New Software Update rolling out for the Samsung Galaxy S4, brings enhancements and stability fixes

Samsung has just started to roll out a new Software Update for the Galaxy S4. Galaxy S4′s (Exynos + Qualcomm) first batch of firmwares suffered from a lot of issues, and many people complained about these issues to Samsung and on various forums. Thankfully, the new software update brings a ton of improvements, enhancements and fixes over the initial firmwares of Samsung’s flagship device.

As you may know, the 16GB variant of the Galaxy S4 comes only with 9.15GB of user accessible memory in which the user installs all his/her apps. The new update addresses this issue by giving the user the functionality to move apps to SD card and increasing the available storage to 9.23GB. This should solve customers’ complain about low user accessible storage. This is one of the enhancements in the update, rest of them are listed below.

Improvements and fixes in the new Software Update:
-New Camera firmware
-Smearing issue has been fixed (Purple effect while scrolling)
-Smart Pause Toggle
-Move Apps to SD Card
-HDR Video (Can record HDR video)
-Semi-transparent status bar
-New Icons in Settings
-Secure boot status (About Phone)
-Increase legibility (Display) (New feature)

Currently, the new software update is only available for the Snapdragon-powered Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505) but our insider has confirmed that the new software update will be coming to the Exynos-powered Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500), as well. As of this moment, Samsung has only rolled out the new software update in Germany, we hope other countries will follow soon.

Firmware details:
Model: GT-I9505
Country: Germany
Version: Android 4.2.2
Changelist: 768421
Build date: Wed, 29 May 2013 16:05:23 +0000
Product Code: DBT

The update is 365.67 MB in size and you can update your device via Samsung KIES or via FOTA (Firmware-Over-The-Air). Make sure to charge your device before performing the upgrade. You can use our Firmware Section to manually update your device if for some reason you can’t officially update your device via Samsung Kies or via OTA as you are using a Custom ROM or if your country has not yet received the new software update.


Update: The same update is now available in India for the Exynos variant of the Galaxy S4.

Firmware details:
Model: GT-I9500
Country: India
Version: Android 4.2.2
Changelist: 768420
Build date: Wed, 29 May 2013 15:52:45 +0000
Product Code: INS


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  1. Looks promising, I hope I9500′s update brings Exynos optimization.

  2. Love for our I9505 LTE :D

  3. The update is available in China. Anyone did the update in any of the devices? Battery and overheating fixed?

  4. What about short batery life?

  5. What about battery life and performance? ui/games stuffs.

  6. but nice update anyways! :)

  7. please whats about the overheating in the galaxy s4 GT9500

  8. Just flashed. Seems very good. Few bloatware included but will let you uninstall it. Like the semi-transparent status bar.

  9. Hey, any news when it’ll come to India???
    Model-I9500 (Exynos)
    Baseband Version- I9500DDUAMDK
    Build No.- JDQ39.I9500XXUAMDK

  10. Purple smearing isn’t fixed. It’s reduced but def. not fixed. It’s still very clear within apps like Titanium backup. You can also see it in the settings app if you look closely.

    • Yeah, and when it will definitely fixed, you’ll say “It’s still very clear if you take a microscope and look very close and if you take your phone like this and look at him like that” etc etc etc. People will never stop complain…

      • Come on men, try reading next time before posting such a stupid comment. You don’t see me complaining because I don’t care about it that much. I’m just saying it’s reduced so claiming it is fixed is false.
        Don’t be like the iSheep and defend your phone so hard, every phone has its flaws. The more we bring to the attention of the OEM the quicker it will be fixed. Don’t be an ass next time.

        • Fully agree with Steef

          Anyway. I seriously doubt the “purple smearing effect” will ever be fully solved, simply because it can’t. It’s merely slowness of the display response. In other words, it’s simply a peculiarity of such a high resolution display. Not that I care much, either.
          I would have appeciated much more a fix to the totally unacceptable headphones ringing problem at certain impedances, but this is also a hardware flaw, so… so far so good.

          • So true, purple smearing will always be there because of the LED tech. But I’ve never noticed it on my S2 or S3 so there is some room left for improvement.
            But like you said, there are bigger issues to fix. For me thats performance, it is much improved but I still has a long way to go.

  11. Where is the HDR video option?

  12. Looks like Samsung doesn’t give a shit about the S3.. When is 4.2.2 update?

    • I think you should be crying on a different page mate.

