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Samsung and Sharp busy to prepare a 12.2″ tablet

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Samsung is busy with a new version of the Galaxy Note, the Note 12.2. The screen size of Samsung´s rumoured tablet is 12.2″ with a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels. The Korean site ETNEWS also claims, since the displays will be manufactured by Sharp, the panels will be equipped with IGZO (Indum-Gallium Zinc Oxide) technology, sport a WQXGA (2560×1600) resolution and the tablet will also feature S Pen – an exclusive feature to the Galaxy Note range.

Recently we heard about the Galaxy Note 8.0 selling quite well, we don’t know if this why Samsung decided to make this 12.2-inch tablet. The Galaxy Note series by Samsung are very popular, special thanks to the SPEN. Everyone likez to draw something and to read and write. Samsung´s hope is to bring the Galaxy Note tablets in every class-level.

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15 comments on “Samsung and Sharp busy to prepare a 12.2″ tablet

  1. ashkan 2 years ago said:

    Yes…I love it…I will buy one.

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  2. anozawa 2 years ago said:

    I will buy one for sure.

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  3. omardariorios 2 years ago said:
  4. sotmax 2 years ago said:

    Maybe should get more busy to provide us a 4.2.2 fw fore note 2 and then they can look straight ahead…..

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  5. anilpdl 2 years ago said:

    That sounds cool. Will buy for Sure.

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  6. Vickylife007 2 years ago said:

    Wow! Count me in. Will buy for sure. But wait a minute, how do I carry it around? Lol!

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  7. gtone339 2 years ago said:

    AMOLED or LCD?

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  8. van_1104 2 years ago said:

    make sure speaker in front samsung

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  9. vbx 2 years ago said:

    This is stupid. There is a reason why the iCrap mini outsold the iPad 4. There’s a reason why Windows Tablets aren’t selling too well.


    No point in getting a huge tablet. I’d rather just get a laptop. The point of a tablet is to be more mobile than a laptop.

    I carry my 7.7 out like it’s nothing. A 12+ in tab? Nah, that stays home.

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    • vbx 2 years ago said:

      Which is why Asus is going to release a 7″ version of their Windows tab.

      That is something I would get if it had phone and text function.

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    • Nelz91 2 years ago said:

      As a student I would love a tablet like this. The spend really makes all the difference I’ve been waiting for the 2nd gen note 10.1 but that’s non existent hopefully this one is real!

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    • islandmountain 2 years ago said:

      But the best thing is to have tablets in every size.
      Personally i think 10″ is too small, I want a 14-15″ tablet!

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  10. maaen 2 years ago said:

    I wish for one thing especially> I want a high quality tablet with a removable battery and I just cannot understand why Samsung cannot make me happy with this request….Many millions of customers will immediately fall in love with this extra consideration by Samsung and the sales figures will shoot up.There is no way you can say that a removable rechargeable battery is impossible to have in a tablet….If it became a question of size then you could easily have a tablet operate with two smaller batteries one switched on at any given time and then remove the depleted battery out of the tablet and charge it using an external charger.I do not know how this could not be possible…BUT IT HAS TO BE POSSIBLE…I just became a sammobile member….because of this request of mine…. someone has to hear it with total care.AND THIS WILL MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE TO THE GALAXY NOTE 12.2. I would also very much like a longer S PEN…about the length of a normal wood encased graphite pencil. Thank You.

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  11. KEYNY RONE LIMA 2 years ago said:

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