Samsung sells 20 million Galaxy S4s

Samsung has sold over 20 million Galaxy S4 units (supply basis) in a span of two months. The figure was apparently confirmed by JK Shin to Korean reporters and will help refute the speculation about lower-than-expected sales of Galaxy S4.

The phone went on sale in late April and reached the milestone by end of June. In comparison, Galaxy S III took 100 days to reach the same 20 million mark.

As for the sales in Korea, Samsung has managed to sell 500,000 units.


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  1. All speculations were wrong and funded by Samsung rivals.the tech leader is on flying horse.

  2. COngrats

  3. i don’t care. they should do what they promised.

    i want the Samsung S Band….

  4. Samsung deberia comprar whastsapp!
    asi lo instala de manera stock en toda su lia galaxy si aumentar la cantidad de clientes activos

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