Android 4.3 rolling out to the AT&T Galaxy S III (I747UCUEMJB)

The international Galaxy S III’s Android 4.3 update might be on hold, but after T-Mobile, AT&T has found it good enough and has begun rolling out to its variant of the device, and become the second carrier in the U.S. to do so for Samsung’s 2012 flagship (though hopefully it won’t be pulled later because of issues). We received an email from one of our readers with a screenshot of the update’s download in progress; it is sized at 623MB, which is fairly large and makes us certain it’s the Android 4.3 update we’re looking at here.

Android 4.3 brings features such as Galaxy Gear support, KNOX functionality (though this seems to be missing from the AT&T version of the update), new TouchWiz features, improved camera firmware and features, and more, along with all the features of Android 4.3. The update will gradually trickle down to all uses in the next couple of days, though you can try your luck and check if it’s already available from the Settings » About phone » Software updates menu. It will also be downloadable via Kies, and in turn from our firmware section.

Update: Screenshots added, the build number for the update is I747UCUEMJB.



Thanks, M S!

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  1. Just updated. Haven’t run into any bugs yet other then when I tap on group play it keeps saying application not installed. I am not seeing knox. The update is pretty much the same as the i9300′s update without the bugs. No new launcher or weather widget. A little disappointed with that but it’s not a deal breaker Only additional camera feature is sound and shot. The lockscreen has the new light and ripple effect and shortcuts. Also the notification is now transparent. Still the same stock web browser. No tabbed browsing but full screen browsing can be enabled manually. Samsung should have added some additional features and changed the launcher and weather widget but in all I’m pleased with the update.

    • Also the gallery has some new viewing options.

    • From what I’ve heard, Knox has to be installed somehow…

    • how is the 4.3 for your everything working fine.

      • So far I haven’t run into any bugs or issues. Battery is draining a little more than before the update but not much more. Usually the battery drain issue straightens itself out in 7 to 10 days. Everything runs like butter, Its like you’re getting a brand new device. I am very pleased even though I will suggest to Samsung to update the launcher and weather widget.

  2. “and become the first carrier in the U.S. to do so for Samsung’s 2012 flagship”

    NOT TRUE.. My cousin in NYC got 4.3 on her T-Mobile GS3 last night..

    • Ah yes, completely slipped my mind that it was the T-Mobile S III (thought it was the S4) that received the update last night. Fixed!

  3. Can this update be installed on samsung galaxy S3 I 9300 international version?

    • No, every variant is different, can’t install one variant’s update on another, even if they’re variants of the same device. Wait for the international variant’s update (I9300).

  4. but it´s still the old Kernel Version , not the new Kernel 3.40. for the Jelly Bean FM ?

  5. Does this firmware can be installed on i9305T ??

    • No it can’t. This update is only for the Variant Galaxy SIII – SGH-I747, otherwise you may damage your cell.

  6. It’s just a refresh, which cosmetically change. Not work in depth …! Quickly do, do evil!

    • Bluetooth 4.0 LE finally working, the speed improvements, updates to Touchwiz(there are a bunch of them), and others make this a decent update. Android 4.3 is still called Jelly Bean for a reason, it doesn’t bring some big fancy new feature to Android to make everyone go “wow”. With that said, the update brings a significant speed improvement to the phone.

  7. And i747m? WHEN?

    • i747M i already Release on Kies or by Odin.. lets instal to test it

  8. How about s4 AT&T SGH-i337 ??????

    • The S4 will get KitKat in January/February.

  9. Please I have a question,
    Can I use the firmware of AT&T (4.3) on my Canadian telus SIII mobile ???
    as it’s the same model SGH-i747M

    • No.

    • This update is for the SGH-i747. Not the SGH-i747M, since the i747 is the American AT&T variant. I think the hardware is slightly different too.

    • i747M is just realease go on Kies or by Odin.. Good Luck

  10. Guys, KNOX is being ob-knox-ious. I tried to root it, but it force closes Super SU, therefore I can inject the binary, but I cannot use it. Anyone know a work around?

    • I have the same exact problem. Used the latest SuperSU and Superuser and neither worked. Successfully can flash them but the knox blocks access.
      Waiting for a solution.

      • Doesn’t look like an easy fix… can’t downgrade through Odin, and even if I could, I’d never be able to upgrade again. This was confirmed by Chainfire himself

  11. Hello, I have the samsung galaxy s3 sgh-i747 from at&t… I was on kies right now but I do not have the firmware update yet. Can someone tell me when could I have it? Thank u!

    • Go in to settings>about device>software update>check for updates

      • Hey, I also did that and it says that I have the lastest firmware :/

        • You can check again for an update by simply changing the date on your device to the next day. It will bypass you having to wait another 24 hours.

