Exclusive: N7100XXUEMJ5 – Leaked Android 4.3 test firmware for Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100)

We have just obtained a brand new Android 4.3 test firmware – N7100XXUEMJ5 – for the Samsung Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100). This would have been not possible without the help of our insider, so big kudos to him!

Samsung is expected to officially start rolling out Android 4.3 update to the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II in the month of November and to meet that dead line Samsung is releasing a new test build every two days, so it can iron out all the bugs before the actual release. Do keep in mind that this is a pre-release firmware and there might be a few bugs here and there, so make sure to backup all your stuff before flashing this test firmware on your device.

In the Android 4.3 update, Samsung has updated the core UI elements to more like Galaxy S4/Note 3′s interface, including the tabbed settings. Samsung has included many new features in the Android 4.3 update, many taken from the Galaxy S4/Note 3. Samsung Knox and Samsung Wallet are also present in this test firmware. Android 4.3 update is still under heavy development and Samsung may add more features before rolling out the official update itself.

Model: GT-N7100
Country: Open Asia
Version: Android 4.3
Changelist: 1903221
Build date: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 23:49:26 +0000
Product Code: OLB
Download: N7100XXUEMJ5_N7100OLBEMJ4_N7100XXUEMJ5_OLB.zip

- This test firmware will NOT increase your binary counter NOR void your warranty.
- This test firmware is a pre-release firmware and not official from Samsung.

- Extract (unzip) the firmware file
- Download Odin3 v3.09 (From here or here)
- Extract Odin .ZIP file
- Open Odin3 v3.09
- Restart phone in download mode (Press and hold Home + Power + Volume down buttons)
- Connect phone and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin
- Add N7100XXUEMJ5_N7100OLBEMJ4_N7100XXUEMJ5_HOME.tar.md5 to AP
- Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked
- Click start button, sit back and wait a few minutes.
- If you encounter any issues with the firmware (Any FC, Bootloop etc)
- Boot into recovery mode (Home+power+vol up)
- Then choose reboot and you should be good to go!

SCREENSHOTS (From previous leak)

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  1. Are they gonna put the new weather widget in the final version?

  2. Will this format the device when installing?

    • as they said it wont , however , you should do that to ensure best performance .

      • Ok, as the one leaked before they said it would format, was just making sure as I don’t want to loose anything

    • When i try on s3 leaked 4.2.2, it format after flashed.

  3. Waiting for the i9300 !!!!

    • There will be no android 4.3 for the i9300 due to the lack of ram, I can assure you that :(

      That’s why I bought a i9500 ;)

      • are you sure bro ? i heard that thing and i can accept that because of Ram reason , however , it will make some noise for SAM !

        I delay buying S4 for this firmware , also long time makes me thinking for Note 3 ;)

        • That would be a really nice move ;)

      • You sure? I’m running 4.3 on my i9300 using Cyanogenmod. It’s running fine. If this is the case then this will be my last Samsung device. Just over a year of support is crap.

        • Well, of course. Cyanogen is way lighter than a touch wiz firmware. Touch wiz typically weighs over 2gb while Cyanogen is below 300mb,that’s why you can run it.

      • oh and where the hell did you get that idea? since 2 weeks ago a french carier showed that the s3 and s3 4g would get 4.3 in november/december. show me the article where you got that idea from!. Besides android 4.3 is still jelly bean and doesnt have new requirements compared to 4.2.2 and look at the galaxy ace 3 which also has 1gb of RAM and has android 4.2.2. The S3 is still getting android 4.3 and customs roms with android 4.3 run wonderfully on the S3 so ram is not an issue. Samsung wouldnt promise an update if they knew the device couldnt handle it
        Know your facts mate

      • Will there be a andriod 4.3 update for samsung galaxy note???

    • Pretty joke. I think every of sammobile followers knows, that there are several builds of 4.3 for S3.

  4. still no Note 3 weather widget ? uhmm :)

    • i am from mexico and telcel does not include the weather clock widget

  5. when will be the Galaxy Note II N7105 get this pre-release update ? i’m so disappointed why Samsung don’t even release leakes for this version :-(

    • some one knows about 4.3 for note 2 I317M ?

