Galaxy S4 LTE-A leaked

Samsung’s new variant of Galaxy S4 has appeared in a set of leaked pictures. The phone is expected to be announced this week on South Korea’s SKT and KT networks and will feature Qualcomm’s fastest Snapdragon 800 processor. While we’re not sure of the exact clock speed, the phone will support LTE-A which will offer up to 2-3 times faster data speed compared to the current 4G LTE technology.

There are no details if the faster Galaxy S4 will make it outside Korea but consumers wouldn’t mind extra bit of speed. Don’t you think?


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  1. I didnĀ“t like the default S4… but i think that a snapdragon 800 its a good idea.. :D

  2. I already have a 4G LTE S4 but mine doesn’t have the writing on the back or this specifically for 4g phones because im beginning to think my phone just supports it? I’m from the UK just to clarify.

    • Yours is LTE, but not LTE advanced and have the S600 cpu

      • LTE-A in marketing terms of Samsung means that phone is on S800 chip? S800 already supports LTE, but Samsung’s “LTE Advanced” words really kills me, this is just marketings tricks for noobs!

  3. Hey Samesung…go f*ck yourself for coming out with this just 1 1/2 months after S4 S600.

    • As Gazadon said below, this phone will surely be available in Korea. Its availability is not guaranteed outside Korea and even if it were to be announced for your region, you wouldn’t want to wait the delay… (Cuz you just don’t know about it)

    • Wait a minute! Do you have the GS4 Snapdragon S600?

      • I had the S2, skipped S3 so was due for an update. Grabbed the S4.

  4. From what I understand the faster LTE networks are currently only in Korea.
    Feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken.
    Also, based on the Model Number this is a KOREAN MARKET phone.
    Not sure if it will be available outside of Korea.

    • Maybe Europe may get it?

    • Faster LTE network is avaiable in Portugal , until 150 Mbts , and some other countries have it to. Its like 3G HSDPA plus that doubles the speed from 21 MB to 42 MB , LTE its the same, it doubles from 75 MB speeds to 150 MBTS… its great, but I think that networks will not allow you to have that speed without a speacial plan for you phone….if you know what I mean….

  5. What do you guys prefer? Exynos or Snapdragon CPU?

    • Apparently, the homemade Exynos has been experiencing some issues right?

  6. The specs say:
    Snapdragon 800 2.3ghz CPU
    Adreno 330 GPU
    3GB Ram
    13MP Camera/2MP Camera
    4.99 Inch FHD Super Amoled
    64GB Memory
    64GB MicroSD Support

    • Nope, it’s 32gb internal storage & 64gb external memory, 2gb ram,

      • Sorry,only the messenger

        I got those specs right from the Korean resellers SHV-E330S information linked in my 1st post in this thread.

        They were advertizing 2 days earlier than everyone else.

        They still have the same crazy price and wrong specs listed.

        Today,looking at other dealers listings:

        570,000KW seems to be today’s Korea outright no contract purchase price of an SHV-E330.

        An average no money down 2 year SK Telecom contract is about 55,000KW per month with 2GB of data and 300 text

        100,000KW per month gets 16GB of data

        The 32GB model has 24.12GB remaining memory for owner use.

        Battery looks to be up to 9hrs Internet on WiFi and LTE

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