          • Is there a possibility that I wont receive the update because I’ve unlocked the phone? ’cause in that way I can use it here in my country? (Dominican Rep.)

  12. I have android 4.3 leaked (I747UCUEMJ2) and entered downloaded OTA and Kies and says that now is not available

  13. since when operators go before the international release. Samsung is deplorable, we buy at high prices their mobile and those funded were updated before us, bye bye samsung

    • The international version has only 1GB of RAM, and as a result, there were performance issues when Samsung put out the release. Samsung is working to cut down how much RAM is used by the OS so they can release a version for the international S3 that won’t cripple performance, rather than improve it.

  14. One bug that hit me, I keep getting notifications about everything I had downloaded over the past year, and even when I clear the notifications, they come back a few minutes later. Somewhat annoying, but minor overall.

    • I had this with UK 4.3 (before I rolled back to 4.1.2.). Try this. Go into the app download manager. Clear the data and force close the app. Hope that helps.

      • It did help. There have been some other minor glitches, but nothing too major.

  15. ich habe genug von Samsung morgen verkaufe ich mein Galaxy S3.Habe mir heute das Nexus 5 bestellt.Habe keine lust mich weiter über Samsung zu ärgern.Hatte 3 Smartphones von Samsung Das Galaxy 9000,Galaxy S2 und dann das S3.ich brauche mich jetzt nicht mehr über Samsung zu ärgern und zu hoffen das wir das Update für Das S3 bekommen das wird dieses jahr 100 Prozentig nichts mehr mit dem update da bin ich mir sicher.Goodbye Samsung.Welcome Nexus…………

    • nicht weinen, ok ? lappen ey

      • Hey tepnkt der lappen bist du kannst deine mama beleidigen du Komiker lach mich kaputt über leute wie dich hast nix im kopf wa?

        • du heulst rum weil das update nicht kommt , hast nichts sinnvolles im Leben zu leisten oder warum ist es dir sooooooo wichtig ? Spast :D

  16. where i can download this update i have a room ?? please help me

  17. When will I get 4.3 on my i337m Samsung… fuck you.

    • Such language…have you contacted your carrier?

  18. Is there a possibility that I wont receive the update because I’ve unlocked the phone? ’cause in that way I can use it here in my country? (Dominican Rep.)

    • That is a good possibility, since AT&T is here in America. But I haven’t the slightest idea how it works. Hopefully you can find a way to get the update, but if you can’t, I would look into custom ROMs, as they generally give better performance and are better on the battery, and most even add features. A personal favorite is Carbon ROM, but CyanogenMod is a good starting point. I hope this helps!

  19. Thank u! I don’t know how to use a ROM so, I’m going to look for a tutorial.

    • Check out the xda forums on They have tons of useful information on how toroot your device with tons of custom roms. You should be able to find the official AT&T rom there too. Im in the same boat with you. I dont know how to root and its much harder now with knox. Good luck.

  20. Does anyone know if they got rid of the gyroscope calibrator in the 4.3 update? I cant find it anywhere and it was present in 4.1.2. Any suggestions?


  21. is there a root for the 4.3 update?

    • Check out the xda forums.

      • my gs3 is at 4.1.2 root and if i do the OTA update for 4.3 from att then i will lose root access.but since you said the 4.3 is working fine i may not root

        • I dont know how to root but I browse through the forums regularly. They’re very knowledgeable. From what ive seen they have some non knox versions of the official update as well some custom roms. From what ive seen so far knox is present in this update and it looks like At&t intentionally insatalled it. Check them out. They should be able to help you unroot if you want to update OTA. Good luck.

  22. So I have to UN root my phone in order to do the ORAnge updat.why is that. Shouldn’t the update just remove the root

    • Like i said check out xda forums. They have their fourms grouped by device and carrier. Post a thread in general discussion of your situation and they should help you out. I dont know anything abot rooting and I dont want to, but if wasnt for them I wouldnt have known before anyone else that the OTA was rolling out. Good luck.

  23. When in Poland in the network plus?

    • For us it is wrong part, Samsung is updating all Americans operators.

    • Whenever you do get the update, DO NOT ROOT, unless they find a way around KNOX. It completely kills the root (i.e. I am rooted but Super SU cannot install the binaries, as KNOX blocks it). I really hope they find a workaround for this. It appears as if it locks the bootloader, which adds a whole new mess of problems. Plus SE is enforced.

    • The international version only has 1GB of RAM, so has problems with the update. The versions here in the USA have 2GB of RAM, so fewer issues. Samsung is working to address the size of the update so it doesn’t take too much RAM.

  24. I dont get the update yet, I think the problems is because I got my phone when I was at USA now I’m at Ecuador and I don’t know how to get that update because my phone is working with a different carrier than AT&T. Can somebody help me please…

    • Pronto saldra

    • On page (android rom update) there you can download the stock android 4.3 for i747.

