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Samsung prepares water / dust resistant Galaxy S4

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According to Samsung prepares a new kind of Galaxy S4. During the QnA session, Young Soo Kim (President Samsung Gulf) said that a ruggedized Samsung S4 which would be water proof and dust proof is in the works. We haven’t confirmed anything yet, but it sounds cool. The Galaxy S4 water / dust proof isn’t the only rumoured Galaxy S4 variant. Samsung even prepares the Galaxy S4 mini which has been delayed internal till June/July. According to Young Soo Kim (President Samsung Gulf) will Samsung announce the water / dust resistant Galaxy S4 in the coming weeks.

Accroding to our insider this is Project J Active

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14 comments on “Samsung prepares water / dust resistant Galaxy S4

  1. Yucko 12 months ago said:

    So essentially a new Samsung XCover ?

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  2. vslsnks 12 months ago said:

    Each day passing, Samsung gives me more and more reasons not to buy the Galaxy IV and stay with my old S III.
    I’ll wait for other developments to reach their heights. Just hoping the Note III will be amazing enough for me to upgrade.

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  3. gtone339 12 months ago said:

    hmmmm, what to get? GS4 Exynos 5 Octa version/water+dust resistant variant or the Note 3?

    Maybe the GS5 next year with all-out metal chassis design?

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    • godsowndevil 12 months ago said:

      Good Luck with that all-out metal chassis design.

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    • AquilaSol 12 months ago said:

      Have you ever owned an Asus TF201? No? Then let me tell you, all-metal on a device that relies on radios = NO. With all metal you wouldn’t even be able to get a signal through the case…

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  4. anozawa 12 months ago said:

    I will wait for Note 3.

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  5. vavrorvav 12 months ago said:

    This makes samsung look like they werent prepared, why would there be 2 variants – 1proof, 2 – nonproof, that is the stupidest thing i have ever seen

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  6. kb_beatles 12 months ago said:

    President Samsung “Persian” Gulf

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  7. vbx 12 months ago said:

    Samsung just lost me. I was interested in the S4 mini, but it’s being pushed back to July?

    I thought the fact that it was made of cheap plastic would make it easier to mass produce?

    So why the delay? Obviously the choice of not going with “metal” was not because of time constraint as they original claimed.

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  8. SoKoOLz 12 months ago said:

    I hope the technical specification will be the same as the original one, just only some additional components or materials.

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  9. drugstein 12 months ago said:

    why all these variants? why ?? samsung is going to fall from the first place just for throwing these variants? Do the think that people are stupid?

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  10. kizmoco 12 months ago said:

    when you lunched galaxy s4 in philippines?

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  11. kizmoco 12 months ago said:

    when you lunched galaxy s4 in philippines?

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