    • It’ll probably be out soon, next week or so i hope..
      It’s easy to understand, if they updated the S3 to the new version too soon they wouldn’t had sold so many S4.. especially the quad core one, i have a I9305 and the S4 it’s really not that better..

  13. Now the question is: Can Samsung troll us by releasing other update removing the option to move the apps to sd-card ? Maybe because Google will sue them ?

    Is the number of apps which can be moved limited or any app can be moved ?

    I refused to buy the S4 until the 32gb version will be released, but now I may just buy the 16GB and move the apps on the sd-card….

  14. I have the problem of purple efect and bad legibility while scrolling. But does it affect to every SGS4 in the world? Should I wait for the update or take it to be replaced or repared?

    • Are you sure this update will solve the screen problems?

  15. Is it safe to update manually by downloading the firmware from sammobile?

    • Or would it be bettar to wait until the update arrives to my country, Spain?

      • I’m from Chile, I have an unbranded I9505 and I just install the update without problem from sammobile with odin and almost all my apps survive the update (I lose root access)

        • Hola Gute, también soy de Chile ¿al instalar esta versión alemana se te perdió el español de estados unidos?

          • El Español de Estados Unidos se mantuvo, incluso despues de la instalación no fue necesaria ninguna configuración, ya estaba en español y sin eliminar aplicaciones, instalo unas 4 o 5 aplicaciones extra, pero que pueden desinstalarse sin problemas

        • ¿Y con la actualización has notado que, como dicen, el efecto púrpura y las letras borrosas han desaparecido?

          • Se nota un poco mas de fluidez, aunque la verdad nunca le puse mucha atención al efecto púrpura, por lo que no podría asegurar que sea así, trae una nueva opción para aumentar la legibilidad del texto, pero no noto mayor diferencia, quizas comparando con otro equipo, pero no he tenido la oportunidad de hacerlo

  16. Where’s the HDR video option? I can’t see it anywhere. Setting the “Mode” to HDR only affects still images, the video is definitely not HDR…..

    • Maybe it’s going to only for i9505.

      • Sorry only for i9500 not i9505. I made a mistake above.

    • I think the once you HDR mode in the photo option and then record the video, then the video will be in hdr. I tried it after looking at your comment. There is a difference between the normal video capture and the video capture if you go to the photo hdr mode.

  17. “The new update addresses this issue by giving the user the functionality to move apps to SD card and increasing the available storage to 9.23GB. This should solve customers’ complain about low user accessible storage.”

    So 9.23GB should be an “increase of available storage”, compared to the former 9.15… LOL!!!!
    The much awaited function for moving apps to the SD card is the real deal!!

  18. What about the terrible UI lag problems, has that been addressed with this update? It seems to be on all units, and its terrible. Has Samsung even responded to this problem? I find it completely offensive that Samsung release their flagship model with so much lag !

    • “I find it completely offensive that Samsung release their flagship model with so much lag!”

      Jeez….it’s just a phone. If you don’t like it, nobody is going to make you buy it.

      Stop crying.

      • If it’s just a phone, why are you here making stupid comments? If you own an S4, you are either lucky or blind. I am neither.

    • can you tell an instance that due to the lag it ruined your life?

      • Ruined my life? Haha, how old are you?

  19. deze neem ik mee

  20. Does this update include the option for LTE in Mobile networks settings? For now it’s just GSM and GSM/WCDMA, no LTE option.

    • what is your model, i guess it is the GT-I9500, right? LTE is not supported on that unit.

      The option you are talking about is present in mine, but model GT-I9505

      • No I have GT-I9505 model with qualcomm snapdragon inside. There is only this version for our country. So I am intereisted if there is an LTE option present in this German version of software? Othervise I wont be flasing this.

        • Zupi, you can change the setting by following below steps.
          Dail *#2263#
          it will give you list of networks
          Select the one you prefer, “LTE”.

          And you are done….let me know if it helps.
          I am switching network using above code and its very easy and simple.

  21. When 4.2.2 for S3 comes out???

  22. Still think android is better than windows phone? Android sucks. U know it, I know it, google knows it, apple knows it, m$ knows it. The whole world knows it. Samsung knows it. Yet they still refuse to release their flagship devices on windows.