  25. Por que sera que sammobile no sube el android 4.3 para descargarlo.

  26. En la pagina (android rom update) ahi pueden descargar la stock de el android 4.3 para el i747.

    • On page (android rom update) there you can download the stock android 4.3 for i747.

      • Can u give me the link please! I can’t find it

        • this is the link (andridromupdate dot com)


          • thank, I already update my GS3. :)

          • find the upgrade?

    • Es una rom?


        • Sí, pero es una rom? O es el firmware oficial?

          • Es la oficial,

        • Allison, podrías ayudarme? Ya la busqué en el link que me dijiste pero no sé instalarlo…

          • Tienes fb? o Google plus para ayudarte.

          • Debes tener la 4.1.2 antes de instalar la 4.3. Sigue las intrucciones.

          • No debbes estar root, si no te dara error. Debes tenerla en la 4.1.2 oficial stock.

          • Ya está! Muchísimas gracias!!

          • De donde eres Ana? Dame tu fb si es posible. :)
            Quiero conocerte…

          • Soy de Rep. Dominicana, y tu? :)

          • Soy de republica Dominicana tambien. Vivo en la Autopista Duarte. Me llamo Allison Mendez Lorenzo. Me puedes buscar por mi nombre en el facebook. Trabajo en el canal 4. Mandame tu fb porfa. Bye :)

          • Que estudias y donde vives?

          • Ya te envié la solicitud :p

          • La acepte ya… por fin conocerte :)

  27. Where can I get the official 4.3 firmware??


  29. Same Shit Kernel 3.0.31, was supose to have 3.4

    Samsung please make your job and send updated stuff.

  30. Why samsung dosen’t check the quality.

    • Samsung kiss customers, from the time we bought their gear after they are nothing to fuck

  31. habra actualizacion para galaxy s3 mini? alguen sabe algo?

    • Segun leí no habrá para el mini :/

  32. yet not recieved the update for my sgh-i747.its been around 10 days since they rolled out the update and its also not availabe on this site.i can’t wait anymore and don’t want to install any custom rom in greed.sammobile plz upload as fast as you can.thank you.

  33. Ya esta la actualizacion para sgh i747M con telcel via ota

  34. hola, tengo un problema, tengo un samsung galaxy SGH-I747 de AT&T usa, y esta en la version 4.1.1 JB.. pero no he podido actualizarlo ni siquiera a la 4.1.2! y estoy muy interesado en actualizarlo.. el telefono esta liberado y lo uso con linea movistar en venezuela! intento actualizar desde el menu/ajustes.. pero siempre me dice que no hay actualizaciones recientes! y el samsung KIES me dice que es la version mas reciente! y no puedo actualizar mas alla de 4.1.1.. quien puede ayudarme?

  35. fu …. sami. where is update for i9300 without lag & bug?

  36. Don’t like it.
    face unlock doesn’t automatically go to pattern unlock when it doesn’t recognise you
    can’t stream stuff to my TV anymore
    gallery seems to have worse picture quality
    gallery displays date on screen, can’t figure out how to disable it.

  37. Does Morelocal will work? I need hebrew lang enable..
    can anyone please check this?

  38. ya veo que la actualizacion a la 4.3 firmware del samsung galaxy s3 sgh i747 de at&t esta disponible pero en el mio que es ese mismo equipo samsung galaxy s3 sgh i747 at&t no me a llegado la actualizacion ni por el celular ni por kies vivo en republica dominicana ayudenme

  39. Can I install other Firmware in Samsung Galaxy S III Germany (T-Mobile)…….?

  40. I have a samsung galaxy s3 at&t, and when I put in the firmware section SGH-I747 is the model number of my s3 not I get android 4.3 from at & t, only the 4.0.4. Why?

    Tengo un samsung galaxy s3 at&t, y cuando me puse en la sección de firmware SGH-I747 es el número de modelo de mi s3 no me sale android 4.3 de at & t, sólo el 4.0.4. ¿Por qué?

  41. Alguien me puede ayudar, soy de Mexico, tengo un SGH-I747 de att con 4.1.1 y no puedo actualizarlo, nunca he podido, no me aparece ni por ota ni por kies, saben en donde puedo encontrar la actualización para ponerla por Odin?

  42. Does anyone have the full firmware of android 4.3 for samsung sgh-i747 (at&t) s3 firmware?

  43. no se descarga completo

  44. can you help me, my cell phone is I747UCDLK3 can install this firmware?

  45. Debes tener la 4.1.2 antes de instalar la 4.3. Sigue las intrucciones.

  46. Can you help me, my i747 is the android 4.1.1 to 4.3 how can

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