Exclusive: I9505XXUFNA1 – Leaked Android 4.4.2 KitKat Test Firmware for Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505)

Folks, after watching Motorola push some latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat goodness to its devices, we got a bit jealous – to be honest. So to get rid of our jealousy phase, we contacted our elite friends and got a treat for all of us Galaxy S4 users! We obtained a brand new Android 4.4.2 test firmware – I9505XXUFNA1 – for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505).

We are expecting Samsung to start officially rolling out the Android 4.4 KitKat update for the Galaxy S4 in February/March. We have been testing this particular build for about 5 days now and so far it’s been pretty stable, except a few minor hiccups here and there but these are expected as this is still a test build.

There are minor UI changes in Android 4.4.2 KitKat, the most noticeable being the status bar icons being changed from Gingerbread style green to all new awesome KitKat style white. BTW, white icons look stunning on top of the transparent status bar. We have seen a little bump is performance, and benchmark scores have slightly increased as well. Samsung’s keyboard layout has been improved in landscape orientation, which makes typing much easier and gesture typing works really well too. Samsung has implemented a camera shortcut direct on its lockscreen.

Model: GT-I9505
Country: Open Europe
Version: Android 4.4.2
Changelist: 276328
Build date: Thu, 2 Jan 2014 23:30:51 +0000
Product Code: OXA
Download: I9505XXUFNA1_I9505OXAFNA1_I9505XXUFNA1_OXA.zip

- You are doing this at your OWN risk. We are not responsible if you brick your device or your cat eats your phone.
- This test firmware will NOT increase your binary counter NOR void your warranty.
- This test firmware is a pre-release build and not official from Samsung.

- Extract (unzip) the firmware file
- Download Odin3 v3.09 (From here or here)
- Extract Odin .ZIP file
- Open Odin3 v3.09
- Restart phone in download mode (Press and hold Home + Power + Volume down buttons)
- Connect phone and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin
- Add I9505XXUFNA1_I9505OXAFNA1_I9505XXUFNA1_HOME.tar.md5 to AP
- Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked
- Click start button, sit back and wait a few minutes.
- If you encounter any issues with the firmware (Any FC, Bootloop etc)
- Boot into recovery mode (Home+power+vol up)
- Then choose reboot and you should be good to go!


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  1. Terafile says I can only download files up to 1024mb?!

    • You need to create a free account

    • Can’t download. This is frustrating. Can somebody provide another mirror for downloading. It just keeps giving me error of wrong IP.

    • No Camera on lockscreen any tips ????

      • Has any1 else had this problem?

        • Same issue here :(. I thinks the complete firmware is coming this early Feb or March

          • *think

  2. Cant download,change mirror,link…whatever.

  3. So If I flash this, it should work with my Australian Sim?

    • yes it will work because its open european firmware, you can also change your csc after intalling this, just go to play store and search for galaxy csc changer and then take your own and install it but please make a backup before you flash this firmware and change your csc

      • Sorry but what is this CSC? Is it important to change?

        • csc is the sale code of device for exaple: AUT is for Switzerland, DBT is for Germany etc

          so if you flash a firmware with odin there’re:

          BL : Bootloader
          AP : PDA
          CP : PHONE/Modem
          CSC : CSC Sale Code

      • keep in mind: Australia is not Austria

        • yeh i know but u can change the csc code to australia

          • wich they’re XSA, OPS (Optus), TEL (Telstra), VAU (Vodafone)

  4. need a premium account to download files larger 1024mb

    • Free account will do, no need of a premium account.

  5. Can someone fix me a link of mega.co.nz or another great uploadsite?

    • Pretty sure this is the only link. But I hear your pain. Soo bloody slow

      • I can’t even download the file, it’s above 1gb of data, in which case you need a premium acount :(

        • Ah, with the free account it works, but 4 hours of download time… Damn

        • Does work with a free account. But the download speed is ridiculous. About 4 hrs.

          • my chrome download says “1 day left” to download file

        • U can use free account, it still works but terafiles is the worst file sharing for big files because free account speed is limited, 300 kbs/sec max speed (I don’t think anyone can reach that speed) and for me it said 187 days left.
          I suggest you to use Reget deluxe for faster download speed, plus it can pause and continue downloads. (Without restarting them)

  6. Downgrade to 4.3 it is possible after installing this ROM (4.4.2)?

    • Yes, if you know what you are doing… You could install the original 4.3 rom through Odin, without any problem!

