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Samsung’s ‘new smartphone UI’ leaked, could grace Galaxy S5 and future handsets


We had expected a new interface in Samsung’s new PRO Galaxy Note and Tab tablets, and Samsung did deliver with a beautiful magazine-like homescreen interface. However, that may just have been the tip of the iceberg, and the Galaxy S5 and future smartphones could sport a new interface that prolific leakster evleaks has revealed as being under testing.

A revamped UI for Samsung’s devices has been a long time coming, as TouchWiz currently looks rather outdated and visually unappealing (though a few apps, like Samsung Link, are absolutely gorgeous.) However, while evleaks is usually spot on with his leaks, the UI pictured in the leaked image does look a bit, um, amateurish, like it was made by a fan instead of Samsung themselves. It certainly looks better than the current iteration of TouchWiz, but again, it also looks a bit like a third-party theme or icon pack someone might have whipped up.


Of course, since even evleaks mentions the UI is “under testing,” there’s no guarantee this is the final designthe final redesign might be drastically different – it is most probably an early prototype as well, since Google requires the status bar icons to be white in Android 4.4 KitKat, a rule that Samsung is following in its KitKat test firmware for earlier devices (see the image in the tweet below).

But again, it’s great to see Samsung is finally working on giving its outdated UI an overhaul, though we hope they’re also working on optimizing TouchWiz, which is rather bloated and not too responsive in its current form.

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13 comments on “Samsung’s ‘new smartphone UI’ leaked, could grace Galaxy S5 and future handsets

  1. RATOz 1 year ago said:

    This will be the Magazine UI?

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  2. sguyx 1 year ago said:

    How about adding a choice to turn off the whole touchwiz??

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  3. mugurelu 1 year ago said:

    Stop teasing and get that tasty kk up!

    Pretty please ;;-)

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  4. assasin97450 1 year ago said:

    the new touchwiz look cool i will have to buy the s5 when it comes out then i’m expecting it

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  5. Steef 1 year ago said:

    Those pictures from Evleaks look very faking. There are a lot of thing wrong with it.
    The one you ( provided looks more like it.

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  6. pepitona 1 year ago said:

    Lagwiz UI. . . XD

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  7. gtone339 1 year ago said:

    Not sure if I trust the evleaks one but the one you guys have seems right.

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  8. simst 1 year ago said:

    ppl still whining about touchwiz go buy a fking nexus staying with samsung, touchwhiz + whining is simply retarded, it is like buying a new Pink car and then whine about the color, you made a choice now suck it in.

    do you want to disable explorer in windows aswell ?

    here is a command for you Format c: /q/v enjoy.

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  9. galaxyyarchive 1 year ago said:
  10. patron miguel angel 1 year ago said:


    Como usuario del s2, s3, note 1, note2 quisiera solicitarle que en el panel de notificacion en vez del color verde sean blanco cuando esten activados para asi de esta manera sigan de manera coherente con kit kat android y eliminar ese color verde que ya queda anticuado.
    muchos usuarios lo solicitamos a ustedes asi tambien tendriamos un android mas puro y menos capa de personalizacion
    creo que muchos usuarios lo pedimos y en futuras versiones lo realicen asi valoramos su intencion

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