  6. where is n7105 leak T___T all the rest have leaks…

    • Its all the others. Besides the S3 doesnt have one either

  7. Kudos to our unknown ‘insider’ he/she is really helping…can he vouchsafe that the ace plus has a future in terms of ever getting a major update ?( i share these resentment with my fellow mini 2 and s duos users,keep d hope guys we are neglected but keep d hope )

  8. n7105 :(

  9. n7105! n7105! n7105!

    Thanks sammobile and insiders!!!

    Best regards

  10. how about apps2sd?

  11. Samsung debería activar la función de utilizar nuestros Note 2, S3, etc. en modo de almacenamiento masivo, tal como lo si hacia el S2 y Note 1, utilizar el MTP para transferir datos entre la PC y el móvil es una completa basura.

  12. De momento anda de maravilla, lastima que la tengo que andar en ingles. La primera filtración tenia un error, de vez en cuando se eliminaba sola la cuenta Google y tenia lag, esta segunda filtración va muy bien, hasta la barra de notificaciones es transparente, no como la primera que solo lo era en la pantalla de bloqueo. El efecto de agua en la pantalla de desbloqueo tampoco tiene lag en esta nueva filtración… Seguiré probandola.

  13. Hmmmmm. No transparent statusbar? Also, no reading mode or new s features. This is miles away from a final build i think

    • The pics are not reals. This ROM has Transparent Statusbar. But no new widgets.

      • Ah. that explains it. I hope for you huys this will be avialable soon. With the i9500 and i9505 it was available a day after the leak. Fingers crossed.

        meanwhile i keep waiting patiently for the i9300 leak or official

        • huys = huys :)

          • Typo madness……. Guys.

    • I use this ROM at this moment and it is faster and smoother than first leak. Try it!!!!!

      • What are the new features?

      • anyone who flashed did it came with the new bootloader if anyone can check in download mode and is the latest note3 camera firmware included seems not as its a very old leak built data 16th

  14. What are these “new features”? Smart Pause? The S4 gestures? What?

  15. Help me! I flash this leak firmware and now Emergency Call Only.
    Can’t root. Can i downgrade 4.1.2 ? Plzz help me :-(

    • You have probably lost your IMEI number. Look up how to restore that 1st.

    • Go to the firmware section, select your device and download the UK version that says BTU. Get the latest which should be 4.2.1

  16. install on my Galaxy Note 2, for monment no problem, my only problem is that it does not contain the French language

    • There is no European Language.Only English. Please Backup,Backup,Backup bevor you flash. No SU working…for European not recommendable


  18. GPS is not accurate
    IMEI is the same, no change
    faster and smoother than first leak

    • IF I WANT TO BACK TO 4.1.2 CAN I


      • hes not gonna respond if you use caps mate.

  19. does allshare cast work with this rom pls?

  20. Is it better than the previous leaks and faster?? also, would we be able to inject Supersu after instanlling cmw or not…?

    • IF I WANT TO BACK TO 4.1.2 CAN I & if i can what about calls can i do? thanks

      • i would also like to know if you can downgrade to 4.1.2?

      • yes. you can flash back to 4.1.2

  21. Is this firmware fitted with a new “unripable” bootloader ?? Would it be possible to have a screen of the “download mode”…

    • Yes there is a Line “Warranty Bit: 0″.

  22. Don’t install, much slower than previous Leak.

    It contains new Keyboard and transparent Status Bar, and the assistive Light widget is back.
    In notification panel, theres a new bar below the Brightness Setting, but I don’t know what it does. Symbol is a Battery.

    • what are the new “s4 features”?

      • Exactly the same as previous leak:
        Tabbed Settings
        New Icons for Samsung-Apps
        Lockscreen Widgets
        New Music and Video Player, new S Voice, new Calculator, new Multiwindow
        Adapt Display Setting

        Thats it, no new Camera, no new S-Pen Features, Widgets still the same.

  23. The weather widget changes?Cause its like fail how it looks in 4.3 this widget of 4.1.2 :/ Anyone tried already this?