      • Thx. 4.4.2 installed no issues till now :)

        • in one of the pictures u can change the message app AND home app, can u choose other ones ? like google exp. launcher for home?

    • yes you can also emergency restore your phone via kies to the latest official firmware, but please do a backup before you flash this firmware

      • Thx. 4.4.2 installed no issues till now :)

  7. everybody wait for update and after all nothing new :/

  8. New camera modes ???

  9. bence indirmek için acele etmeyin bir çok hata mevcuttur. wifi blutooth vs.. vs..



  11. @ sammobile

    there’re also testfirmware’s 4.4.2 for Note 3, Note 2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4mini and more i hope that you can get another one…..

    • How you know?

      • from an insider ;)

        samsung made everyday 3 or 4 test firmwares for devices

    • Can you please share the kitkat for s4 mini duos GT-I9192 in sammobile

      • Bullshit, don’t expect anything soon for your device…

  12. Terafile sucks, 9h to do a 1.5 Gb download!!????

  13. is there any improvements on kitkat?

  14. when will it come to the GT-I9500 it should be first since its the international version

    • Samsung can not make software/firmware for their own hardware (Octa Soc) sooner than Qualcomm variants because they can not!!
      I suggest you next time do not buy faulty Octa version of Samsung because they do not know what are they doing themselves. It is not Apple! It is Samsung and they do not respect their fans and customers.

  15. magnet: CA323FC3DB0BD43FC06DA924B0FD03F2ED0D48D7

  16. Mmmmm and I9500 ??? =(

  17. 1} can i install this on CWM/Philz recovery?
    2}does it matter what bootloader i am on? Is this ok for GT-I9505 (unlocked Int’l)?
    appreciate any advice

    • 1. No you can’t. You need to install this using Odin.
      2. You are good to go regardless of bootloader version. This leaked firmware is made for GT-I9505.

      • thank you! :). follow up question: instruction above does not mention need wipe date/factory reset before install, so do we need to? tia

      • hey there can anyone give me some advice ? it’d be much appreciated. i’ve just upgraded my “S4 I9505″ from “JB 4.3″ to “KKat 4.4.2″ test firmware and forgot to make a back up copy of jb 4.3

        can i use any firmware that ive downloaded from here this site
        like i9505xxuemk8 firmware
        thanks!!!! in advance!!!
        zac :-))

        ps im a newbie so go easy on me “ha” :-)

        ive got no problems with this KKat 4.4.2 test firmware, its a bit buggy but its running fine, just need to make a back up next time. “lol”

  18. This firmware run in i337m?

    • Nope. It’s made for GT-I9505 and not other S4 variants.


  20. any news for galaxy tab 3 8.0 android 4.3? why samsung was slow to update their tab series?

    • Because it Isn’t a flagship device. Samsung Isn’t that slow with updating her devices.

  21. It can be used for the GT-i9500 version?

    • Of course not!!! I still don.t get it why are u still asking this questions if the title is kitkat exclusive for gt i9505!!!! Just be patient and you will get ur i9500 firmware soon.

    • i9505 = international version as stated around 100 times now this firmware IS NOT for the i9500, to try adding this to your device will result in some serious issues as the title says though i9505 not and i say NOT i9500 this device will get their own leak closer to end of month normally how it goes

  22. colorful icons in status bar was more charming and beautiful.
    it’s not a good idea of white icons :(

  23. What about Knox Security? If I put this rom on my S4 the Knox will stay 0×0?

  24. Lol i only see a battery car changed to WHITE nothing new poor s4 users :P

  25. Why I9500 No???

    We pay the same as i9505 users, is not just that they always have first of all, being the 9500 original version …

    Sorry for my bad English, I’m angry, but I thank that you keep your Samsung devices …

    A 8.5 for Samsung —-

  26. what about the Benchmark !!!!!

    • W/o wipe.
      Antutu 26879
      Quadrant 9193

      • With my original ROM 4.3, now in Quadrand – 11621, someting wrong with this 4.4?

        • I have a lot of app installed.
          After remove some apps.
          Antutu 28373
          Quadrant 11112

  27. what about root?

    • chainfire has auto root and su for this leak :) sam has a section in the news feed for the dl links

  28. again we ( i9500 )s are marginalized, no leaks for us

    • i whish i had not bought s4 gt-i9500

  29. is s3 getting 4.4 support, or 4.3 is the las official update for Galaxy SIII?

