Korean Galaxy S4 (SHV-E300K) receives official Android 4.3 update

Samsung promised at its Mobile UNPACKED Episode 2 event that it will start rolling out Galaxy S4 updates in October and we are very pleased that Samsung has kept their promise. As Samsung has just started rolling out Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) update to the Galaxy S4 (SHV-E300K.

Now let’s talk about the new Android 4.3 update. There are not much visual changes but there are a ton of under the hood improvements and optimisations. The device simply feels much faster than before, and benchmark scores have significantly increased as well. In Antutu Benchmark we used to get a score of 25-26K with Android 4.2.2 and now with Android 4.3 we get around 29-30K. Samsung doesn’t provide an official change log for its updates but after testing a few internal builds and this official one, we can give you folks our own list of changes and improvements we have noticed.


- TRIM Support (Makes the device much faster)
- ANT+ Support
- Samsung KNOX Implementation (KNOX bootloader and dedicated application)
- Samsung Wallet comes pre-loaded
- Improved RAM management
- Improved Display colour reproduction (Display looks much sharper than before)
- Improved TouchWiz Launcher (Much less launcher redraws and less lag)
- New Samsung Keyboard
- New Samsung Browser (Full screen by default, new tab interface and more)
- New Reading Mode (Optimises display for reading, used by only a few specific applications)
- New Camera firmware
- Minor UI tweaks (Contacts app, Flashlight Widget, dialog boxes etc)

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  1. which link to download this rom?

  2. OpenGL ES 3.0 ???

  3. can you guiys let us know when this 4.3 update will roll out for NOway *Nordic countries)___
    we are very much ancious to know about it.
    why so delay my jelly

  4. Türkiye Rom’u ne zaman gelecek?????

  5. s4 mini sürüm yükseltebilecek mi ?

  6. qo’tog’im

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