  24. No tiene las opciones de comando Aéreos del Note… Yo borre todo del equipo y le puse el Firmware del Note 3 al Note 2 y tengo comandos aéreos y demás!! Simplemente genial pero esta ROM de Prueba es malisima sin olvidarme que faltan opciones en configuraciones y no tiene idioma Español.- Saludos

    • Hola! Queres decir que instalaste un ROM de aqui para Note 3 en el Note 2? No lo puedo creer! No lo has brickeado? por favor, dime la verdad, no quero destruir mi telefono…

  25. Now i am using this rom and it is better than other leak.

  26. Why screenshots from previous leak?? Where are screenshots from this leak and where is video preview??

  27. could install on N7105 (4G) ?

  28. I think it is better to put a caveat about the risks associated with flashing the phone like the loss of IMEI and a corrupted EFS which renders the phone almost useless.

  29. download failed again and again and resume not supported
    torrent link if any?

  30. Everyone needs to chill, those that have installed this leak and having problems should have read the disclaimer ‘ITS A LEAK and NOT OFFICIAL’. Anyway back to those you have lost there imei, its more then clear that you have deleted your efs folder/files which are needed for your device to be able to receive calls and most importantly connect to your network, once these are removed your Galaxy is finished. But there are ways to retrieve this :

    1. Did you read the important stuff at the beginning of this page ‘DO A BACK UP’. Did you do that ? If not you are an idiot. If so, then just restore. Simple.

    2. If you are an idiot and then i suggest looking on the XDA forums, there are many articles written about this and how to get the efs files back (although it’s not getting them back as such). Trust me its a pain to find the one that i finally managed to do for a friend of mine earlier this year. But it CAN be done.

    Just don’t flash anything unless your know what your doing and always BACK UP. As for me i’m going to wait for the official build.

  31. Is s4 gesture support coming with this.

  32. Is s4 gesture and note 3 one handed operation features coming to N7100 with this version.

  33. same old touchwiz, no changes…….

    no new widget……

    no new camera firmware…..

    lockscreen deteriorated than 4.1.2

  34. que mierda esta????????????????????al no se acaben las problemas hasta qui saldra el official ..estos son perdida de tiempo,nada mas

  35. after update, all data gone…. include apps.
    beside it will have problem for downgrade to 4.1.2
    for me, i unable to downgrade to 4.1.2

    really fail this firmware.

  36. Bueno, la ROM es muy estable, pero tiene el mismo error que la primera Leak, en el monitor de batería aparece que el Wi-Fi siempre está encendido, cuando realmente lo tengo apagado. Pero no afecta en nada.

  37. There is a Wi-Fi Bug. WI-FI will not turn on. Other than this, i haven’t found any issue/bugs.

    • reflashing the rom through pc fix the bug for me.

      • I tried via both (Mobile odin 1st and PC odin later on) but still wi-fi won’t turn on.

  38. strangely no one mention the one bug which is present in both leaks
    google play keeps on running in background unless you disable it.

  39. after using this leak for two days this it what have changed from the last leak


    1. very smooth lock screen and lock screen widgets
    2. Transparent status bar
    3. Web browser is very fast
    4. Camera has new feature in shooting mode called Sound & Shot that can take a picture and record a 9sec comment
    5.Display is much sharper and more colorful
    6.Battery Saving management (I THINK) scroll under the brightness scroll
    7.Video Player is much better and now it can add a play speed on the screen also take a screen shot from the video and if the video is paused arrows appear to move frame by frame and if you are not a fan of the full player it can set to be smaller and moved
    8.New Gallery is very smooth
    9.Messages new appear on the lock screen
    10.Messaging now shows pictures in conversation
    11.New Calculator buttons are very sharp
    12.New Voice Recorder
    13.Group Play
    14.New S Planner with new Calender widget
    15.Some New widgets
    16.Battery Life is much longer
    17.No more stuck white page in the browser it can be removed

    1.Most of the time the device feel faster than 4.1.2 but some times it gets heavy
    2.Old Weather Widget
    3.Music Player feels like its missing its skin the black area Im talking about
    4.Music Player Missing the number of song in the album (Like 2/12)
    5.Music Player sound is not so nice the old one is much better
    6.Battery Saving management scroll dos not do any big change it feels like its not working
    7.Samsung hub is missing
    8.Now Calculator Icon is blur and not matching the other Icons
    9.No Changes to the S Note
    10.Missing some Smart Features
    11.Messaging Font is very big
    12.Font in general is better and clear but in some places its big bold and not matching the rest