    • yes s3 will be around april/march time

  30. I want to know how is the battery life ?

    • average :( wont know best till its been run for a couple of days as a couple of charge cycles sometimes improves

  31. where the picture kitkat red ?

    • in the settings under about phone or info, there is also the softwareupdate, model name copyrightblablabla, android-version 4.4.2 and now click on android version about 4 or 5 times and it will came the swisskitkat out of your screen ;)

  32. . says one day to download then i get fail network error each time. any mirrors pls?

    • i had that type into google- I9505XXUFNA1_I9505OXAFNA1_I9505XXUFNA1_OXA.zip then someone has it on mega took me 30 mins to download :)

  33. What about 3 x 4 keyboard layout????????????????????? they messed it up by removing it in 4.3…… Samsung please bring it back as there is no point using 3rd party apps for basic needs and its not a big deal either getting it back in

  34. Here every on enjoying 4.4 and other side S3 GT-i9300 France(XEF) not receiving 4.3 it’s good?
    Who one knows when S3 GT-i9300 France(XEF) getting updates 4.3?

    • you will be getting 4.3 update should have it already but should be with you soon , the s3 and 4.3 you will hate , the s3 is also getting 4.4 around april/march time so you guys aint bombed out yet :D

  35. Can you please tell me how to enable ART – or is it only possible with a rooted Device?

  36. my honest opinion , i hope they make this 4.4 better what a load of crap no real serious changes apart from status bar where they have made it all white instead of colours , no new firmware for the camera , the keyboard seems a little better but i feel there is an issue with this version of 4.4 email system takes absolte forever to load up no where near as fast as it was :(.but overall if 4.4 is going to be like this then you wont notice to much of a change on your device not even new live wallpaper !!! but have to remind my self this is a test firmware and will change in time but for now i am returning to 4.3

  37. What ABout Note II (N7100) ??

  38. Do you know if there will be a version for the sprint variant of the galaxy s4

  39. sir i want to try this but my s4 is uae firmvere after i flash any thing problum my be imei null beseband unknown

  40. WIFI doesn’t work for me

    • wipe your device and this should sort it out

      • I wiped everything, and still the wi-fi doesn’t work. Any other suggestions?

        Thank you!

        • My Wi-Fi also was not working, I went into recovery made a factory reset and it still didn’t do the trick so I wen’t back to ODIN and reflashed it and made sure F. Reset and Auto-reboot were ticked and that fixed it for me.

  41. very fast from Mega

  42. WIFI doesn’t work for me

    • wipe your device and this should sort it out

  43. I have installed it it it seems to be okay so far. Though the camera shortcut is missing from the lockscreen :/

  44. WIFI not working on my s4 after installing this rom any solutions please

    • Here I lost my saved networks

    • wipe your device and this should sort it out

      • i did this already twice
        but not working

  45. Accidentally, I added the I9505XXUFNA1_I9505OXAFNA1_I9505XXUFNA1_HOME.tar.md5 to BL, not AP and (as i see) everything works fine. Should I do factory reset or not? what is the difference beetween AP and BL?

  46. Issue.
    Changing apps from homebutton working appa do not work.
    Sorry for my english

  47. Hey, can you answer this question please…. Prev Google put a limit on the amount of texts you could send in 1 hour to around 50 or 100, any more and it came up with a stupid warning blocking all the texts, I had to then go into each one and send it. However, when I installed CM11 Android 4.4.2, I sent a group message and did not get the warning. Can you confirm this firmware will allow me to send group messages without coming back failed? Is it in Android 4.4.2 that Google fixed this? Cheers, Chris

  48. This is taking forever…. Cant you put mirrors up ? I have been trying all day, but the DL speed keeps throttling down when i get near 2-300 MB…….

  49. Anywhere I can get that plain blue wallpaper..? its a bit different to the one that is already there

  50. Hopefully sammobile will leak one for the i9500. Last time we got a leak was a day before the official was released for i9500. Not cool. :/ The i9505 had like 2 maybe 3 leaks and we had gotten only 1. Hopefully they’ll leak one after a week. :p I have hope in sammobile.

  51. Hi, This firmware could work in S4 Active SGH-I537 or S4 SGH-I337?

  52. Has Wpa2 Enterprise TTLS been fixed?

  53. Excellent. I have updated my GS-4 with latest firmware without any issue. All is working fine..

  54. When I install this ROM, can i get an update on the future or I need to restore the original ROM.

    • It is a Testing ROM so i don’t think you can get an udate on the future. You’ll need an Stable one.

