit apps for Android if there is only one or two phones out there that are 64-bit? And no 64-bit OS? Apple got the iPad Air, mini-R and the 5S all on the same 64-bit chip and running a 64-bit OS. That is going to be a pretty big market once all of those are out for six months.

  8. For me, the deal breaker on buying the next Sammy is only ONE:
    Will they continue,
    or abandon,
    the regional and Knox ‘ideas’ ???

  9. Is sammobile going to apologise for getting every fact in this “exclusive” wrong?

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