    • Android is better, you just “THINK” windows is better. This is your opinion, not a fact.

  23. Hey, update is available in China

    Version: I9500ZCUAME5
    Build Date: 30.05.2013
    Changelist: 590153

    There have ( Move Apps to SD Card ) ???

    • Changelist:
      I9500XXUAME1 = 591277
      I9500ZCUAME5 = 590153

      so no they don’t have (move Apps to SD Card)

  24. Hey guys. Report about the batterie life after the update (9505).
    Yesterday 11:30 PM full charged (100%) before i go sleep.
    Sync disabled (always by me)
    Today after 10 messages by Whatsapp, read 3 email, about 10 min phone call. also a very quite day. 9:21 PM 21% batterie life.

    • does phone reboots if u try to open camera app? and camera and gallery app take forever to open. so much slow than year old s3. please let me if this new update fixed these issues or not. thanks. also phone is jittery and laggy at times.

  25. The smearing issue has not been fixed at all. They simply changed the color of the settings, phone and contacts app. Now it’s dark grey instead of black so there is no smearing. In the gallery, and other apps where the black is still black – the smearing IS still present just as it was. So actually, they didn’t fix it, they worked around it. Really “great” job, Samsung!

  26. Got the update in Chicago… Let you know how it goes…

    • What is your service provider and what model number, you have? I have not received anything yet if u are in the usa.

  27. hello guys do you remember when samsung released update for GS3 (JB 4.1.2) and unfortunately we forced to wait couple of months to receive the new firmware update in our country (specially for me in Iran) and…now, is it the same time???! shall we wait looooong time to receive the new firmware again? recently samsung has boycotted Iran ( I don’t know why!!!???) however, Can we get the new update for GS4? and how long should we wait? (please excuse me for my bad English)

    • Easy Easy maaan…take it easy….Just download new firmware (don’t care about CSC Region) and Odin your GS4…No need to wait even a minute…there is no problem with Persian language support in other regions.just download the Farsi language in Samsung Keyboard settings…

      • @ashkan where you downloaded new firmware? I can’t find it!

  28. ممنونم اشکان جان:)…پس اگه شما مطمئن هستی که مشکلی پیش نمیاد من حتما اینکارو میکنم،ممنون از راهنماییتون:)

    • به نظر شما از firmware چه کشوری استفاده کنم؟

      • نه مشکبی پیش نمیاد فقط csc code عوض میشه که دیگه قابلییت به روز رسانی از طریق kies و fota رو از دست میدی.مگر اینکه وقتی به روز رسانی برای ایران منتشر شد به روز رسانی ایران رو odin کنی…

    • فارسی ننویسین.انگلیسی بنویسین که هم این اجنبی ها استفاده کنن هم این گلابی ها نیان هیچی نفهمن یگن اینا چی میگن…

      • thank you @ashkan, but where can I download new firmware? Please give me an address:)

  29. does phone reboots if u try to open camera app? and camera and gallery app take forever to open. so much slow than year old s3. please let me if this new update fixed these issues or not. thanks. also phone is jittery and laggy at times.

    • I think samsung needs to change his mind about implementation of the Octa-Core possible!

  30. Galaxy i9500 I have the most current firmware until it is the Chinese I9500ZCUAME5, but I worry that while other firmware weigh it weighs 380 MB and 1.5 GB for china when I think it might not work well in my country Peru please i need views
    excuse my bad English

  31. I was hoping they’d include the ability to use Lockscreen widgets in secure mode too not only with swipe (no security) mode in this firmware update. I hope it’ll be addressed in the next update because it’s one of the coolest and most useful features in 4.2.x but in order to use it, sadly one has to keep the device without any kind of Lockscreen security.

  32. You have not thought about changing the host uploaded to or some other different hotfile? Hotfile is a crap with the speed download

  33. I’m using XXUBMEA on my i9505 and it works very well, no lag, no smearing, i can move apps to SD but not the data from games from example. Dunno about the hdr video thing…i think they build it inside the camera feature but it can’t be selected….so i think it is a stock thing now to have hdr video. The photos taken seem a little bit clearer. I’m wondering when will the update come to the rest of Europe

  34. Can someone tell me how to flash this firmware using odin? Just need to put the file in the PDA section and hit the start button?

    • first please tell me which firmware should I download?!