  55. What about Ram usage???? Is it more Ram freed ????? as its supposed to be using 512 mb only?

    • Bullsh*t, in fact, the max RAM availabe is 1,77 Gb.

  56. Hi Sammobile have you heard something about the Mega 6.3 (GT-I9205)to get Kitkat 4.4.2 soon? The leaked Document says that the Mega get the Firmware, but when? Greetz

  57. I have a problem with my external SdCard with this Version. It´s not writeble. Somebody else too?

    • I have the same problem writing the external SD card with any other app then the stock file manager. It can only be written with the stock file explorer from Samsung and I have also another issue. I don’t have lock screen camera shortcut and the lock screen shortcuts are missing from the lock screen section in the settings…

  58. Hi!
    Please someone can tell us about if this test firmware contains knox?

    Tnx sooooo much.

  59. wiht this flash i lose my all apps or not? answer would be grateful
    Thanks in advanced

  60. No, your apps are or oké.

    I have issues with Nova launcher. It fails every time to load. Or the apps drawer isn’t shown. Anybody with the same problem?

  61. Please guys waiting the answer before I install the rom

  62. I experienced several auto-rotation issues.
    After a few reboots auto rotation doesn’t work anymore as well as getures to “swype” the pictures in the gallery.

    Turning off/on the auto rotation switch doesn’t help, as well as restoring factory defaults. The ROM has to be flashes again. I did that 4 times now, everytime after a few reboots auto rotation is gone.

    All I am using is SuperSU 1.89.
    So far I haven’t tested it a few hours without any modification.
    Can anybody confirm this?

    • I too have the same issue after updating i9500 with official 4.4.2

  63. Btw… Also problems with adw launcher. There seem to be a glitch in starting the launcher, when passing by the security code. It happens with every launcher, except Go launcher is holding up best.

    I also don’t have the option to switch to ART.

    I don’t have rotating problems.

    More problems, I have to seek for :P

    • Sorry for my english, but this version is slower in the AnTuTu tests, scrolling text is purple, the camera is worse, is not working FolderMount, the battery is discharging faster, went back to 4.3

      • Yeah well. That he’s slower right now, don’t really see it. Looks like navigating through the phone is smoother. But then again, maybe I’m tricking myself. Battery is about the same. Don’t see purple text when scrolling. But being colorblind, maybe I just don’t see it.
        Maybe I’m going back too.

  64. I really hope the final version isn’t gonna give those shitty problems!

  65. fuck terafile! sorry for my language, but after 5-6 tries of captcha code it says i have to wait 8 minutes ”until next free download” even i not downloaded anything before…better use/create a private/public uterrent tracker for the firmwares !!! is more easy to use and accesibile for everyone!

  66. dafuq … the download speed is so god damn slow …

  67. please we need if for GT-I9500…

  68. Download ETA: 2 days left!
    You got to be kidding, this is unacceptable.
    Please I begging you, change the server.

  69. This clearly states how much of a dumba** samsung is for their exynos chips, wow, samsung cant provide updates as fast for their own crap, wow. An advice to samsung employees when they visit this site if they ever do because they don’t care about us, quit, find yourself somewhere better, sony or so, samsung is really crap right now to any dev.

  70. Will this work on SGH-I337M (canada) ?

  71. @dmitraso it would not work with any other device that’s not i9505

  72. Hi. I’ve installed this ROM and i have a probleme with Google Apps. All Google Aps crash and i got this message ‘Google Play Services shut down’. anyone have this probleme?

    • Make a backup and go to recovery by turning off ur phone and then press home+power+vol up and then wipe data/factory settings and wipe cache! If the problem is still there…try reflashing this rom or just try to flash the official 4.3:)

      • I did that SEVERAL times :( still doing it! Incredibly annoying!

  73. when the update for s3 will be posted ? ??
    eagerly wating … !

  74. yeah, Terafile sucks. And you guys are the only firmware depot I have seen that use them. Wasn’t getting over 100kbps as a free user and due to the nature of secure server connection, I was unable to resume the 12 wasted downloads I went through (not all of us have the liberty of unmetered downloads, thus becomes extremely frustrating). So instead of crying, I purchased a 7 day premium account, and voila… I was hitting 1.7-2.1 mbps per file. I will be downloading as many as I can in the time I have left on premium and throwing them in seedboxes for public torrent access, but for the sake of your revenue I will be hosting Australian and universal firmwares only as these are in high demand. Ill host them on mega.co.nz aswell if need be. You should consider file hosting alternatives guys, because if you don’t, others will.

