Time to answer 123 questions about the Galaxy S4

Samsung already sold over 10 million times the Galaxy S4. The most people here, know how the Galaxy S4 works in the right way. Sadly there are still many questions! Questions about the background, Smart functions of the camera, Group Play, Watch ON, Smart functions of the device, display, storage, settings and many more. Today SamMobile will help you out with a huge gallery full of answers on your questions. The guide below is from our insider and some people will recognize the same guides like we had with the Galaxy SIII.

We hope this will help you out with your Galaxy S4.


Download the PDF file

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  1. Very useful. Thanks!

  2. Very useful information, it would be great if we can download all files using single link :)
    Thanks !!

  3. Thanks for the information, but it will be great if we can download it as pdf file.

  4. Thanks guys

  5. 123 Thanks Samsung

  6. The big question is when they will bring back the fm radio :-)

  7. How old is this document though? It mentions that Polaris Office is not currently available but version 5 has been on Samsung Apps for about a month

  8. cool story^^

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