      • i downloaded the pre-rooted version of i9505XXUBMEA from xda and workes just fine, no lag, no reboots no problems. Then extract the zip and u end up with a .tar file, then u add that in PDA of ODIN, shut down your phone, put it in download mode( Volume down, Home button and power button), after it is in download mode just connect the usb cable, odin will accept your device, hit START and in 5 mins it’s all done.

        • thank you,but I’m using GT-I9500,I want the latest official firmware for my GT-I9500:), Where can I find it?

          • in the firmware section, but this version of 4.2.2 try getting it from xda i think there is a version for i9500 also.

  35. Thank You :)

  36. And the Galaxy Beam??? Update???

  37. When will it be available for Canada ?

  38. Finally got the new firmware update in India… will leave feedback after installing

  39. Installed already the Indian firmware over my Octa here in Perú. Everything seems quicker, and the sd mover is active. I’ll see tomorrow how it behaves. Thanks Samsung.

  40. bad news is still the phone gets warm, i tried using camera for few minutes and it starts getting warm…. anyone else has this problem or else its just me?

  41. Is it highly recommend to do factory reset or… before flashing new firmware?
    I don’t want to install my apps again:/, please help me:(

    • Hi friend!
      If you want to flash without losing your apps, please install “GO Backup Pro Premium” first and after that make a backup your personal data (include Call logs and SMS, MMS) and Apps.


  42. still wait for galaxy ace plus 4.1.2 jelly bean><

  43. Question
    I just bought my S4 octa…should I root it first or just flash it to new firmware?
    How about my files and data? Will it still be there after odin flash?

  44. I9505XXUBMEA firmware removed completely the battery status option *#0228# and the ServiceMode is disabled completely. I cannot open it with *#0011#, and the classic *#197328640# was never active on this device…

    And as Samsung is not updating their LTE whitelist to allow users of other LTE networks to join their network (ie Vodafone Greece that is not included and we already have 4G LTE), we depend on the Service Mode to activating the LTE modem…

  45. Update rolled out for I9500 user in Vietnam, cheers!!!

    • Yeah, you’re right. I just updated my S4 via FOTA and so far loving it. I live in the Philippines but we don’t have the octa variant here so I got mine from Vietnam. I didn’t have any issues with my S4 before, but so glad that we can now move apps to SD with no add’l bloats. Thanks, Sammy! Thought I’d have to wait for months for the app2sd functionality.

  46. Good day to everyone.
    What do you think guys if do this update on galaxy s3 (i9300)¿
    Thank you

  47. Come on guys with 4.2.2 on the old s2 :(

  48. Can someone please tell me if this software includes LTE option in Mobile networks settings?

  49. yeah! It’s good … Thank You Guys :)

    • It feels a bit quicker but not as quick as possible! :|

  50. Can i install any country firmware on my i9500, what will happen if i do……???????

  51. only move apps to sd..not apps data…whats the point?

  52. exelente actualizacion ahora el rendimiento de la bateria lo vamos a probar

  53. hello!!!i just wanted to ask when the update will be available i Greece?

    • I cant find the update neither manually. .im from greece

  54. Hey Samsung my Note2 and my S3 wait for Android 4.2.2

  55. im from the philippines but i think my s4 is from hong kong can i update my firmware using the philippines firmware?


  57. when will the udpate come to Greece???i cant find anything

  58. So I guess no hope for Canada ?

    • Samsung you forgot galaxy s3, when we fell 4.2.2?

  59. What about Samsung galaxy S2 ( I9100 )?
    We are waiting for it.

  60. Just checked my phone and update available connected to kies and upgraded, on the Vodafone network.

    Firmware details:
    Model: GT-I9505
    Country: United Kingdom
    Version: Android 4.2.2
    Build date: Thu, 30 May 2013
    Product Code: INS

    Move to storage finally…moving as many apps as possible :0)

  61. ops product code wrong …. copied and pasted . lazy typer…


  63. Hey sam peps, question, your site says that the update is available for Egypt, but I checked many times, OFTA and Kies and they both say that I have the latest firmware, even though I have the April one (I9500XXUAMDK) not the June one (I9500XXUBMEA), hints?

  64. Someone surely must have a data as to when the BTU version will receive the update, its ridiculous now.

  65. When is the update with the HDR Video and move apps to SD Card to Wind Mobile Canada Galaxy S4 owners.

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