  75. Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    I9505XXUFNA1_I9505OXAFNA1_I9505XXUFNA1_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)

    what to do now?

  76. Flashed it yesterday and so far it’s running very smooth. The battery life seems also a bit better, but that can be imagination. I’m gonna keep it for a while.

    Just wondering if this version will update to the final version when it is availeble or do I have to flash the final version??

  77. GT-I9500 here… Can you (sammobile) ask Samsung kitkit for testing purpose or whatever, WE WANT kitkat on octo !

  78. changelog: white statusbar

  79. Flashed rom and did factory reset and it works like a charm (official). The only thing is the preinstalled youtube which is restarting the phone exactly after the first 30 seconds of the clip. It doesn’t matter if it’s fullscreen or not. No problem tho with the videos from the internal memory or anywhere else on the internet.

    • build kot49h.i9505xxufna1
      kernel 3.4.0-276328

  80. is this rom getting future updates from samsung over the air or kies, or will i have to do it by myself?

  81. So, my experience so far:

    -After flashing it I had no Wi-Fi, but that was easily fixed by doing a factory reset and reflashing. For some reason the Modem was still from 4.3 and once I reflashed it was brought to 4.4 modem.
    -App switcher is not working, at least mostly
    -Sometimes (very rarely) the screen is darker on apps as if you have the notification shade on top of them.
    -S-View divider line (between time and date) and the time and date misaligns from the center, meaning, it’s a bit higher than it is supposed to be.
    -When using S-View cover, the home button does not wake the device, only the power button.
    -Corner camera shortcut is not there on secure lockscreen and as in 4.3 there’s no access to widgets if using anything other than swipe to unlock.

    Other than that, it’s stable, no forcecloses, although I did have one reboot. I think it was an application’s lockup fault though, but still. No problems. Anxious to get the official build! Soon soon, hopefully, with those minor minor things fixed. It’s smooth and stable and battery life seems reasonable enough.

    • im sorry im a bit retarded.
      i have problem with wifi.. sometimes it works as usual sometimes it doesnt work at all..
      so i just do not understand “fixed by doing a factory reset and reflashing. ” this “reflashing” whats that ? :( how i need do reflashing?
      p.s sorry for my english.

  82. I went back tot the 4.3 because my navigation app (tomtom and Sycig) dind’t work. Even after a factory reset they woud’t work.

  83. When you try play in youtube the cell is rebooted ajajaj

  84. Has someone tried to install this software on i9506. Is it possible?

  85. Is there anyway to enable the camera lockscreen shortcut? As it is not on mine after updating.

  86. I have problem with external Microsd card. It is not showing on as “extSdCard” I tried twice to rebuild with full wipe.

    How could let mobile show external SD.
    Help wanted..

  87. not having any issues with this kk 4.4.2 test firmware (apart from forgetting to make a back up copy “lol”

    even have the camera app on lock screen
    couple of bugs but thats about it….running fine
    seems a little bit better than the jb 4.3 on benchmark antutu test. and battery seems to be better

  88. I downloaded 4.4.2 test firmware and ask to extract the file and when I do it said the file is bad can someone help or tell me what I am doing wrong

  89. Can i install this android 4.4.2 version in samsung galaxy grand(GT-I9082)??

  90. what is this SS_DL.dll in all our files guys

  91. I have a problem in this Rom in the Wi-Fi does any body else had it ??

    and which Rom is batter I9505XXUFNA1 Or I9505XXUFNA5 ..i hope to answer

  92. Puta madre. No me deja regresar al 4.3.

  93. Samsung y cuando tendremos official 4.4 para el Galaxy S4. Se va haciendo tarde. Un exelente celular se merece mas respecto.

  94. will it work in Pakistan Also

  95. wifi issue’s solve is ” *#0011# menu button select wifi. turn off the wifi save mode. thats all.

    • doesnt work for me:((( please help..

  96. dear admin,
    I can’t download bcoz file is big and need to create premium account there.
    what is the other way to download that zip?
    please reply me.

  97. Где же новая оболочка от Google (Stock Android)?

    • Where is the new shell from Google (Stock Android)?

  98. did we get complete rom ?

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