    If I find any thing new I will add soon :)

    For any questions Im more than happy to help

    • Oh the Play music is always on and its very annoying cant be turned of unless its disabled from the Application Manager

    • No Galaxy Gear setting


      • THANKS TO ufo626

        • sorry if i want to back to 4.1.2 is any problem will happen like imie will delete ? thanks

          • If you used ODIN to flash 4.3 then you will need the FACTORY 4.1.2 the one that has (CODE, MODEM, CSC)
            Set CODE in PDA
            MODEM in PHONE
            CSC in CSC

            Once Boot loaded and the Device enters to the
            first 4.1.2 screen turn of press
            volume up + home key + power key
            to wipe data/factory reset


    • What about the Wi-fi connection issue. When i install is for 2 times, my wi-fi wont be turned on

    • The messaging font can be adjusted with the volume keys. :)

  40. I have come across serious bug in previous and present leak firmware.

    When adding multiple accounts in google all of a sudden all google accounts get deleted automatically asks for backup account which means again one needs to add google account for play,backup, etc services

    Did you guys encounter this bug?

    • I did. I have the same problem with you

  41. Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Based on Linux kernel 3.4.0….Why Still Based on Linux kernel 3.0.31 ??? Android 4.2-4.3 is Kernel 3.4.0 !

  42. Is there any alternative download link? The Hotfile link is extremely slow!! It sais 9 hours left.

  43. well shit. S3 update would be here in october but no. Cant samsung see its losing customers by making promises they cant keep?!

  44. Hi All!

    After installing this leak i have some bugs mentioned below

    1)WIFI issue is major one..WIFI connectivity is not at all stable(if you are WIFI user do not install it)

    2)Same old camera application no changes just 1 function added of Sound and shoot (WE ALL are waiting for DUAL Camera app guys)

    3)Display color needs more sharpness and colorful (I think so)

    4)Touch Whiz is smoother then 4.1 but needs more smoothness as it gets heavy sometimes

    5) Assistive Light Widget is still old one where as its very small in note 3

    till time just found this bugs looking for more


  45. I installed the 4.3 update for the N7100… and bang, my Wifi won’t turn on…. anyone know if I can just flash the 4.1 back safely?

    • WIFI Not getting ON ? or WIFI is not working?

      • Not even turning on… :( I hit the slide to the ON position and it just goes back to off…

        • @Danielccm

          Try HARD RESET and also wipe cache partition this may resolve your problem

      • reflash the rom again through pc it worked for me.

      • Do it with the Odin via PC. It helped me. earlier i had used the mobile odin.

  46. What is in notification panel icon of battery with recycle symbol and adjustment?

  47. Guys

    Can anyone please tell me what WARRANTY BIT:0 means in download mode bit confused as it is showing after this flash

    • that means that if you mess up with KNOX, you’ll end up with losing warranty. That means also if you flash custom roms, and do some changes on the rom, you’ll lose your warranty, IRREVERSIBLY.
      Search XDA forums for how to remove bootloader.

  48. Thanks for reply @ opethiankies

    But this leak is official as download mode also shows Current rom as – SAMSUNG OFFICIAL

    4.1Jelly Bean was not showing this WARRANTY BIT:0 its shown only in 4.3

    I hope i have not lost my warranty as it is showing WARRANTY BIT:0

    can anyone please confirm that my warranty is still there or not

  49. Are we going to get any update for Galaxy Note 10.1 – N8000? All S4, S3, Note 2 are mentioned to get updates.
    Do we have any news on this?
    Considering, its specs are clearly capable to update.

  50. it says FAILED
    in comment box it says Complete write operation failed

  51. What about GT-N8000 (galaxy note 10.1) … !!??

  52. I am tempted to flash this over my SGH-T889 via Odin. Will that work?

  53. He de decir que esta ROM gasta demaciada batería, puedo decir que el doble de lo que gastaba la oficial 4.1.2, además de que se calienta demasiado y según el monitor de batería es causado por los servicios Exchange, en mi caso gasta más que la pantalla por ejemplo, en este momento llevo 5h desde que se cargo al 100% y la batería va por un 65% y casi ni lo he utilizado. Exchance services es responsable de gastar un 28%, mientras que la pantalla ha utilizado un 18% ybel media server un 17%. Por la noches no lo utilizo y en la mañana esta tan caliente que parece que va a explortar… Ojalá la próxima Leak no presente este problema… Y que venga en español.

    • yo la intale y no me gusta x que esta en ingles puedo volver a la oficial trate de intalar una y no me resulto

      • Que mal. Ojalá alguien nos dijera como volver a la 4.1.2 oficial… Aparte de usar demasiada RAM, el Exchange causa estragos con mi batería, tengo que darle “force close” a Exchange Services a cada rato… Y ya me aburrí de estar en eso.

      • Odio KNOX, el cuasante de que no podamos volver a 4.1.2…

  54. ¿Alguien sabe como volver a la 4.1.2 de forma segura y sin aumentar contadores? Gracias

  55. is there a Air command on this update for note2? thanks in advance

  56. lo intale y esta en ingles prefiero esperar a que llegue en español pero como hago para volver a 4.1.2 el que tenia alguien sabe como hacerlo nuevo en esto..

    • Solo necesitas descargar la Rom 4.1.2 , y la flasheas, si gustas te paso el link de la Rom oficial mas reciente

  57. The 16GB variant of the Galaxy S4 comes only with 9.15GB of user accessible memory in which the user installs all his/her apps. The new update addresses this issue by giving the user the functionality to move apps to SD card and increasing the available storage to 9.23GB. This should solve customers’ complain about low user accessible storage.

    I hope Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II can get this functionality after software update to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

  58. please port note3 featuers for note2 n7100 we work with 4.1.2
    in n1year thats enough please upload the offical rom with (air commond quick memo note3 and … ) samsung in software support is very bad samsung coming in iran without playstor , samsung apps , samsung hub , readers hub and … whay?
    I buy n7100 (700$) but this is brick (without support)
    thank you .

  59. Hi, I flashed 4.3 on my GT-N7100 – following all above steps, its fine but now multi-window is not working, what to do?

  60. It did work initially, but stopped yesterday.

  61. Tried the leak today… It certainly wiped everything away. No big deal I guess… However, Google Play Services refused to update, so G+, Hangouts and everything else dependent on it refused to run. Just went back to the stock 4.1.2 build I was using before. Served me right for not waiting another week or two for the official release.

  62. when will official firmware be released

  63. Did not work for me,says Operation “failed” Waiting for the official version for note2.

  64. Please can someone tell me what is happening with the WI-FI on the leaked 4.3. Also the WI-FI hotspot

  65. I downloaded the stuff thru the GPRS connection (took me about 16 hours). And when I tried to install according to the procedure given above it gave me Failed error three times. So gave it up. What do I do now? How to install the trial version?

  66. ok, so i flashed this rom onto my phone thinking all would be fine on 1/11/2013

    on the 8/11/2013 i could not charge my phone so i took it in for repair thinking its still under warranty

    got a message back from the Carphone warehouse saying my N7100 will not be repaired as its voided the warrenty with this rom… so im left with a phone now that will not charge.. they did advise me to ring samsung and they were no use.

    i only flashed this as it said will not void your warranty… how wrong was i…..

  67. please help!after flashing this rom using odin 3.04,my note 2 n7100 is rebooting with the galaxy note 2 logo every 2 seconds…please help!i can’t enter recovery mode but download mode is working,but i’m not able to flash anything…it says fail on every firmware…PLEASE HELP! i have no warranty on my phone…:(

  68. Already installed prevoius leaked firmware from this page.Wannu know if i install this one ,Whether all the apps ( downloaded apps) remain as it is or will have to reinstall everything.Reinstalling all apps is really tedious one.

    Expecting ur reply


  69. Hotfile is not more an official website. US Government banned it. Where to download firmware now?

  70. After doing the same rom is installed but my phone is showing emergency calls only and i am unable to text and call. please help me

  71. SAMMOBILE : when you Update GT-I9260 to Android 4.2.2 or Android 4.3

  72. SAMMOBILE :Why Android 4.1.2 for GT-I9260 no have PlayStore?

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